Why a Master Bathroom With Two Shower Heads Is Worth the Investment

Are you tired of your ordinary shower routine? 

You can give yourself a luxurious upgrade with a master bathroom featuring not one, but two shower heads. 

A master bathroom with two shower heads is worth the investment because it offers a spa-like experience, enhancing comfort and luxury. This will transform how you get your day started in the morning and or unwind after a long day.

Another bonus of two separate shower heads is allowing you and your partner to get ready simultaneously without the stress of juggling shower time.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your daily routine with a master bathroom with two shower heads! Lets dive in...

Is A Master Bathroom With Two Heads Worth It?

Everyone dreams of having a luxury bathroom design to unwind and pamper themselves after a long day. 

A bathtub in the bathroom with candles, soft music, or a shower space with multiple shower heads is a popular choice among homeowners who want to add a touch of extravagance to their bathrooms. 

But is it worth the investment to install two shower heads in your master bathroom?

Installing double shower heads traditionally requires extensive plumbing work, making it an expensive investment. The installation process, meanwhile, has become simpler and more cost-effective since the introduction of diverter valves. 

So to renovate your bathroom showers only for adding double shower heads isn’t worth it because you have to remove the shower walls and start over.  

If you are already going to renovate your bath shower with a bathroom remodeling specialist anyways, adding a second shower head isn’t as big of a plumbing costs since the walls are removed and its easier to run the new plumbing lines.

A double shower heads system is not only luxurious but may also be useful for your bathroom. You can save time by showering with your partner simultaneously or rinsing off quicker. 

Diverter valve addition can easily change your ordinary single-head shower into a magnificent two-head shower experience.

The diverter valve allows you to convert between various water streams, such as a rain shower head or a handheld showerhead, giving you greater flexibility and convenience.

Bathroom with two shower heads

Increased Showering Functionality

A master bath with double shower heads offers increased showering functionality and efficiency, making it a great option for couples or family who want to save time and avoid taking turns. 

With the diverter mechanism, you can use one or double shower heads simultaneously, ensuring equal access to hot water. This setup provides a luxurious and convenient showering experience while at the same time increasing the value of your house if you decide to sell it in the future.

Two black shower heads

Less Chance Of Being Cold With 2 Shower Heads Reaching You

A two-person shower system offers numerous benefits, including constant warmth due to the two heads covering more area in the shower. This system also allows for the simultaneous use of double shower heads without running out of hot water too quickly, making it ideal for couples or families. 

The expanded space between the two heads creates an ideal environment for steam showers, providing greater area coverage and improved air movement for a sauna-like ambiance. 

Two shower heads

Potentially Lower Water Flow And Pressure With 2 Shower Heads

While a two-person shower with double shower heads is a convenient and comfortable bathroom design, it can lower water flow and pressure spending on your water source. This may concern people who prefer a powerful water flow.

To overcome this limitation, many people go for higher-end shower systems that have multiple outlets on each shower head, allowing them to increase both pressure and flow. 

Two silver shower heads

Luxurious Look Of 2 Shower Heads Increases Resale Value

A double shower heads system in your bathroom can add a luxurious touch that increases the resale value of your house. 

A high-end shower system can make your house stand out from others on the market and create a sense of exclusivity that many buyers seek. It also provides a spa-like experience that adds to the overall appeal of your house and makes it more desirable.

Investing in a double shower heads system enhances your daily shower routine and adds value to your property, making it a smart choice for homeowners.

Two bathroom shower heads

Improved Relaxation And Spa-Like Experience

Creating a spa-like ambiance in your shower space is easier with double shower heads. They increase relaxation and provide the convenience of having hot and cold water delivered from several sources for ultimate comfort. 

A double shower system allows you to modify each jet or head based on how powerful or soft you want and change the temperature to ensure that both users get exactly what they need. There are many ways to make this addition even more enjoyable, ranging from adjustable body jets that provide a massage-like feeling to steamers that assist in relaxing tense muscles.

This type of renovation provides luxury at an affordable price while giving improved benefits over regular showers. Installing two shower heads will provide you more control and flexibility when washing off after a long day, whether you want to improve house value or add some luxury to your bathing routine. 

Bathroom shower heads value

Walk-In Shower With Two Shower Heads

A walk-in shower with double shower heads can transform your master bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. This stunning system looks beautiful and offers greater convenience and comfort than traditional showers.

With each head having its plumbing connection, you can enjoy hot and cold water from both sources without adjusting the temperature of just one head. To take your shower experience to the next level, consider adding adjustable body jets for a relaxing massage each time you step inside. 

These walk-in showers that have double shower heads have become quite popular and one of our top requests when doing master bathroom redesigns.

White bathtub and glass walk-in shower

Average Cost Of Master Bathroom Shower Heads

Adding two shower heads in your master bathroom can be luxurious, but it is important to consider the costs involved in the process. The expenses depend on various factors, such as the plumbing lines and materials required and the number of hours a skilled plumber need for installation.

Budgeting around $1000-$2000 for new plumbing lines is advisable, along with an additional cost of $200-$400 per bathroom shower head.. 

Installing a diverter mechanism to control water flow between the double shower will add another $300-$800, depending on the type chosen and the amount of plumbing line from the shower head to the valves. 

Some Concluding Thoughts

The trend of adding double shower heads to master master bath is gaining popularity because it provides a luxurious and functional experience for homeowners. Not only does it allow two people to shower at the same time, but it also creates a spa-like atmosphere that helps to relax and unwind. 

Although it may involve an initial investment, the benefits of increased relaxation and improved functionality outweigh the cost. Additionally, adding double shower heads in master bath can enhance the resale value of your house, making it a wise investment in the long run. 

At Phoenix Home Remodeling, we understand the importance of creating a bath area that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

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