Ben’s Whole House Renovations In Tempe

It was a blast working with Ben and his newly purchased home.  He threw us a curve ball by adding 3 bathroom remodels to the project after we started, but we still finished within 1 week after our ORIGINAL completion time frame. : )

This house was quite eclectic with old Saltillo tile floors (over an inch thick!), a large painted mural on the wall, a large soffit that reduced the ceiling height in the kitchen and a lot of outdated colors and styles.

We essentially gutted the entire kitchen and designed it to how Ben and his wife wanted.  They picked some great colors for the kitchen including gold handles for the upper white cabinets and stainless steel handles for the blue cabinets.

blue kitchen remodel in tempe
modern kitchen remodel in tempe

The bathrooms were made up of old cheap cabinets, shower tile colors that were very outdated and an overall look that screamed... Change me!!

dual vanity remodel in tempe
black and white shower remodel in tempe
toilet small bathroom remodel in tempe
white bathroom remodel in tempe
vanity remodel in tempre

We also gave the old dirty looking fireplace a facelift by painting it, installing a new fireplace cover and building a custom mantle.

fireplace remodel in tempe

Ben was nice enough to leave a review on Google:

Ben Adams review of Phoenix Home Remodeling