​Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Retreat You Can’t Wait To Wake Up To!

Create your elegant bathroom sanctuary to relax in luxury and forget about the outside world!

​A bathroom remodel ​is fun but can also be frustrating because contractors show up late, change the price & make a mess.

You want to work with a transparent, respectful & organized bathroom contractor that will create the dream space you’ll be proud to show off to your friends, family, and neighbors while also relaxing and enjoying by yourself.

From the moment you get out of bed in the morning your bathroom becomes one of the most important rooms in your home. As you prepare for the day ahead, the energy of a spacious, relaxing bathroom can help relax and inspire you for any of life's challenges.

Why let a ​nonfunctional space, cluttered vanity, or cramped shower get you down when you can have the bathroom retreat of your dreams?    

With Phoenix Home Remodeling, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we can get the entire job done for you from the tile to the ​shower and beyond.

If you need some inspiration how a bathroom remodel could change your home forever, here are a few of our bathroom remodeling services we offer customers in the Valley looking to make their dream bathroom a reality.

  • Whole bathroom remodel 
  • Dual vanity remodels 
  • Updated fixtures 
  • New bathroom flooring 
  • Multi-head showers
  • Sauna and steam units
  • Custom cabinet and vanity designs 
  • Built-in soap and shampoo nooks 
  • Walk-in shower design
  • Updated sink basins
  • Wall removal for added space 
  • Heated towel racks 
  • Extra plugs for small appliances 
  • Rain showers
  • Updated lighting fixtures 
  • Pull-out vanities
  • Hidden space for hampers and storage
  • Fully customized bathroom design
  • Free-standing sink design 
  • And more!

See if we will be a good fit for your bathroom remodel:

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Anything Is Possible With Our Expertise and Your Personal Style Come Together!

  • Bring your perfect bathroom to life with an intricate balance of style and functionality. 
  • Full bathroom remodel services can go from the perfect dream to a construction nightmare if your contractors show up late or change their prices. 
  • The right professional service will help you realize your dreams for the optimal space big or small by sticking to your original timeline, budget, and design vision.   

Check out our remodel resources with homeowners FAQ, how the remodeling process works, & what to expect.

We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured.  ROC# 313636

When It Comes To ​A Bathroom Vanity, Two Is Better Than One!

Does it ever feel like you’re battling for space in your bathroom? Is your vanity cluttered with everyday items making things hard to find and relaxation virtually impossible? Remodeling your bathroom vanity is a great solution.

Whether you’re looking for more space, additional storage solutions, or an updated contemporary design; redesigning and remodeling your bathroom vanity will put you in charge of every element of your bathroom layout. Pick rich wood finishes to make your bathroom feel warm and inviting or a white clean, open design that channels your modern sense of style.

Let our experts help you redesign your bathroom vanity from the ground up! Working with Phoenix Home Remodeling means no design dream is out of reach. If you’re looking for a built-in vanity solution or free-standing sink pedestal, the perfect composition can help create flow and efficiency in one of the most intimate rooms in your home.

Redesigning your bathroom vanity doesn't have to mean starting from scratch, either! Our team of professionals can help you refinish your existing vanity installation and focus on simple upgrades like sink and fixtures to create a brand new look for your remodeled bathroom.

The possibilities are endless with a bathroom vanity remodel, and these are just a few of the unique design elements we can help you bring to life in your home!

  • ​Floating Vanity
  • Mounted bathroom vanity 
  • L-shaped bathroom vanity 
  • Granite countertops 
  • Marble countertops

  • Small bathroom vanities 
  • Corner bathroom vanities 
  • Small bathroom vanities 
  • Wood bathroom vanities 
  • Vessel sink bathroom vanities

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The PHR Project Experience

Many homeowner complaints are from when the project starts. We utilize technology, great people and efficient processes to ensure a great experience:

Dedicated Project Manager

  • One contact from start to finish
  • Handles Project Management
  • Professional, polite & respectful
  • Keeps your remodel project on schedule
  • Easy & organized communication 
  • Pictures of progress with comments

Constant Project Updates

  • Calendar with project phases & what's next
  • Comments & messages in 1 place
  • Portal for messaging & constant updates

Financials At Your Fingertips

  • Easy access to project numbers
  • Know price if you want to add something new
  • Transparent financials all in one place

Celebrate & Enjoy Your New Space

  • Final completion meeting to ensure you are happy
  • You get before & after photos of remodel project
  • Enjoy with friends, family & neighbors

The Walk-In Shower of Your Dreams

Almost nothing says spa-like-retreat like a custom built walk-in shower designed exactly the way you want it.

Whether you want to do away with your bathroom tub completely or create two unique spaces for a dedicated shower and tub, we’ve got you covered. Phoenix Home Remodeling will help you maximize the space in your bathroom and find the perfect solutions for your shower shape, structure, and design.

Looking for an elegant shower enclosure or warm mosaic tiles to create an inviting atmosphere in you bathroom? How about floor to ceiling subway tiles to tie in your minimalist design style from room to room? Nothing is off limits with Phoenix Home Remodeling on your side.

Showers can be the perfect place to create natural storage elements too. Even an open concept shower design with dreamy waterfall shower heads can include built-in storage solutions that work with your bathroom design without taking up space. Let us install a subtle shower nook or comfortable sitting bench without losing the aesthetic of your bathroom design. That’s the power of working with our expert team of designers; bringing function and style together in ways you only dreamed of before.

