Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

With all the issues contractors can cause homeowners and the reputation home remodeling often has, it's normal to have questions and concerns about choosing a home remodel company.

Below are the most common frequently asked questions on remodels separated into different topic sections.

If there's a question you have that's not answered below or want more detail, feel free to reach out to us. 

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Research Phase FAQ

What areas of Phoenix do you serve?

What's your sales process like? (Am I going to be pressured into moving forward?)

Why do I need to make sure a remodel contractor has workers comp & liability insurance?

Why do I need to make sure the remodeling company is licensed?

Where do I go to check if the remodel company is licensed and it's really them?

Should the contractor and I sign a contract?

Why are homeowners choosing the Design Build Model?

FAQ around issues contractors often cause homeowners

How do you keep the dust out of other areas of my home?

Do you guarantee your work with a warranty?

I've heard of contractors leaving the project unfinished, will you do that?

How do I know I will get quality work at a reasonable price?

I’ve heard horror stories of not having someone to reach during the remodel, will I have to deal with that with you?

FAQ About Our Process

Why do you require a phone conversation before we meet?

When can we meet for an appointment?

Do you provide a free estimate?

Will you look at a house we are considering purchasing? 

Should I get more than one estimate before making a decision?

Can you create the design render for my project?

Why do you ask us to pick out our selection items before we start the project?

Financial FAQ

Do you accept credit cards?

Are there options for other remodel financing?

How much does the average bathroom remodel cost?

What is the biggest cost factors to a bathroom remodel?

How much does the average kitchen remodel cost?

Whats the biggest cost factors to a kitchen remodel?

What if I don't have a budget?

Should I tell the remodeling company what my budget is?

Project Based FAQ

If I want to make a change once the project started, is it possible and how is it handled?

Will you provide me with the schedule?

How long will my project take to complete?

Can you tell me who will be in my home?

Can I pick my selection items for my project?

Do I need to move out of my house while the remodel project is happening?

I've heard some contractors leave scuff marks on the walls after they are done with the project, will that happen with you?

Which remodel guide would you like for free?

Remodeling doesn't need to be so confusing or stressful. We're here to help.

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