Jeffery & Barb’s Entertainment Wall & Master Vanity Remodel In Chandler

Fireplace entertainment wall after

Fireplace Entertainment Wall and Master Vanity Remodeling in Chandler...

We had fun working with Jeffery & Barb on their Fireplace entertainment wall and master bathroom vanity remodel in Chandler.  

Jeffrey and Barb requested a fireplace entertainment wall in their living room area.

They selected an electric linear fireplace that will go along with their entertainment wall.

They also selected these beautiful ceiling beams that go well with their entertainment wall. 

fireplace entertainment wall remodel in chandler

The Master Vanity Remodel

They also asked us to update their master bedroom's vanity area.

We removed their old vanity countertop and installed a new one.  They chose 2 vessel sinks to bring a 3 dimensional element to the space.

A regular size mirror was put up as as a replacement to their old vanity mirror. New floor tiles were installed. We also changed their countertop faucets to an updated design and style. 

master vanity remodel in chandler

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