Are we a good fit for one another?

You want a contractor who is upfront and candid with you, to avoid bad surprises and not waste your time.

Providing superior customer service is vital and that's why there's certain types of remodel projects we specialize in.

We stay in a specific service area & specialize in interior home remodels such as, but not limited to: laundry rooms, fireplaces, entertainment walls, home offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, flooring, new cabinets, cabinet refinishing. 

Specializing in these ensures we can provide the best remodeling service in the southeast valley.

Please review all 5 items below to see if we are a good fit:

#1)  Where is your house located?

We're a local business servicing Ahwatukee, Sun Lakes, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Laveen, South Phoenix, and Mesa. 

Please review the map below to see if we service your area. The map allows you to zoom in.

(If you live outside of the red section, click here to receive an email intro to another contractor)

#2) What type of remodeling do you want completed?

Projects We Take On:

  • Bathroom remodels
  • Interior home remodels such as laundry rooms, fireplaces, home offices, entertainment walls, new cabinets, cabinet refinishing, and other interior spaces.
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Total combined projects minimum of $15,000.  (We have to set a limit due to several constraints. Scale is crucial when running a home remodeling business. ) 

Projects We Do Not Take On:

  • Exterior projects such as landscaping, roofing, etc. (Except painting, windows, & doors)
  • Adding a bathroom to a room that does not currently have a bathroom. (We do lots of regular bathroom remodels and wall removals, but we do not add a bathroom unless there is one already there in the same general location.)
  • Project only consisting of cabinet refinishing, flooring, or paint.  We do these as part of larger projects but none of those 3 on their own.
  • We don't do home additions or extensions
  • We do not repair other contractor's work. Due to liability, we have to demolish everything and start over. (Especially on showers because of the risk)
  • Insurance claims - We don’t use the type of pricing software insurance companies require. If you don’t need to send them a new bid we can help, but not if you are trying to get more money from the insurance company because they won't take our proposals.

(If your project does not fit these parameters, click here to receive an email intro to another contractor)

#3) Do you want to work with us?

Please watch the video below to see if we are a good fit for you:

#4) Are You Okay Following Our Process?

We have a remodel process that keeps us organized and able to provide homeowners with a superior remodel experience.

The process protects our client experience, so not following our process can hinder your remodel, your happiness, and it can also hinder other homeowners who have entrusted us with their home.

For this reason, if you want to work with us you have to be okay following our process.  There is nothing abnormal or difficult with our process so it isn’t a burdensome request.

Parts of the process that some homeowners might have an issue with, which would not make us a good fit are:

  • We require a phone consultation before doing an in-home evaluation. This is to save time for everyone involved if it is not a good fit.
  • We ask that you provide some pictures of your space before the phone consultation so we can provide you an estimated price range.
  • We adhere to the design-build business model where you purchase the feasibility, planning, & design package first, and then you choose if you want to work with us for the construction phase. You can learn more about it here.

#5)  How much do remodels cost?

Homeowners are sometimes surprised by how much construction projects cost and that's normal because people don't remodel often.  It doesn't help that HGTV is known for downplaying the costs of remodeling.

Another reason homeowners can be surprised by the cost is because the price for materials, design items, and labor costs keep increasing during this unprecedented demand for new construction & remodeling.

We DO NOT Underbid Like Some Phoenix Contractors

We have 2 estimators that get involved BEFORE you get the proposal.  This is not the case for any other contractors we know of not only in Phoenix but in the nation. We are part of several online contractor communities and they all think this is a waste of time and money.

We feel obligated to do this so we know the price we are providing is right.

This way you know that the price is legitimate and is not a bait & switch situation which is unfortunately common in this industry.

You could be an attorney and yell at or threaten the contractor all you want, but if you don’t pay them the extra amount you are often in breach of contract and they can walk off your job or put a lien on your house.

We do the design-build business model where you pay us for the feasibility, planning, & design package first. Once everything has been planned out and all design items have been chosen, we can provide the actual price so you don’t have a bad surprise later on.

This process is great because you can make adjustments so you can balance your wallet with your wishlist before you get to the construction phase.

You then choose if you want to work with us for the construction phase so it gives the homeowner much more control. This process also makes sure we are a good fit for one another before doing the construction phase.

With a remodel company, you are lucky to get 2 of the 3 below items.

You want to figure out which 2 are most important for you.

home remodeling costs, speed, quality

We are not the cheapest contractor, because we are an "A" level contractor.

We are one of the lowest cost "A" level design-build contractors we know in the southeast valley.

The price ranges below include all materials, labor, and average priced selection items.  The size of the room, type of materials, structural changes such as wall removals, and the price of selection items are the 4 main areas that impact the price ranges.

Shower Remodels

Shower remodels are expensive due to the shower floor being one of the most risky things you can remodel in your home.  It also costs the most money per square foot of any type of remodel you can do inside your home.  There is more info here.

