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Design-Build remodeling method

No Surprises:  Fixed Price Before Construction!

If you want know what the total bill will be at the END of your construction project, go with a basic general contractor.

If you want to know what the total bill is BEFORE you start construction go with a Design-Build company.

Home remodels are usually like walking through a minefield, with unexpected obstacles and disasters at every step.

All you ever hear are horror stories of times a homeowner was forced to dish out thousands of dollars more than the agreed price or received such shoddy work they had to gut it and start from scratch.

Rather than hiring a general contractor hoping they won’t screw up your home… And they'll respect your agreed price…

What if…

You could see the end result and get a spot-on estimate before you make a commitment to the construction phase?

You won’t be able to get this from most general contractors.

But keep reading to find out, or schedule your call to take the first step…

Why Design-Build is the safest way to remodel your home

Although some contractors disagree, we know a proper planning phase BEFORE signing a construction agreement protects the homeowner.

We’ll do all the hard work and heavy lifting, but you’ll have ultimate authority and decision-making power with our expert assistance.

You’ll play a vital role in the planning stages, including selecting design items with a certified designer, reviewing 3D design renderings, and staying informed every step of the way.

Then you get to decide if you like to use our design build company, and want to move to the next stage of construction.  So there’s no commitment or obligation once we finish the feasibility, planning & design phase.

So you can have a smooth renovation experience without relying on blind trust.

Why So Many Homeowners Are Only Using a Design Build contractor

(And what makes it so low risk)

Here's the thing...

Even though you’ve heard countless horror stories of other contractors…

My home was left a sloppy, unfinished mess for three weeks!

The job ended up taking three times longer than we planned.

We want to be sure you don’t become another person with a nightmare renovation story.

Which is why with the design-build model, we cover all the bases beforehand.

Design, 3D renders, item selection, project management, and every other step will be planned before any construction.

  • Assist in making a custom plan to fit your budget and timeframe
  • Choose the items that fit your style so your home will reflect your personality and be an enjoyable living space
  • Approving your life-like renderings so you can be sure you’ll be thrilled with your new home

Homeowners trust Phoenix Home Remodeling more than other contractors because of our structured planning process.

“We appreciated the straightforward approach to the overall plan, expectations, timing, and cost.

-Maggie 2021”

“Easy to work with this team. I've worked with many contractors over the years and I must say this is the first time I've ever really been impressed.”

-Dawn 2018

How to Be Certain Our Design-Build Approach Guarantees You A Pain free Home Renovation

3D Renderings

  • Minimize your risk
  • How the final remodel will look
  • Collaboration with your designer to get everything exactly how you want it
  • Design items and their cost without any commitment

Feasibility, Planning, & Design Phase

  • Accurate Estimate & Controlled Budget
  • Know the price before the construction phase
  • Won’t be ambushed with extra charges late in the  construction process
  • Clear scope of work
  • Test drive our design build company

One integrated team of design and production staff

  • Accountability and continuity
  • Design, construction, & other departments under one roof working collaboratively
  • Expert decision-making
  • Lower cost
  • Faster completion time
  • Higher quality work

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Why a Design-Build contractor Has Proven To Be The Most Reliable Method For Your Home Remodel

9 Powerful reasons why the majority of homeowners trust our unique Design-Build model over a standard General Contractor

  1. 1
    Receive your “bullseye” estimate after planning the layout, design, and feasibility
  2. 2
    Complete transparency and attention to detail because of our thorough planning
  3. 3
    Clear and well-documented scope of work developed from many hours of collaboration.
  4. 4
    Our visions will be aligned before any “swinging hammers” thanks to precise communication
  5. 5
    Great homeowner experience for you due to our defined and structured processes
  6. 6
    Proven, quality products & materials agreed on by homeowner and certified designer
  7. 7
    Certified designer expertise and advice
  8. 8
    Clean, organized work site
  9. 9
    Homeowner expectations are met as a result of thorough planning beforehand, homeowner-approved design items, and renderings.

