What to Expect & Next Steps...

Homeowners obviously like to know what the next steps are going to be, and we get asked the same questions each time, so we created this page to be concise and easy to digest.

Please watch the video below because it will probably answer most of the questions homeowners have at this point regarding next steps and it will explain things that homeowners may not know to consider:

If you want to make an adjustment to the amount of projects you want to do with us on the agreement, you can ask your consultant to send you an updated version. They can quickly make the adjustments.


We collect a check at the next meeting. Please make the check out to "Phx Home Remodeling”

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We DO NOT Underbid Like Some Phoenix Contractors

We have 2 estimators that get involved BEFORE you get the proposal.  This is not the case for any other contractors we know of not only in Phoenix but in the nation. We are part of several online contractor communities and they all think this is a waste of time and money.

We feel obligated to do this so we know the price we are providing is right.

This way you know that the price is legitimate and is not a bait & switch situation which is unfortunately common in this industry.

You could be an attorney and yell at or threaten the contractor all you want, but if you don’t pay them the extra amount you are often in breach of contract and they can walk off your job or put a lien on your house.

We do the design-build business model where you pay us for the feasibility, planning, & design package first. Once everything has been planned out and all design items have been chosen, we can provide the actual price so you don’t have a bad surprise later on.

This process is great because you can make adjustments so you can balance your wallet with your wishlist before you get to the construction phase.

You then choose if you want to work with us for the construction phase so it gives the homeowner much more control. This process also makes sure we are a good fit for one another before doing the construction phase.

After the Design & Planning Agreement is received & processed

Design Initial Walkthrough Meeting

  • After we receive the design agreement, we will setup a couple items in our system and then send you a calendar link to schedule the next meeting.
  • The design initial walkthrough meeting is with your consultant and designer to review the space at a high level. This way the designer can see the space(s) and talk through the layout and get into a high level of design. If you haven’t provided the design package check, this is the meeting to provide it.

The Design Phase

  • After that meeting you start the design phase of the project. Your designer will help you pick out selection items, ensure they’re good quality, at the best price, and that it looks good in the space.
  • We help you pick out all items but we also provide you a list of places you can look on your own if you want. Countertops are something we always request you go and look since a sample is not adequate.
  • We will use BuilderTrend for all communication to ensure it is all in one place. This helps you, our team, and our other clients by keeping things consistent and efficient.
  • We provide 2 revisions of the 3D design renderings so a total of 3 versions before adding an additional cost.
  • The design phase is usually 60-120 days and there are so many factors that play into that timeline.

Once The Design Phase Is Completed

  • If you want to work with us for the construction phase, we sign the construction agreement.
  • What’s great is all of your information and what we need is already in BuilderTrend software and it is ready to go.
  • Once the Project Manager has seen the space or spaces and ensures everything is finalized, they will start ordering materials.
  • We do not start projects until all of the important items have arrived and have been checked by us to ensure nothing is wrong with them. This way we don’t have delayed items or damaged items prolonging your construction timelines.
  • Once the important items have arrived the Project Manager confirms the demo day and we ask that you clear out your personal items from the area a couple of days before. This ensures nothing gets dusty or damaged.
  • Then we start the project and keep you updated on each stage!

If you have not already, we strongly recommend visiting this article that discusses the difference in detail between a design-build firm and a general contractor:


Our proposal is at the current price at the time of creation

Unfortunately, construction costs continue to increase faster than inflation and forecasts say prices will continue rising.

We have to continuously update our catalog of prices from vendors, trade partners, labor, materials, overhead, and other expenses.

We are not going to bump up the price extra to try and predict where things will be at some point in the future.

We are the only residential remodeling company in the entire nation (from a huge nation-wide Facebook group of remodeling companies we are part of), that utilizes an in-house estimator before we send that initial proposal. So the initial proposal is as close as it can be.

So the longer you take in the design phase, the higher your price could be.

This is out of our control and we are simply going off of our pricing catalog in our pricing software.

Expectations are crucial, so that is why this information is provided.

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