Debbie & Art’s Kitchen Upgrade In Ahwatukee

Debbie & Art's Kitchen Upgrade In Ahwatukee

Kitchen Remodel

Debbie and Art craved an upgrade for their outdated kitchen space. The color palette was a mix of vintage shades, reminiscent of the early 90s Arizona style. Earthy browns dominated the space, creating a warm but somewhat dated ambiance.

Their kitchen was transformed into a modern, bright, and minimalist haven. The renovation began with the removal of the old cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and lighting, paving the way for a contemporary redesign.

The Waypoint 530 Painted Vanilla cabinets instantly brightened the space. Their sleek design and light color brought an airy and spacious feel. Jeffery Alexander Milan handles added a touch of elegance and modern sophistication.

old kitchen going through remodel before & after photo
old kitchen going through remodel before and after photo

A new kitchen island became the centerpiece of the space. Built with Waypoint 530 Latte cabinets and topped with Berwyn Quartz countertops, it provides a stylish and functional area for cooking and socializing.

Replacing the previous perimeter countertops, the Tawny Quartz now provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface that seamlessly complements the new cabinetry. Their subtle elegance elevated the kitchen's overall look.

The backsplash was transformed with MSI Brick Mosaic, adding a stunning visual element that complemented the minimalist theme.

kitchen going through remodel in ahwatukee AZ
Kitchen cabinets and backsplash reno

The Blanco Precis Single Cascade Sink and the Delta Emmeline Touch faucet brought in a sleek, functional elegance. The new range hood not only improved ventilation but also acted as a stylish focal point.

Bar Area Renovation

The space, while functional, lacked a dedicated spot for socializing and entertaining. There was a missed opportunity for an area where they could host friends, enjoy casual meals, or simply relax with a drink.

The absence of a bar area meant that their kitchen, while practical for cooking, didn't fully cater to their lifestyle needs, which included entertaining and enjoying their space in a more social and relaxed manner.
They chose Waypoint 530 Latte cabinets for the bar area, which beautifully matched the kitchen's overall design. The latte tone introduced a subtle contrast to the main kitchen area while maintaining the sleek and modern look.

old kitchen being renovated before & after photo

The new bar was equipped with Berwyn Quartz countertops, providing a durable, stylish, and consistent look with the kitchen island, creating a cohesive design flow throughout the space.

An elegant touch was added with the installation of an upper glass cabinet featuring two glass doors. This feature not only provided an aesthetically pleasing display area but also enhanced the sense of  space in the bar area.

The area was enhanced with the MSI Herringbone Mosaic for the backsplash. This choice created a stunning visual impact, elevating the aesthetic and making it a breathtaking focal point in the room.

kitchen going through remodel in ahwatukee arizona

The makeover from a dated to a modern, minimalist kitchen not only refreshed the home's look but also improved its function. Every detail was carefully selected by Debbie and Art to craft a space that aligns with their style and meets their needs.

The addition of the bar area brought a new dimension of sophistication and social functionality to their home. It stands as the crown jewel of the kitchen, offering a stylish and inviting space for entertainment and relaxation.

Debbie provided a review of her remodel experience:

Debbie Sinfield - Review - Kitchen Remodel

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