Shower Remodel Ideas Before And After

Do you want to improve your shower? If so, lets dive in!

For a shower stall remodel, consider frameless glass doors for a spacious feel, non-slip tiles for safety, multiple showerheads for luxury, built-in niches for storage, and LED lighting for ambiance. Use waterproof materials and ensure proper ventilation. 

With so many various concepts and styles, finding something to suit any budget or style is easier than some homeowners realize.

There are many stunning before-and-after looks to inspire you for your next shower renovation project, ranging from basic designs to luxurious spa-like showers. Don't know where to begin? We've got you covered!

Take a look at some of our favorite shower renovation ideas, before and after photos from our shower remodel services, and recommendations on replicating them in your own house.

Continue reading for more information on these amazing shower remodel ideas before and after bathroom makeovers!

Choosing The Right Shower Design

Are you sick of having a boring shower? Have you ever felt your shower could benefit from a bathroom remodeling but didn't know where to begin? 

It's easier than ever to create a lovely new look shower. From master bathroom shower to guest bath, whether you want something sleek and modern or cozy and traditional, there are plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas to inspire you.

When it comes to constructing a one-of-a-kind shower environment, there are unlimited bathroom remodeling ideas, ranging from elegant glass enclosures to rustic stone bathroom walls or floor tiles. If you want to go all out on your space, you can even invest in high-end fixtures like rainfall shower heads or wall-mounted shower jets. 

Taking the plunge into a beautiful bathroom renovation has never been easier with today's vast selection of elegant showers ranging from minimalist to extravagant. 

before and after shower glass

Shower Glass

In bathroom remodels, shower glass is a popular choice for modern showers because it provides a sleek, sophisticated, functional, and aesthetically pleasant appearance. 

On the one hand, this sort of enclosure has many advantages, ranging from its low maintenance requirements to its diverse new bathroom designs alternatives. But, certain disadvantages should be considered as well.

One of the most significant advantages of shower glass is its aesthetic appeal in your walk in shower; because shower glass is clear and reflecting, it offers the feeling of spaciousness even in small bathroom showers. 

You'll also have no issue keeping your shower clean because it's simple to and less expensive than other high-end materials like marble or granite tiling.

From all tile to all glass shower

Before & after images of showers with glass

Let's look at some of our shower pictures with all glass or mostly glass. A sleek, modern aesthetic that combines the seamless elegance of clear glass with the specific design components you select. 

A location where the lighting floods the room and provides an appealing ambiance while giving your shower a modern feel. The options are limitless, including glass bathroom walls! 

glass shower walls
glass shower renovation
shower remodel all glass
tub to shower before and after

When creating your all-glass shower or bathroom design, there's something for everyone, from frameless enclosures to custom designs. Not only does it allow you to add your creative stamp to the bathroom remodel project, but it also provides unmatched utility, from easy maintenance to privacy options. 

Also, because it does not require additional framing or trim work, it has lower maintenance requirements than other materials such as tiles or stone. 

TIP: When planning an all-glass shower makeover, be creative and have fun! Try using unexpected elements like paint color accents or patterned tiles to create a walk in shower that's truly one-of-a-kind focal point that captivates your visitors.

Shower Pony Wall

A pony wall is another way to add a unique touch of design to the shower. This feature allows you to create isolation and privacy while still allowing light and airflow. 

Here's some more info on shower pony walls:

  • Pony walls are available in various heights, ranging from knee height to ceiling height, allowing you to choose the level of privacy as needed.
  • Consider using frosted glass or other transparent materials instead of clear glass for more privacy. 
  • The pony wall can contain the shower valve at the entrance.  This ensures you can turn it on without having to get into the shower and get wet.
  • A pony wall also gives you the ability to have recessed niches to hold your bath products.  Many of our clients like being able to hide all their stuff in the wall and we can easily make it a custom size since we are building the pony wall from scratch.

Showers Images With Pony Walls

Pony walls are great for adding elegance and usefulness to your shower remodel ideas.

shower remodel with pony wall
white pony wall
blue shower pony wall
inside shower with pony wall

Try using eye-catching features like mosaic tile, a niche, or shelving to make your pony wall stand out - this is especially useful if you have limited storage options. 

Using a pony wall to add flair and personality to any bathroom is a great way to express yourself through your shower remodel project.

