Advice For A Small Guest Bathroom With Shower

Do you have a small guest bathroom with shower? 

Are you looking for ways to make the most of your space? 

Then this article is for you! 

Whether you're starting from scratch or just need some bathroom ideas, we'll show you how to turn any tiny guest bathroom into a stylish haven.

From selecting the right fixtures and materials to creating clever storage solutions, here's our advice and common questions on making the most of your small guest bathroom.

What Is The Smallest Possible Bathroom With A Shower?

For a small guest bathroom that has a walk in shower, it's important to maximize the use of space. A walk-in shower is ideal for this purpose, as it eliminates the need for shower door and walls that can take up valuable space. 

Consulting a bathroom remodel expert during bathroom design is essential. Proper placement of the sink and toilet is crucial to ensure their functionality and avoid interference. Sliding shower door are a smart choice for enclosed tubs as they require no extra clearance, making them ideal for small spaces.

White small guest bathroom

Can You Have A Bathtub And Shower In A Small Bathroom?

It's absolutely possible to have a bathtub and shower walls around the bathtub, so it is a shower-bathtub combo, yet it may require careful planning. 

Using recessed shower wall niches helps save space by storing the bath products inside the shower walls.  In Arizona, it is common to have a transom window towards the top of the largest shower wall.  You can also store bath products there to help with tight areas.

Bath And Shower In A Small Bathroom

How Do You Style A Small Guest Bathroom?

Styling a small guest bathroom can be challenging, but creating a beautiful and functional space that maximizes every inch of available space is possible with creative small bathroom ideas. 

From selecting multifunctional vanities to using light colors and choosing decor items that serve multiple purposes, there are many tips and tricks to make the most of a small guest bathroom. Let's discuss some of those…

Small guest bathroom style

Space Planning

To maximize the space in a small guest bathroom, including a walk in shower, carefully plan the layout and storage options. One way to achieve this is to work with the existing layout and look for ways to optimize it without overfilling the area. This could involve rearranging shelves and cabinets or reworking the entire bathroom remodel.

Keeping as much open floor space as possible is crucial to create an airy and spacious feel. You can achieve this by utilizing wall mounted shelves or baskets for extra storage options, freeing up counter and cabinet space. Another useful strategy is installing corner shelving units to use all available vertical space effectively.

By getting creative with your storage solution and maximizing your layout, even the smallest guest bathroom can be transformed into a stylish and functional space.

Small guest bathroom floor plan

Flooring Options

When selecting bathroom flooring for a small guest bath with a shower, it's essential to prioritize durability and waterproofness. Non-slip tiles are an excellent option since they provide an extra safety layer while adding an aesthetically pleasing touch. Stylish and durable materials like vinyl or laminate wood are also suitable since they resist moisture well and are easy to clean.

Regardless of the material, ensure it's suitable for wet areas for long-lasting results. Consider adding rugs or mats to provide extra traction on slippery surfaces while bringing warmth and texture into the space without taking up much room.

Guest bathroom flooring

Fixtures & Accessories

Keep hardware size proportional to the room and choose matching materials and colors. Remember small details like soap dishes and toilet paper holders. 

Add personality and charm to the space with accessories like towels, candles, plants, rugs, or artwork. Considering all these factors, you can create a comfortable and stylish guest bathroom.

Guest bathroom fixtures

Vanity & Mirror Selection

For a small guest bathroom, choose a vanity and mirror that are both stylish and space-saving. They should be proportional to create a balanced look, such as a slender sink paired with a tall, narrow mirror or a wide basin with a rounder frame. 

This can create a sophisticated atmosphere in the room. Storage mirrors can be helpful in smaller bathrooms. 

Having a large wall mounted mirror above the vanity can provide the illusion that the room have larger space.

The right combination of vanity and mirror can make a big impact and transform the area into something special, leaving guests feeling refreshed after their stay.

Round vanity mirror

Storage Solutions for small guest bathrooms

To create a tidy and functional small guest bathroom, efficient solution for storage are crucial. Begin by choosing vanity and mirror options that fit the available space. 

Consider incorporating space-saving storage options such as wall shelves, hanging cabinets, or floating shelves for towels and toiletries. Hooks can also be added above or beside the sink for additional hanging space.

To maximize available space, explore areas such as behind doors or beneath sinks to add extra shelving. By strategically planning your storage options, you can create an organized and clutter-free guest bathroom that will make your visitors feel at home.

Guest bathroom white cabinet

Guest Bathroom With Walk In Shower Possible?

A walk in shower could be a great choice if you're considering renovating a small guest bathroom and want to create a luxurious and functional space. 

Many homeowners like to remove the bathtub in their guest shower area and create a wall tile shower and floor.

It can make the room appear larger, and with the right bathroom design, it can be both practical and stylish.

To make the most of the space you have, consider the following tips:

  • Evaluate the available floor space and what is around the shower.  In Arizona, the toilet is commonly next to the guest shower.  So if you want a walk in shower, you’ll probably want sliding glass doors.

  • Utilize the ceiling height and add shelves over the entryway for extra storage. This not only provides more storage space but also helps to break up any large empty areas.

  • Choose glass doors instead of curtains to keep water from splashing outside of the enclosure while still providing an unobstructed view of the bathroom.

Guest Bathroom With Walk In Shower

Recapping This Advice For A Small Guest Bathroom That Also Has a Shower

Designing a small guest bathroom with a shower can be challenging, but with the right creative solutions, you can develop an inviting and comfortable space for your guests. 

Key considerations are space planning and selecting fixtures, flooring, and accessories that maximize the limited area. 

For example, choose a tile with texture to add depth and dimension or install floating shelves or cupboards above the sink to keep counters clear.

Remember that every inch counts when designing a small guest bathroom! So, why settle for a lackluster guest bathroom?

Contact Phoenix Home Remodeling today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our remodeling services. Whether you want to update a small guest bathroom or embark on a larger home renovation project, we're here to help.

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