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Why the Phone Consultation Benefits Homeowners

After the phone consultation we schedule the in-home evaluation and provide a written proposal.

We do a phone consultation as the first step to save everyone time.
Here is more info on why the consultation call is important and the many benefits for homeowners.

It’s easy for homeowners to schedule their call right from this page, instead of filling out a form, hoping to get a call in the next few days, only to miss that call, and then you start playing phone tag. Then one of the parties in the phone tag may forget to call back and nothing gets accomplished.

By scheduling the phone consultation, it ensures everyone gets a call back at an exact time that works for both parties. We actually schedule out 30 minutes so we ensure there's plenty of time to answer homeowner questions, review your remodel needs, provide a rough price range, and schedule the in-home evaluation if it’s a good fit.

Homeowners benefit because they get advice quickly.
There’s also no missed calls, voicemails, and playing constant phone tag.

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