The bathroom is one of the most important areas in the home and this holds for several reasons. For one, the bathroom is your personal relaxation space and to this extent, no amount is too small or too high to lavish on your bathroom remodeling Ahwatukee needs.

While you may be planning on your next bathroom remodeling project, chances are high that as part of the process, you are already on the lookout for the best designs which will perfectly mirror the dream bathroom you have constructed in your mind.

Guess what? We have scoured the internet and homes to bring you some of the biggest and best ideas based on the trends for bathroom remodeling in the year 2019. So by all means, let’s dive in.

The Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

The rounded rectangle has been crowned the king in 2019 and this is for several reasons. For people who are looking to break free from the traditional large circle mirror that was in vogue some years ago, this is the best upgrade for your personal space. The rounded rectangle vanity provides you with a simple and softly linear design that is guaranteed to make the balance between the stiff, angular rectangle, and full-on circle. A great advantage of this design is that it can be used individually. The circle can be under or over scale as you wish and the rectangle is just perfect when adopted in a compact size.

Floating vanities

This has found itself on the top and this is not a surprise as it has been around for a while. One of the reasons this design trend has failed to catch on is because it has been considered to be too modern and by some, it lacked visual depth. However, a good advantage is that they are so easy to clean and they can be made from beautiful materials, including wood.

Console Sink Vanities

If you ever choose to go with this design, keep in mind that they are not practical, especially for the main bathrooms. While they are beautiful, especially because of the trendy vanities, they lack a storage room which in some cases is the major point when designing a bathroom.

Wall-mounted Toilets

If you ever have found floating vanities appealing, then, floating toilets should appeal to you even more. This toilet design was until recently exclusive to super modern homes. With times changing, many people are beginning to fulfill their aesthetic needs, making sure to include this in one or two bathrooms in their homes.

Side Mounted Faucets

The side-mounted faucets came into vogue and appear to be here to stay. This design idea is super crazy especially for homeowners who wish to maximize space.

No shower dam

Seamless and dam-less shower designs became a trend when most people thought the end had come for creativity with regards to bathroom remodeling. There is something chic about this design though, especially as it is the perfect choice for those whose bathroom design originally leans towards the traditional look. If you are planning on a major change of look, switching from traditional to modern, this is your design pick.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shower glass enclosure

If you are remodeling and interested in the seamless shower hype, then this is just the perfect idea to go modern, especially when paired with your glass enclosure. This is also a good idea for single glass panel walls.

Getting your bathroom done requires expertise, creativity and overall, the latest design that best mirrors what you want, visit us at for more design tips.

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