Attn: Only for Real Estate Investors who need a good contractor...

I'll show you how to save money on your investment properties with reduced renovation costs AND save you time to find your next property.

(That way you don't have to drive to the property to check up because we send photos & videos as the progress is being completed)

  • Increase your profit with less headaches
  • Get your investment renovated with less involvement
  • Build a relationship with a contractor long-term that does flipping themselves

From: Jeremy Maher (Co-Owner of Phoenix Home Remodeling)

Dear Real Estate Investor,

If you want less headaches through the flipping process, take up less of your time, or even if you just want to make more money from experienced contractors who flip houses themselves, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

This is the most important letter you'll read on using a Phoenix Contractor for a real estate investment property because it's the one area in investing that has the most surprise costs and time sucking issues.

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

Ben, Mark and I are the owners of Phoenix Home Remodeling and we are also real estate investors.

We know the challenges with getting a house flipped or getting the house ready for rental.

You can keep dealing with 5-10 different tradesmen and having to follow up with them on each aspect of the remodel or you can work with Phoenix Home Remodeling the best Phoenix contractor for real estate investments.

Real estate investors are almost guaranteed to have unwanted surprises when working with mediocre or unorganized contractors.

As the investor website Bigger Pockets quotes:

"Hands down one of the best ways to flip real estate is to work with a contractor. But I guarantee that if you do, you will want to strangle them at least a dozen times on every real estate flip…."

It doesn't have to be that way. Here's a few benefits of having us as your contractor…

  • We'll show you how to get the most out of your flip from remodeling through to staging.
  • You'll also get our advice on how to save money on your remodel to add to your profit margin.
  • We have connections with investment lenders
  • We have a fantastic property management company we'll refer you
  • You'll skip past all the contractor mistakes, lack of showing up, lack of communicating and shoddy workmanship when you partner with Phoenix Home Remodeling.
  • How much is your time worth? We'll save you time and the headache of dealing with contractors who don't care and don't understand what you are trying to accomplish with your house flip or rental.
  • You'll have less time taken out of your day, more money in your pocket and less headaches.

Click here to setup a call to see if we are a good fit.

Stop wasting your time with contractors who fail or disappoint you. We're contractors who renovate houses to flip or rent  so we know what you need.

* You probably want to continually purchase houses. If the remodels take up a lot of your time, it will remove you from finding more houses and the income generating activities to build your revenue.

* You'll have more time to find the next house, be out on the golf course or just enjoying life.

* You'll be able to brag about how good your real estate processes are and how you don't have to be so involved with the headaches.

Let's start the relationship now whether you have an investment property at the moment or not, because everyone needs a good Phoenix contractor for real estate investments.

See if we are a good fit for one another


Jeremy Maher on behalf of Ben, Mark & Phoenix Home Remodeling

3 owners of Phoenix Home Remodeling 400 long

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Here is a video of an investment property reno we did for an awesome out-of-town investor and everything was done over the phone and online...

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Many investors are looking for general contractor Phoenix to help with theri construction project.  Construction projects with your average general contracting services can turn out poorly.

We recommend using a design-build company that is more money but it ensures the job is done right and faster compares to contractors near me.

General contractors have a bad reputation for a reason.  You want to work with the best general contractors in Phoenix. 

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