Remodeling Resources

Remodeling can be a confusing ordeal and homeowners shouldn't be expected to understand everything.

A good remodeling company should hold your hand through the process, listen to what you want,  educate you on what is involved and create your dream space with great attention to detail.

Check out our homeowner remodeling resources:

Contractors 2nd Most Consumer Complaints

Why contractors have the 2nd most consumer complaints and how to avoid being a statistic.

Vital Question You Need To Ask Home Remodelers

Not asking these questions increases your chance of having terrible contractor issues.

Webinar: How To Successfully Remodel

How to remodel without the contractor issues. We provide a few free items on the webinar.

Avoiding The Wrong Contractors

Article outlining the questions to ask a contractor to avoid issues & stress

Our Client's Frequently Asked Questions

The top FAQ's on researching companies, the remodel process, financials, and more

Vital Software Your Contractor Has To Have

This type of software is vital to ensure your remodel isn't a disaster

Kitchen & Bathroom Cost Calculators

Provides the national averages along with 2 remodel calculators to input your specifics

Remodel Financing Options

This provides the pros & cons of each remodel financing option available for homeowners

Shower Remodel Process

Homeowners are surprised by how much work goes into showers, see the process here.

Fun & Functional  Storage Options

You may be surprised by how many options are available to enhance your remodel

After you had a chance to review those remodel resources, see if we are a good fit:

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Remodeling doesn't have to be confusing or stressful. We are here to help.


How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Contractor

Kitchen remodel guide cover

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Guide

Bathroom remodel guide cover

The Simplified Bathroom Remodel Guide