Below is the cost for tile shower remodels, which all include a recessed shower wall niche to store bath products:

  • Guest bathroom 3-wall tile shower remodel, keeping current bathtub, and shower glass: $7,000-$9,000
  • Guest bathroom 3-wall tile shower remodel, tile shower floor, and shower glass: $11,000-$15,000
  • Master bathroom tile shower ~3ft x ~5ft: $11,000 - $16,000
  • Master bathroom long 8-10 ft shower: $20,000-$30,000  (We usually suggest reducing the shower floor size and creating a dry off area to reduce the cost. This is a popular option and we can discuss it on the consultation call

Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodels can be expensive due to the shower, cabinets, and other factors.  The costs below are for a full bathroom remodel including, demo of everything, new vanities, a shower that is ~5 feet long, flooring, but does not include things like wall removal or more customized items:

  • Guest bathroom full remodel - $18,000 - $25,000
  • Master bathroom full remodel - $30,000 - $65,000

Kitchen Remodels

New cabinets are the most costly part of a kitchen remodel. We can also refinish cabinets to save money. The prices below include new cabinets, countertops, tile backsplash, sink, faucet, and pendant lighting.  They do not include appliances, wall removal, extensive electrical/plumbing, or more customized items.

  • Small kitchen remodel - $25,000 - $40,000
  • Medium kitchen remodel - $35,000- $55,000
  • Large or extensive kitchen remodel - $50,000 - $100,000

Schedule a phone consultation

We do a phone consultation as the first step to save everyone time.
Here is more info on why the consultation call is important and the many benefits for homeowners.

It’s easy for homeowners to schedule their call right from this page, instead of filling out a form, hoping to get a call in the next few days, only to miss that call, and then you start playing phone tag. Then one of the parties in the phone tag may forget to call back and nothing gets accomplished.

By scheduling the phone consultation, it ensures everyone gets a call back at an exact time that works for both parties. We schedule out 30 minutes so we ensure there's plenty of time to answer homeowner questions, review your remodel needs, provide a rough price range, and schedule the in-home evaluation if it’s a good fit.

Homeowners benefit because they get advice quickly.
There’s also no missed calls, voicemails, and playing constant phone tag.

Or schedule the phone consultation by calling: 602-492-8205

In-home remodel evaluation after the phone consultation

At the end of the phone consultation if it is a good fit for one another, we schedule a free in-home remodel evaluation.

This is to review the space in-person, further discuss your remodel goals, build out a detailed scope of work for your remodel(s), and provide you with a written proposal from our estimators.

If it looks like we may be a good fit for one another, the next step is to schedule a phone consultation with the button above. 

We do NOT have backlogs!  
We can start construction 1-2 weeks after all important materials have arrived thanks to our unique design-build model!

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

"Easy to work with this team. I've worked with many contractors over the years and I must say this is the first time I've ever really been impressed. 

They showed up daily on time, worked hard the whole time they were there, listened to what we wanted, did an awesome job, completed on time as promised, fairly priced and cleaned up their job site daily. 

Would definitely recommend and will use them again if needed.  Thanks to Jeremy for reaching out to my request, and thanks to Mark and Ben for helping us create our dream shower!!"

Dawn | 2018

"I recently had Phoenix Home Remodeling complete renovations in both my master,  (2) guest bathrooms, kitchen, and entertainment wall in my home. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results!! 

The process they set in place and communication on a daily basis made the entire project so much easier than expected.

The use of BuilderTrend software helped to keep me on budget and communication between the team and myself seamless. The team of employees were amazing to work with; especially given this was my first time remodeling a home.

The work and amount of care for my home, lifestyle (we lived in the house during the construction), and quality of work was evident from day one until completion. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of a home project or upgrades.

I am pleased beyond measure with my newly updated home and cannot thank Phoenix Home Remodeling enough for their time, effort, and personalization they put into making this project well worth the investment. Thank you PHR!!"

Julie | 2020

As a commercial contractor my experience with residential contractors has been less than stellar so I am generally jaded towards them. These folks are not like residential contractors.

These guys have a good business model in my opinion and do excellent work!

On time, reasonably priced, and quality installation.

Our first remodel and largest expense outside of the home or auto purchase and they made it as easy as possible for us. If you can wait for this team to do your remodel you will not be sorry.

Colin | 2019

"We recently used Phoenix Home Remodeling to remodel our early 2000’s Kitchen. 

The process was very easy and we enjoyed getting to know the team that came to do the work!

We appreciated the straightforward approach to the overall plan, expectations, timing, and cost.

This is a local to Ahwatukee company which was very reassuring that these folks not only work but live in this community with their name on the line.

Communication was seamless and the work was exactly what we wanted!  We will definitely use them again for future work and highly recommend them.

Thanks for a great experience, and fantastic results!"

Maggie | 2021

Let's See How We Can help!

If it seems like a good fit from the information provided on this page, please use the bottom below to schedule the phone consultation to discuss your remodel:

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