Jessica’s Guest Shower Remodel in Chandler

Jessica's Guest Bathroom Remodel in Chandler

Guest Shower Renovation

Jessica always prided herself on being a gracious host, but the guest bathroom in her home was anything but inviting. The space featured a dated shower-tub combo that looked straight out of the 1980s.

The new design features a custom shower with a square-shaped bathtub that enhances functionality and guest experience while looking fantastic. The new tile scheme graced the walls, creating a harmonious flow that was both modern and inviting.

Jessica Ch. Guest bathroom before and after

The shower wall is covered in contemporary grey porcelain tiles that are laid horizontally in a stacked pattern, creating a modern yet elegant appearance and is now tiled all the way up to the ceiling, and the outcome is outstanding.

The wall niche, adorned with porcelain tiles featuring a stunning pattern, truly stands out. Seeking an element of both elegance and uniqueness, Jessica found that the intricately designed wall niche perfectly brings her vision to life.

guest shower niche

Subtle details elevate the new shower, making a significant impact. We're delighted that guests now experience the intended warmth and sophistication in Jessica's revamped shower, enhancing their stay.

Jessica provided a review of her remodel experience:

Jessica Chang - Review - Guest Bathroom Renovation

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