Donna’s Kitchen, Master Bath, & Entertainment Wall Renovations In Tempe

Donna’s Kitchen, Master Bath, & Entertainment Wall Renovations In Tempe

Whole House Remodel in Tempe...

We did a whole house remodel for Donna and it was fantastic working together with her.

Every aspect of this house was outdated and she had us gut practically everything and remodel the interior of the house.

The flooring & baseboards in the entire house needed to be replaced along with many other aspect...

Her Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen was closed off and not very functional. It had very old brown cabinets which darkened the area, plus the lighting wasn’t very good.

There was no pantry in the kitchen so we removed a wall in a garage storage room to make room for a pantry with beautiful barn doors.

The kitchen window was old so we replaced that window.

kitchen flooring remodel in tempe
kitchen sink window remodel in tempe

Donna was excited to get white shaker cabinets for the majority of the new kitchen remodel and espresso cabinets for the island. We installed those with white quartz countertops, black kitchen faucet, black light and black accessories to tie everything together.

We installed barn doors to cover her new pantry we built. 

She also wanted the corner near the new pantry to be knocked down and built on a 45 degree angle with a ledge for her art piece you can see in the picture.

kitchen table flooring remodel in tempe
kitchen pantry remodel in tempe
clean white kitchen remodel in tempe

Her Master Bathroom Remodel

The whole master bathroom was gutted because it was old, outdated and didn’t have the functionality Donna wanted.

Donna wanted a bathtub in her master bathroom since the guest bathroom didn’t have or need one.  So we found a bathtub that was wider to accommodate a sizable length between the bathtub and shower wall to store items.

She chose a beautiful shower wall tile that goes great with the bathroom flooring. 

We installed a new vanity, new faucet and a mirror that doubles as a medicine cabinet.  In fact, inside the medicine cabinet there is a mirror so you can use the regular mirror or the one inside the medicine cabinet!

She got a bathtub, new shower walls, new shower plumbing, new shower storage, new bathroom vanity, added storage and new lighting!

small master bathroom remodel in tempe

Her Living Room Remodel

The living room looked dark and drab, so we installed more lighting, painted the space, installed new flooring, installed a tv to the wall, and installed a small but beautiful electric fireplace set that came with the floating shelves altogether.

I like how she made that a feature wall with an accent color that goes along with her furniture.

living room accent wall remodel in tempe

Here is a small picture of Donna celebrating with Ben & Mark saying thank you for us doing a great job.  At her request I have kept the picture at a smaller size. 

Thank you Donna for entrusting us with your whole home remodel in Tempe!

Donna after kitchen remodel

Donna was kind enough to leave us a review:

Donna Wirth Review of kitchen remodel Tempe AZ

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