Kitchen Backsplash: Pros & Cons

Backsplashes are more “in” nowadays than ever before.

They are a piece of statement jewelry in your kitchen.

They can represent your style and your personality in your kitchen.

It goes beyond its function, which is to make your wall easy to clean from the liquids and oils that splash up during cooking.

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Although a beautiful backsplash can make your kitchen “pop”, they cause some annoying problems throughout the years. 

If you are considering a kitchen remodel with a tile backsplash, here are a couple cons to them:

  • The grout can become harder to clean

  • The tiles and materials are more costly than using the standard 4in countertop material for backsplash.

  • Installation can be challenging because you need to consider your outlets and stoves when you choose your backsplash design and style.

The good news is these annoying problems are easily fixed. Here are some of our tips to fix these annoying problems with your backsplash.

Costly materials that blow off your remodeling budget

Kitchen backsplashes


You want those backsplash tiles that will make your kitchen look sleek. However, you almost fell off your chair when you see the price of some suppliers of kitchen backsplashes in Phoenix. The best way to solve this problem is to find look-a-like materials. Materials that will give you the same look and feel you want in your kitchen without the big outflow of cash. Our company provides each homeowner with their dedicated Project Manager who helps source the materials for the lowest price possible. It is like having a concierge to help you with your kitchen remodel.

Tile grout joints that are a pain to clean.

There are different backsplash designs to choose from and many arizona tile backsplash ideas. From ceramic, glass tiles, and porcelain all can revamp your kitchen, however, these types all are joined at the hip (the tile) bye one nasty element that imbibes dirt and grease.

If your aim is more of the convenience in cleaning because you’re the one who will deal with the everyday task, I’m sure you are looking for something that will look great in your kitchen but can also redeem you from a cleaning life sentence.

We suggest you go for glass tile that is easy to wipe off.  We can also suggest a special epoxy grout that is easier to clean and does not stain easily like normal grout. It is more expensive for the grout and labor, but worth every penny.

Kitchen Backsplash DIY

If you only need backsplash done in your kitchen, you may be considering doing it yourself.  Homeowners often search in google for something like dirt cheap backsplash ideas to figure out everything. They may have already went straight to the local supplier like Arizona Tile or Monterrey Tile.  

When they get back home, they found out, they need a tile cutter, a wet saw, and adhesive!

If you don’t want to handle all of that, another option is to hire a handyman to do just the tile because remodeling companies normally don’t do only a quick tile job. 

Another kitchen backsplash option is peel and stick wall tiles. These are easy to install and provide a look that isn’t quite as good as tile, but they are great for the low cost of the material and zero install cost.

A kitchen backsplash can be the focal point of your kitchen design but they can be a painful choice that you need to constantly maintain through the years. The key element to eliminate these annoying problems is to do your homework first. 

If you need a hassle-free remodeling of your kitchen, feel free to contact us. 

You can also check out our online remodel calculator you can customize to your specific kitchen or bathroom scenarios:

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