Justin & Whitney’s Kitchen Renovation In Ahwatukee

Justin & Whitney’s Kitchen Renovation In Ahwatukee

Kitchen Remodel in Ahwatukee...

It was great working with Justin and Whitney.  Their kitchen was outdated and not very functional.

We removed the wall from the kitchen to the living room to create a much larger kitchen.

Everything got gutted including the tile countertops, old cabinets and appliances.

They wanted to fridge located in the old living room area with a new set of cabinets for extra storage.

kitchen remodel in phoenix
kitchen storage remodel in phoenix

I love the glass cabinets they went with.  The kitchen's quarts countertops go great with the cabinets, paint and new flooring we installed. The former tile was very outdated as you can see.

white cabinet remodel in phoenix

Here's a couple extra shots of the space:

kitchen sink Ahwatukee
kitchen cabinets and countertop

Justin and Whitney were both kind enough to provide a review of their experience with us:

Whitney Stoller Kitchen Review
Justin Stoller phoenix home remodel review

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