Welcome to the Phoenix Home Remodeling Team

We truly value our trade partners and we are big on respect, good communication, and timeliness.

Our trade partners like working with us because:

  • We pay Trade Partners right away (We don't do net 30/60/90)
  • Trade Partners say we are easy to work with
  • Trade Partners like how we are well organized
  • Trade Partners like how they don't have to work with different types of clients all the time, but with the same contact with us each time
  • Trade Partners like how we don't waste their time

Paperwork We Need From You

As I'm sure you can appreciate, having insurance and all of the right paperwork to protect ourselves as business owners is important.

Here are the items we need from you:

#1) The Trade Partner agreement signed and emailed back

We have an agreement for you to fill out, sign and email back to us. Please email us if you did not already receive this.

The Trade Partner agreement has the instructions and email to send these items.  You can also provide these items to us in person if better.

#2) General liability policy naming us as additionally insured

Please ask your general liability insurance company to simply add us as additionally insured with our company name as: "CMC Group Ventures Inc. DBA Phx Home Remodeling”.  

This should be free and easy for your insurance company to add us. It does not change your policy amount or anything else, it simply shows you are working together with us on projects.

*PLEASE NOTE*: Before starting the first project with Phx Home Remodeling, we require a certification naming "CMC Group Ventures Inc. DBA Phx Home Remodeling" as additionally insured (on liability insurance only).

#3) W9 filled out

We also need a W9 form filled out and emailed back.

You can download the W9 here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf

Things That Are Important To Us

The homeowner's experience is vital to us.

If homeowners are unhappy,  we lose business and then we don't have work for our Trade Partners to complete.

We take the homeowner's experience very seriously, so we ask these of our trade partners:

  • Show up on time when possible.  It's a tough industry to always show up on time, but taking it seriously and letting us know if you are running late is important for many reasons.
  • Cleaning up after yourself at the end of each day. 
  • Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Timely communication with us
  • Represent and protect Phx Home Remodeling's interest
  • Any changes the homeowner wants should be discussed with a Phx Home Remodeling employee and not the trade partner and homeowner.
  • If you are the last one out, please lock the door.
  • Personal appearance is important like no offensive attire, as clean of clothes as possible and general nice appearance as you are representing our company and brand.
  • Job site stuff like, no smoking in or near the house, music low volume, no alcohol/drugs, no foul language, etc.

Thank you for reviewing this page.  We look forward to working together with you!