Benefits of a master bathroom bathtub

When you decide to remodeling your bathroom, you should consider renewing your bathtub. We specialize in Chandler bathroom remodeling, and we know how a bath can improve your health and provide a peaceful experience away from the normal daily stress. It is a wonderful feeling when you have a bath after a long day,  to sit down, relax and let the warm water just wash away the cares of the day. When you were finished you felt fresh and rejuvenated ready to start your day or ready to go to bed. 

Unfortunately, for many people, this has become a thing of the past. You might be asking yourself why? Well, this is because of age and mobility issues that have robbed them of this pleasure.  Also people are too busy now to take the time. When you decide to get a bathtub for your house, you think of traditional ones that have a one and a half foot wall and are sometimes difficult to step into. You will probably be stepping into a slippery tub and of course, you will need a certain degree of balance and coordination that some seniors may not have. 

Have you ever imagined having a bathtub in which you can walk in and enjoy? Walk-in bathtubs are specially designed for the safety of seniors. Step up walk-in tubs are the ultimate in comfort and safety.  Walk-in tubs are the best and they will help you increase your home’s value as well. What makes these bathtubs special is that you barely have to lift your feet to step in. Believe it or not, the step is less than four inches high. They also feature wide doors that are made for easier and safer entry and exit. If you love safety, they also include an anti-slip floor. You can get comfortable in its non-slip seat too. 

Amazing features in a bathtub

With it being very important to have stability, most of these bathtubs feature built-in grab and support bars easy to reach no matter your age. Because you want to make sure your bathing is safe and enjoyable, this is the bathtub you must have at home. Because security and health are first, walk-in bathtubs are both bacteria and mold resistant. Most of them bring an exclusive ozone cleaning system that helps destroy disease-causing bacteria. The small door requires little to no effort to open or close while it completely seals the tub. The water will always be warm so you can stay in it as long as you like. If you want a massage and a relaxing moment, you can turn on the air jets that help you with all kinds of aches and pains. When taking a bath in a walk-in bathtub, you can rest assured because you will be treating arthritis, aches, pains, diabetes, insomnia, stress, circulation, and many other illnesses. These bathtubs are so modern that they also include chromotherapy and the aromatherapy to have hundreds of colored lights dancing in the water and a gentle fragrance floating in the room. These tubs are the ones you need at home and you can get them by contacting Phoenix Home Remodeling.

You can visit our website where you can learn more about our services and check the wide variety of walk-in bathtubs we have available. Contact us now and get a walk-in bathtub for your house today at the most affordable price.

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