What we will be covering

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Gilbert kitchen remodeling
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Chandler Kitchen Remodel design service
  • How to avoid choosing a bad contractor
    We will provide the questions to ask, surprising things to look out for before hiring a contractor and how to avoid many unknown pitfalls people go through with many remodeling companies.

  • Remodeling project costs and timelines
    We will walk through typical timelines and budgets of all 3 levels of kitchen & bathroom projects.

  • Questions to find the right contractor that fits you
    5 questions to ask every contractor over the phone so you don't waste your time.  We will review the possibilities of who to hire including the pros & cons of each.

  • Current and future design trends
    We will go over the current and local design trends and discuss what we see coming in the near future. We'll go over popular finishes and materials

  • Free guide to make your remodel project go smoothly
    We will be providing our free kitchen remodeling guide and a free bathroom remodeling guide. These discuss how to plan for your remodel, what to expect from the contractor and what to expect during the remodel process.

  • Contractor scorecard to quickly evaluate them
    We have created a scorecard that has an easy way to rank each contractor in several areas & then tallies up the score to see which ones are the best fit for you.

  • No sales - only strategies & tips
    We won't be selling you anything - Jeremy is putting this on to help Phoenix homeowners with avoiding the common contractor nightmares

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Avoid Choosing The Wrong Contractor

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