Israel’s Guest Bathroom Reno In Tempe

Israel's Guest Bathroom Reno In Tempe

Guest Bathroom Revamp

Israel's guest bathroom had an outdated appearance that needed updating. The worn-out finishes and antiquated decor were no longer functional and needed a contemporary touch.

Israel began the renovation project with the goal of seamlessly combining aesthetics and functionality. His goal was to  optimize the space while sticking to the same layout as well as add modern elements with a  welcoming ambiance.

The old vanity was removed, as well as the half wall that separated the toilet from the vanity area. Israel selected sleek brushed nickel fixtures which added a luxury hotel vibe to the bathroom.

bathroom being remodeled before and after in tempe arizona
bathroom being remodeled in tempe arizona

Israel chose a Pearl Jasmine Quartz Countertop, a LED Lighted Mirror, and a Cassandra Vanity Light to add the desired modern upgrade he hoped for.

The previous shower featured a bathtub that was removed and replaced with a new custom shower that features new shower walls, flooring, and a Delta Monitor dual function shower system. Israel's selections brightened up the space and truly reflect the contemporary look he desired. 

bathroom being remodeled in tempe AZ
shower remodel with a pony wall

The shower wall features Shibusa Bianco Hex and Touch Snow Porcelain, achieving a luxurious combination. The pony wall  includes a niche with the same hexagon tile as a fun accent.

Israel's guest bathroom has been transformed into a perfect blend of functionality and style. It is no longer an outdated corner of the home but a space that will appeal to his guests.

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