John’s Master & Guest Bathroom Revamp In Ahwatukee

John's Master & Guest Bathroom Revamp In Ahwatukee

Master Bathroom Renovation

John knew it was time for a change, his outdated master bathroom with an uninspired color scheme did little to invoke a sense of relaxation or style. The lackluster ambiance was far from the relaxing experience he and his wife desired.

His aim was clear: to infuse the master bathroom with modern lines and a fresh, bright aesthetic. Our design team worked closely with him to select materials and fixtures that would bring his vision to life.

The new painted white shaker style cabinets and Fairy White Quartz countertops brought a fresh and clean look to the vanity area. The Delta Kayra faucets give a contemporary flair that is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically satisfying.

old bathroom getting remodeled before and after photo
master bathroom vanity remodel in ahwatukee

The Kohler Verdera mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces; they provide smart storage solutions that enhanced the functionality of the space.

The old shower made way for the sleek, custom-built shower, lined with stunning Flash White ceramic tiles. The Themar Statuario Hex Mesh on the floor and the shimmering Swell Glass in the niche added layers of texture and modernity.

old bathroom getting remodeled before & after photo
old bathroom remodeling before & after photo

As the crown jewel the Kohler Sunward Collection soaking tub was thoughtfully installed with a tiled front tub deck, complemented by the same Quartz used for the vanity countertop, marrying consistency and luxury in design.

Guest Bathroom Remodel

The guest bathroom was stuck in a design time warp. The vanity, fixtures, and tiling were all remnants of past trends that seemed tired and less appealing. The shower/tub combo lacked the allure and comfort.

John recognized the value in a cohesive design language throughout his home and chose to extend the fresh, modern aesthetic established in the master bathroom to the guest bath.

The outdated vanity was replaced with the stylish Sollid Value White Shaker cabinets, and the Fairy White Quartz countertops was installed, instantly brightening the room with their polished surface and crisp, clean lines.

wonderful bathroom makeover

The mirrors upgrade was significant, with the Kohler Essential mirrors lending an expansive and luxurious feel, further accentuated by the Mencino bath lights casting a welcoming glow.

The Kohler Archer Soaking Tub elevated the functionality while maintaining a uniform look. The same sophisticated tile choices adorned the shower walls and niche, tying the room's design neatly back to the aesthetic of the master bath.

fabulous bathroom makeover

Both master and guest bathrooms had been reimagined into a sanctuary of modern luxury and style. Our team and their commitment to excellence in design and functionality work hard to make them real.

John provided a review of his remodel experience:

John Gilbert - Review - Master and Guest bathroom remodel
John G holding sign

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