What to Expect & Next Steps...

Homeowners obviously like to know what the next steps are going to be, and we get asked the same questions each time, so we created this page to be concise and easy to digest.

Please watch the video below because it will probably answer most of the questions homeowners have at this point regarding next steps and it will explain things that homeowners may not know to consider:

2 Separate options for completing the design agreement:

Option #1: Sign Electronically

  • Click the button below and then type in your legal name & email address
  • It will email you a code to input validating your email address
  • Then you can fill out and e-sign

Option #2: Download, Print, Take a picture, and email it back to us

  • Click the button below to open agreement
  • Download the agreement to your computer
  • Fill out and sign
  • Take a picture of the agreement and email it back to us (You can just reply to the same email we sent the proposal from)

Payment Options:

Option #1:  We can collect a check at the next meeting. Please make the check out to "Phx Home Remodeling”

Option #2: Pay online with a credit card (there is a 3% charge from the merchant account for Visa, MasterCard, or Discover and 4% for American Express): Purchase the Feasibility, Planning, & Design Package

Steps to move forward:

#1) Use 1 of the 2 options above depending if you prefer e-sign or printing and then emailing back. 

#2) On the Design agreement, fill out your contact info along with the total price range, and the initial design fee shown on the proposal we sent.

(If there is more than one project, please add up the total of all the projects you want to do with the design build and write that price range on the design agreement. If the math is incorrect on the agreement, we base it on the amount shown on proposal.)

#3) Sign & date at the bottom of the agreement. (All down if you chose the E-sign option)

#4) If you chose option# 2 of the paper form, take a picture of the agreement and email it back to us. (You can just reply to the same email we sent the proposal from)

We DO NOT Underbid Like Some Phoenix Contractors

We have 2 estimators that get involved BEFORE you get the proposal.  This is not the case for any other contractors we know of not only in Phoenix but in the nation. We are part of several online contractor communities and they all think this is a waste of time and money.

We feel obligated to do this so we know the price we are providing is right.

This way you know that the price is legitimate and is not a bait & switch situation which is unfortunately common in this industry.

You could be an attorney and yell at or threaten the contractor all you want, but if you don’t pay them the extra amount you are often in breach of contract and they can walk off your job or put a lien on your house.

We do the design-build business model where you pay us for the feasibility, planning, & design package first. Once everything has been planned out and all design items have been chosen, we can provide the actual price so you don’t have a bad surprise later on.


This process is great because you can make adjustments so you can balance your wallet with your wishlist before you get to the construction phase.

You then choose if you want to work with us for the construction phase so it gives the homeowner much more control. This process also makes sure we are a good fit for one another before doing the construction phase.

Text version of the video, plus FAQ at the bottom:

If You Want To Work With Us On The Design Package:

If you would like to work with us on the design phase, we only need 2 things back from you.  The signed design agreement and the design package payment.

  • When filling out the 1 page design agreement:
  • If there is more than one project, please add up the total of all the projects you want to do with the design build and write that price range on the design agreement
  • Sign the design agreement and take a picture to send it back to us.
  • You can also schedule a call to further discuss if anything in this video isn’t covered.

  • The second item we need is the design retainer and there are 2 ways to make the payment.
  • The first one is with a credit card and because our credit card merchant account charges 3% we have to pass on that hard cost which is about $45. 
  • The second option is to write us a check and we can pick it up at the next meeting.
  • Please make checks out to "Phx Home Remodeling"

Design Initial Walkthrough Meeting

  • After we receive the design agreement, we will setup a couple items in our system and then send you a calendar link to schedule the next meeting.
  • The design initial walkthrough meeting is with your consultant and designer to review the space at a high level. This way the designer can see the space(s) and talk through the layout and get into a high level of design. If you haven’t provided the design package check, this is the meeting to provide it.

The Design Phase

  • After that meeting you start the design phase of the project. Your designer will help you pick out selection items, ensure they’re good quality, at the best price, and that it looks good in the space.
  • We help you pick out all items but we also provide you a list of places you can look on your own if you want. Countertops are something we always request you go and look since a sample is not adequate.
  • We don’t care where you get the majority of your items from as long as they are good quality which we can advise on.
  • We will use BuilderTrend for all communication to ensure it is all in one place. This helps you, our team, and our other clients by keeping things consistent and efficient.
  • We provide a rendering specific to the items you have chosen to ensure it is the way you want it to look.
  • We revamp the rendering when needed to ensure it is the way you want it to be and we finalize everything.
  • The design phase is usually 30-60 days and there are so many factors that play into that timeline.

Once The Design Phase Is Completed

  • If you want to work with us for the construction phase, we sign the construction agreement.
  • What’s great is all of your information and what we need is already in BuilderTrend software and it is ready to go.
  • After you sign the construction agreement, we schedule the Construction walkthrough meeting for your project manager to come out to see the space or spaces, review your needs, discuss what times of day are ok to do construction, accessing the house, and other normal housekeeping items.
  • Once the Project Manager has seen the space or spaces and ensures everything is finalized, they will start ordering materials.
  • We do not start projects until all of the important items have arrived and have been checked by us to ensure nothing is wrong with them. This way we don’t have delayed items or damaged items prolonging your construction timelines.
  • Once the important items have arrived the Project Manager confirms the demo day and we ask that you clear out your personal items from the area a couple of days before. This ensures nothing gets dusty or damaged.
  • Then we start the project and keep you updated on each stage!

If you have not already, we strongly recommend visiting this article that discusses the difference in detail between a design-build firm and a general contractor:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

With all the issues contractors can cause homeowners and the reputation home remodeling often has, it's normal to have questions and concerns about choosing a home remodel company.

Below are the most common FAQs at this point in the process and they are separated into different topic sections.

If there's a question you have that's not answered below or want more detail, feel free to reach out to us. 

Simply click on a question you want to read and the answer will appear below it.

Research Phase FAQ

Why do I need to make sure a remodel contractor has workers comp & liability insurance?

Why do I need to make sure the remodeling company is licensed?

Where do I go to check if the remodel company is licensed and it's really them?

Why are homeowners choosing the Design Build Model?

When can you get started on my project after the design phase?

FAQ Around Issues Contractors Often Cause Homeowners

How do you keep the dust out of other areas of my home?

Do you guarantee your work with a warranty?

I've heard of contractors leaving the project unfinished, will you do that?

How do I know I will get quality work at a reasonable price?

I’ve heard horror stories of not having someone to reach during the remodel, will I have to deal with that with you?

Financial FAQ

Do you accept credit cards?

Are there options for other remodel financing?

What if I don't have a budget?

Should I tell the remodeling company what my budget is?

Project Based FAQ

If I want to make a change once the project started, is it possible and how is it handled?

Will you provide me with the schedule?

How long will my project take to complete?

Can you tell me who will be in my home?

Can I pick my selection items for my project?

Do I need to move out of my house while the remodel project is happening?

I've heard some contractors leave scuff marks on the walls after they are done with the project, will that happen with you?

Can demo charges be reduced by donating used building materials to an organization such as Stardust or Habitat for Humanity?