Issues working with the average General contractor

  1. 1
    Cost of the job is developed by 1 meeting lasting 30-60 minutes
  2. 2
    Minimal planning results in a lack of transparency leading to missing out on vital items
  3. 3
    Vague scope of work resulting in misunderstanding and dissatisfaction with your final result
  4. 4
    Subpar communication and rushing into the construction phase
  5. 5
    Lack of organization and direction leads to a mess in your home
  6. 6
    Errors and mistakes caused by unasked questions
  7. 7
    Mediocre and low-quality materials are used after failing to get your input
  8. 8
    Little to no design expertise
  9. 9
    Homeowners’ expectations are not met due to a lack of 3D renderings and inadequate planning

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Thoughts on Design Build

Here is a question to consider...

If we don’t design it, how can we price it? 

If your space isn't designed up front, how could you possibly get a correct price from the remodel?  If that part of the planning isn't done, think of all the issues that will come up as the project starts.

"How much can a 30-60 min visit at your home do to get all of your needs, ensure everything is functionally planned, and priced correctly? "

How Much Does The Design Build Package Cost?

Design-build remodel companies have 3 different ways they charge for the Feasibility, Planning, & Design Package:

   1) The first one is a flat rate of around $2,000 - $6,000 per room being remodeled.

   2) The second one is to charge 7% - 15% of the total project cost.

   3) The third one is to charge an hourly rate usually between $100 - $350/hr.

We charge $2,000 per full room remodeled for the Feasibility, Planning, & Design package.

We can often offer multi-project discounts. Small projects like a 1/2 bathroom or just a shower is considered a 1/2 unit so it’s usually $1,000 for a half unit.

We do not charge this package for projects not needing a design phase such as flooring or painting.

This per-room pricing model allows homeowners to know the exact price while not having any conflict of interest with the other options such as an hourly rate or percentage based retainer.

We do an in-home evaluation and provide a written proposal before the homeowner decides if they want to do the feasibility, planning, & design phase.

The Feasibility, Planning, and Design Retainer is proactively credited towards your remodel costs on the initial proposal when you move forward with Phx Home Remodeling for the construction phase to simplify the math and transparency.

What Do I Get With The Feasibility, Planning, & Design Package?

Design consultations with our Certified Designer

Our certified designer will collaborate with you to uncover your vision for your home.

Your final home renovation will reflect your style while looking like an “award-winning showroom”.

Expert advice On design & functionality 

Our remodel experts will guide you through the entire design phase.

Your space will be maximized for functionality.

Design renderings

We’ll provide a 3D rendering of your finished home remodel before we begin construction.

See the finished product and make any changes to achieve the exact look you want.

Accurate Budget Estimates

An accurate price will be communicated to you before construction begins.

Freedom to adapt without worrying about price increases deep into the project.

Scope of work with details on what needs to be remodeled and what is covered

Detailed breakdown of the remodeling work and everything included.

You'll have a clear understanding of the work being completed.

Design selection items along with allowances for each item

Easily select design items that match the theme you’re looking for.

Your chosen design items will reflect your style and personality, with a price you’ll know upfront.

Take your first step by giving us a test-drive

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Example of Design Renderings you receive:

(Use the arrows on the side of images to view more)

Everything you need for design and construction

Design Renders, Scope of Work, and Help Choosing Selection items

  • We meet at your home to discuss the layout you want.
  • You provide photos for inspiration.
  • We'll discuss design & functionality.
  • We take all measurements for written documentation.
  • Expert design advice.
  • Personalized custom design renders to your liking.
  • A detailed scope of work to give you a clear understanding of the work being completed.
  • Assist in choosing quality design items .


  • Receive design renderings customized to your needs and wants.
  • What is required for your remodel.
  • Detailed scope of work with a complete list of necessary items.
  • Detailed list of selection items and their cost.
  • Expert design guidance throughout your item selection process.
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We do an in-home evaluation and provide a proposal before the homeowner decides if they want to do the package.

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You deserve to work with a business model that is proven and won't cause undue stress.

Luckily there are many design-build general contractors in Phoenix, so we aren't the only one that could be a best fit for you.

You can trust that we have the process, communication, and workmanship to give you the dream space you have always wanted.

We do NOT have backlogs!  

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One of the best parts about working with a design-build general contractor is you get to test them out first.

Test our design phase with no commitment to do the construction.

If you don’t like the results we give you (don't worry you will love it), you have the freedom to walk away with no penalty.

Experience the vision of your perfect home with 3D renderings, a detailed scope of work, all design items chosen by a designer, and more. 

And you keep complete ownership over your design package.

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