We’ll help you decide between the multitude of shower designs and options with both your style and budget in mind. These are just a few of the choices you’ll have to pick from!

  • Custom built walk-in shower 
  • Dual shower heads 
  • Waterfall shower heads 
  • Ceramic, stone, or glass tile shower walls 
  • Acrylic basin 
  • Cobblestone patterns

  • Tumbled stone patterns 
  • Large spa tub 
  • Elegant freestanding bathtub
  • Two person shower 
  • Shower handles and seats 
  • Small shower remodel

Simple 4-Step Remodel Plan

#1  Schedule Call

See if we are a good fit on this page and then schedule a call to learn about the project and each other.

#2  Schedule Visit

If initial call goes well, we schedule an in-home  evaluation and provide a detailed proposal.

#3  Start Project

We sign the agreement and start your home remodel project, while keeping you in the loop the entire time.

#4  Enjoy & Share!

We complete your dream space to enjoy and share with your friends, family & neighbors!

Check out our process to see if it is a good fit: How the initial process works

Floors, Storage, Functionality and More!

Like any room in your house, every unique style design in your bathroom comes together to create the perfect space without losing your sense of style or need for functionality.

Your master bath isn’t the only room that can benefit from bathroom redesign or bathroom remodeling, either. Need a powder room installed in a separate area of the house? Looking to expand the storage options in a shared bathroom between other rooms? Trying to get rid of that outdated bathroom design for a more modern, updated feel? Phoenix Home Remodeling can do all of that for you.

Take advantage of natural lighting by installing or updating windows in your bathroom without giving up privacy or comfort. The perfectly placed windows can help even the smallest bathrooms feel wider or more expansive. We’ll help you decide between recessed windows, textured glass, transom windows, and more to create the perfect mood in your bathroom design.

Non-slip flooring can help ensure safety and convenience without sacrificing design and style. Choose between finishes including vinyl, limestone, marble and more as we put the finishing touches on your bathroom redesign!

We offer a free call to review your bathroom remodeling ideas and answer any questions you have.  We will help you with the questions to ask other remodeling companies whether you go with us or not.

Our clients love how we provide straightforward advice, show up on time, stick to the budget & project timeline along with creating a beautiful dream space you’ll love showing off to your neighbors, family and friends. 

Quality And Service You Can Trust!

Your bathroom is one of the most private and intimate rooms in your home. From the time you spend preparing for the day ahead to unwinding and relaxing in the evening, you deserve a space you can retreat to that’s as functional as it is beautiful. You won’t just look forward to your morning routine after we get done helping you redesign your dream bathroom – you’ll be inspired by it.

With Phoenix Home Remodeling, anything is possible. We’ll help you create the dream space you’ve always envisioned with quality and service you can trust. If you want to start your bathroom remodeling services over from scratch, our experts will help you hand select the perfect elements through every step of the design process. Even better, you’ll get peace of mind know your home is protected even after the job is finished.

At Phoenix Home Remodeling, you’ll be getting our 1-year warranty on both our products and our service so you can feel as confident when we leave as you did when we arrived.

Promises We Commit To Every Homeowner:

  • Provide honest and straight forward advice
  • Employ professional, knowledgeable, and respectful employees
  • Return calls and show up on time
  • Respect your home and ensure we keep it clean
  • Provide clear expectations of project timelines and pricing
  • Create your dream living space with great attention to detail
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Best Bathroom Remodel Services in the Valley!

Some contractors aren't licensed and many of them do not provide a warranty for their remodeling services. In most cases there’s no true standard when it comes to the workmanship of the contractor or if the materials they install are warranted. 

There’s only few better feelings in home renovation than knowing your investment is protected and having those warranties in writing should be part of your remodeling contract.

Before committing to price for your project, whether it’s a big space like a full remodel or just revamping a smaller bathroom to help optimize the room, make sure you understand the kind of warranties your contractor offers.

You deserve a company that doesn’t just have a warranty but also respects your home, your time and money. 

At Phoenix Home Remodeling, you’ll be getting our 1 year warranty on both our products and our service so you don’t have to worry about what to expect when we’re done. 

home remodel 1 yr warranty guarantee

You want to work with an honest and organized company.  See if we are a good fit for one another:

Areas We Service

Phoenix Home Remodeling provides bathroom remodels in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Ocotillo, and Tempe.

Let's talk about what your top bath remodel project looks like - click here to learn about our process and see if we are a good fit for one another.

Take Advantage of Our Free Bathroom Remodel Advice!

You may have heard tales from other homeowners about their terrible experiences dealing with contractors. They don’t show up forcing you to chase them, they raise their prices unfairly after a project starts creating arguments and dragging out the total length the project takes to complete.

No one deserves to go through these nightmares.  At Phoenix Home Remodeling, we ​believe you deserve ​to get proper expectations and to be treated honestly and fairly.

Our clients trust us because we provide straightforward advice, show up on time, stick to the budget & project timeline and help you create the perfect dream space you’ll love showing off to your neighbors, family and friends – or keeping all to yourself.

The first step is to see if we will be a good fit for one another.  Click below to see our process: