Patricia’s Master Bathroom Makeover In Ahwatukee

Patricias Master Bathroom Makeover In Ahwatukee

Master Bathroom Renovation

Patricia had the typical builder-grade bathroom and was seeking a refreshing and innovative solution for her outdated master bathroom.  She wanted a fun shower to wake her up in the morning.

The project focused on a complete transformation, bringing her bathroom up to date with contemporary trends and meeting storage needs, while creating a serene and inviting space she can take pride in and enjoys for years to come.

The previous design was conventional, hosting both a shower and a bathtub. However, her requirements had evolved, eliminating the need for the bathtub. So, Patricia selected a broader, custom-designed shower that was tailored exactly to her needs!

luxurious bathroom renovation
luxurious shower reno

The Turchese Gleeze tile presents a refined look on the shower wall with a cultivated pop of color. The addition of a  shower bench and an enlarged wall niche fulfills Patricia's wish for functionality and space optimization.

A paint refresh was applied to the existing cabinets, further enhanced by the introduction of sparkling Glisten Quartz surfaces. The backsplash was arranged, utilizing the distinguished Turchese Gleeze tile, creating a cohesive look matching the shower.

luxurious vanity  remodel

The subtleties inevitably bring about remarkable transformations. The Delta Stryke wall-mounted faucets present a striking aesthetic, while the addition of two Quaid Wall Mirrors imparts a layer of custom sophistication to the space.

We are delighted to have been able to aide Patricia in transforming her bathroom into a beautifully unique space that addresses all her needs and now mirrors her dream sanctuary.

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