Homeowner Remodel Portal Tutorials

You'll love this simple software we use called BuilderTrend.

It allows homeowners to see progress photos, pick & approve their selection design items, make or approve a change order, make payments, view to-dos, all messaging in one location and much more.

You can be on vacation, an out of state investor, at work and still see the progress of your remodel and stay up to date with what is happening along with having all communication in one place.

With COVID & social distancing another great benefit of BuilderTrend, is it allows us to do communications online without having to meet each other.  

If we have questions for you we can simply draw on a picture to show you instead of having to be right next to each other.  You can also draw on a photo or comment on any element inside BuilderTrend.

Below here there are 2 video tutorials for you, one for the desktop browser version and the second for the iPhone/Android mobile app version...

Desktop Computer Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial for the desktop computer version of BuilderTrend which you can access from any website:

Here is the webpage to log into your BuilderTrend homeowner portal, preferably from a desktop.

Mobile App Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial for the mobile smartphone  version of BuilderTrend which you can access from any website:

You can download the mobile app from Google or Apple below:

buildertrend on apple app store
google play download buildertrend

If you have any questions on BuilderTrend, feel free to reach out to us!

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