Vital Software Your Remodel Contractor Needs

As many people know, the construction industry and especially contractors are like the wild west.

Contractors received the 2nd most consumer complaints in the US, but per transaction contractors had the most complaints!

One of the ways to see if a contractor is good, is to find out if they use Project Management software. If they don't you are in for a rough ride. 

When we got our Project Management software about 7 years ago, it completely changed the way we did business. Homeowners  give us a bunch of compliments and praise even though some of the reasons are this software.

If a remodeling company doesn't use project management software here is what you can expect:

  • Your remodel will probably take 30% - 400% longer to complete.
  • They won't have a system on the back-end to track your remodel project. 
  • They won't have to-dos, calendar, and other items to make sure they get each phase of the project completed on time.
  • Communication will have to be over phone, text, email, fb messages, etc.  This turns into a lot of "he said, she said", unorganized communication and a lot of frustration for everyone involved.
  • Project management software such as Jobtread, BuilderTrend, or CoConstruct  puts all communication is in one place ensuring homeowners always know what is going on and it is easy to see all messages, financial aspects, & project updates.
  • You won't have a place to see all financial matters like what payments are owed, how much you have paid and your running total with any changes.
  • The contractor won't have a portal for change orders which are a simple way to document changes to the project after the agreement has been signed.  This is really important because if there is a change the contractor made, you need to know immediately how much it costs and why it was done.
  • You won't have a place to see all progress photos, daily logs, and comments so you can keep up to date with the project, especially if you are at work, away from the house for a few days, on vacation, or an out of town investor/second home owner.
  • You won't have the ability to make payments online to make it easy on you. Also having access to all of your invoices and having the software do the math automatically is very helpful.  
  • You won't have a portal where you communicate with the in-house designer (if they have a designer) on what style and design items to pick.  This is a key benefit homeowners love, where you can comment on different items, and go back and forth while seeing pictures and comparing them to in-person samples.
  • All the design renderings from the designer are in this portal and you can go back and forth with them on what you like and don't like to get it exactly how you want.

If any of the home improvement service companies you are considering don't have this software, frankly they don't care enough about their own business or their clients. Otherwise it is a "no brainer" for any company that's been in business for at least a year.

It should be a huge warning sign if someone doesn't have this type of software.

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  • Leaving projects incomplete
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  • Damaging your house and not repairing it
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