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Potential home buyers are passing on outdated houses. That makes it difficult, especially with today's inventory shortage.

Have you ever been at the grocery store and there is 50 types of bread which makes it harder to pick one? Have you ever ran into the same problem with a home buyer?

Buyers often find a house that is close to what they want, but the kitchen, bathroom or other interior room needs to be remodeled for them to put in an offer.

We help them purchase faster by showing what their dream home will look like after the remodel is finished. Meaning you'll have happier clients and your buyers will put an offer on a house faster.

If you want to increase referrals, the speed of buyers putting in an offer, increase the speed of a house selling or have a remodeling expert to answer their questions lets schedule a time to talk with the button below...

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Our Contractor Program Helping Real Estate Agents

Our real estate program consists of working with you and the buyer(s) to find a home faster.  We accompany you and the buyer(s) to look at properties and discuss remodeling any area they are not happy with.

We discuss what remodeling aspects are possible, a rough estimate of the cost so they can evaluate if it is in their budget and answer all of their technical construction questions.

Many buyers expect the Realtor to know everything which is not fair and shouldn't be expected.  Our real estate agents love how we are a team together helping the client find their home.

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You get more leads from referrals because we help improve the buyer's purchasing experience

Our real estate agents get more referral leads because:

  • The time to purchase is decreased - clients like getting things done quickly and refer others to you accordingly
  • We specialize on the interiors of homes with a focus on kitchen and bathrooms so when the remodel is complete, they are impressed and ecstatic about their experience, which gets you referrals.
  • Clients get immediate answers to their technical construction questions
  • Inspection items can cause stress, but we can help eliminate that by having the relationship with client. Eliminating stress and making the process easier helps you get referrals and testimonials

Why do Real Estate Agents Use Our Contractor Program?

Your time is precious.  As a real estate agent you have to promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, MLS setup, accompany buyers to home visits, inspections, assess the value of the home, prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, confer with escrow companies, lenders, inspectors, and 20 other things.  

We are here to help reduce the amount of properties your clients need to see, answer their remodel or construction questions and improve their buying experience to get you more referrals.

When you partner with Phoenix Home Remodeling, you and your real estate clients work with a company and employees that are driven by these core values:

  • We respect our client's home
  • Create a beautiful space you love showing off
  • Always professional and respectful
  • We do what we say we will do
  • Create an enjoyable and safe work environment for our employees
  • Focus on processes to provide a great remodel experience
3 Phoenix Home Remodeling Owners

3 Co-founders: Ben, Jeremy & Mark

We know you are putting your name on the line when you refer us

Working with a home remodeling contractor can be frustrating because they show up late, change the price, make a mess of the house and don't care about customer service. Take a look at our recent remodeling before & afters.

We are the most organized home remodeling company in Phoenix and we make these 6 promises to every client:

  • Provide honest and straight forward advice
  • Employ professional, knowledgeable, and respectful employees
  • Return calls and show up on time
  • Respect your home and ensure we keep it clean
  • Provide clear expectations of project timelines and pricing
  • Create your dream living space with great attention to detail

Your clients will be in great hands and we will help you get more referrals. Let's chat more about how we can help.

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