Justin’s Whole House Renovation In Ahwatukee

Justin’s Whole House Renovations In Ahwatukee

Sophisticated Whole House Remodel in Ahwatukee...

This was one of my favorite transformations of a whole house renovation creating a sophisticated look. 

The homeowner is a bachelor with a fantastic house to remodel and transform to make it his own.

We gutted the entire kitchen including the ceiling fan and the ugly recessed halogen lighting boxes, replacing them with canned lights.

Justin chose espresso cabinets with flat panel doors and small inconspicuous cabinet handles. He chose 2 countertop materials, giving the kitchen island a nice pop of contrast and color. We also increased the size of the island countertop.

He chose a large slate colored single basin sink that nicely compliments the other elements of the kitchen. He chose a beautiful industrial style faucet with a water pot dispenser and we installed a point of use water heater under the sink to give him immediate hot water.

We moved the fridge from the center of the cabinet section to the right so the cabinets and countertop space is now much more functional.

minimalist kitchen remodel in phoenix
small kitchen remodel in phoenix

The fireplace was outdated with the blue bump outs, old off-white square tiles and the hearth like flooring section below.

He asked us to gut the entire thing and install an electric fireplace along with creating a niche for electronics. The fireplace has a remote and allows him to adjust the flame to different colors and settings.

So we removed everything from the area and created a new flat wall at a 45 degree angle to provide a sharp look. Justin and our designer chose a great tile to give the fireplace wall a sophisticated look.  

modern fireplace remodel in phoenix

The next space we remodeled was his master bathroom.  This is my personal favorite walk in shower! It went from an ugly gold shower glass enclosure with cultured marble to a sophisticated Bellagio Hotel-like shower.

It had an uneven soffit above, so we added a little more to provide symmetry to the space. The bathroom shower was gutted down to the studs along with the garden bathtub. 

Justin wanted a dry off section with towel storage, rain head shower coming from the ceiling, hand held shower fixture, and a large niche with a tile band running across the entire space. The custom floating towel storage goes well in the space and is very functional.

The large sheet of glass hides nothing and allows all the beautifully picked items he chose to show themselves off.

total bathroom remodel in phoenix
modern bathroom remodel in phoenix

The original master bathroom vanity is the basic builder grade with a flat mirror, ugly outdated light and 2 medicine cabinets.

We gutted everything and built a new space with 2 electronic mirrors, middle vanity pantry cabinet, quartz countertop and brushed nickel accessories. (luckily you can still see the transformation even with Ben in the picture : )

minimalist vanity bathroom remodel in phoenix

Justin also had two guest bathrooms where we left the showers because they weren't used often and remodeled the vanities including the mirrors.

In both guest bathrooms the cabinets, countertops, faucet and mirror were outdated so we replaced them all to give it a sophisticated and modern look.

small bathroom vanity remodel in phoenix

Here's a video of the remodel:

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