Alisa & John’s 2 Bathroom Renovations In Chandler

Alisa & John’s 2 Bathroom Renovations In Chandler

2 Bathrooms Remodels in Chandler...

It was great working with Alisa and John. We originally were going to keep the bathtub but it was all one piece with the shower. After examining and seeing inside, the best option was to replace the bathtub.  

It turned out beautifully with the new bathtub!

We gutted their old shower including the floors, walls and that old shower frame with calcium deposits and rust.

white master bathroom remodel in chandler

Alisa and John picked beautiful long subway tile with elegant wall band tile.

We installed a recessed shower wall niche for shampoo and soap along with a shower foot niche to safely shave in the shower. 

With the new tub, thin pony wall between the shower and bathtub, tile across the shower and bathtub, this turned into a spa-like space.

Master bathroom remodel in Chandler Arizona
Chandler shower floor remodel

We also replaced their guest bathroom vanity.  

A small side project included installing 10 can lights in their living room and kitchen. As John said, it was like a cave in there before the can lights were installed.

small bathroom vanity idea in chandler

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