Ideas For Shower Tile Height

There are creative design choices when it comes to shower tile height! 

Here are the 2 main choices for tiling your shower at various heights:

  • Tiling to the ceiling often looks the most high-end unless your bathroom ceilings are over 9 feet high. This is also the most expensive option

  • The 2nd option is tiling to about 7 feet to be about 6-12 inches above the shower head plumbing line. This is common to match the tile height to the top of an adjacent item, such as a nearby window or door.  This way, they are all the same height. 

With these pointers in mind, you'll be able to build something completely unique that reflects both your personal preferences and the area's overall aesthetic.

Showers With Tile To The Ceiling

Installing tile to the ceiling of your shower is a brilliant way to improve your shower appearance. This approach can produce an attractive and dramatic look while offering additional protection against water.

Showers green Tile To The Ceiling
hexagon tile to 7feet high
white shower tiles to the ceiling
white tile to the ceiling

Tiling to the ceiling also provides a clean look since there is only tile and not tile and drywall.

Whatever style you choose, stretching the eye upwards will make your space appear larger by allowing light to reflect off each surface, making the area feel larger than it is. Furthermore, it provides texture and depth without taking up valuable square area.

Showers With Tile To Around 7 feet High

Consider extending the tile up around 7 feet high if you want a nice yet more affordable approach to incorporating tile into your shower. 

This technique is common for creating a stunning and inviting aesthetic without dominating the room. 

gray tile to 7feet high
white tile to 7feet high
white tiles to 7feet high
7 feet wall tile

Given these benefits, it's no surprise that so many homeowners opt for seven-foot-high tile when redesigning their showers! This method makes sense aesthetically and practically, providing both form and function.

Shower Plumbing Ideas

During the construction of your new shower, the plumbing plan and installation must be considered as a part of the overall design. 

This includes deciding where the pipes will go, what kind of fixtures you need, and how everything will connect during the new look of your bathroom renovation. 

You can ensure that everything runs smoothly and looks excellent with careful planning and attention to details.

Consider any existing drain locations or vent stacks when building a new shower plumbing system. If none are available, you may need to install them before continuing the bathroom renovation. 

When it comes to shower plumbing fixtures, choose high-quality materials, such as brass or stainless steel, that will not rust over time. 

It's also important to consider reparability if something goes wrong - look for versions with removable handles and valves for easy maintenance later.

By carefully considering these issues during your remodel, you can build a safe and efficient shower area while attaining an aesthetically beautiful look!

shower handles near entrance

Shower Valve Handle Should Be Near The Entrance

Shower remodels are an excellent way to improve the appearance and functionality of your new bathroom. Ensuring all shower handles are close to the entrance and easily accessible for your family or guests is a significant aspect of functionality. 

This prevents you from getting wet and feeling uncomfortably cold whenever you turn on your shower!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for selecting the proper style for these fixtures - you want something that suits your overall design while enabling quick access. 

The bathroom remodeling company you choose should have a design team on hand to help you pick out all of these items such as shower valves, plumbing fixtures, tiles, and all other bathroom design items.

shower valve handle near entrance

Key Takeaways Of Our Shower Remodel Ideas

When remodeling your walk in shower, there are a few crucial considerations to make. You can create a welcoming ambiance with beautiful fixtures that offer convenience and functionality through proper bathroom renovation planning and intelligent master bath designs. 

Here are our top three showers remodel ideas for success:

  • Think about bathrooms' shower handle placement - ensure they're close enough to the entryway so users don't have to take extra steps or strain to reach them when lathering up! Curved shapes work best since they are easy to hold while occupying little space. 
  • Choose the materials carefully - stainless steel is frequently favored due to its durability and simplicity of maintenance, but brass requires regular polishing if exposed.
  • Strike a balance between beauty and functionality by selecting fittings that complement your overall design and floor plan while providing easy access. 

Your bathroom renovation goal should be to design a visually appealing and useful shower floor plan. As evidenced by the bathroom remodel ideas before-and-after pictures throughout this article, even minor changes can significantly influence how well your shower operates and looks. 

Therefore, why not give yourself some piece of mind by starting to plan your fantasy shower? After all, isn't it worth having a spot where you can escape daily life for a few minutes?

Phoenix Home Remodeling is the top choice for your shower remodel project. With years of experience, our team of experts can transform your shower space into a beautiful and functional space. 

We use high-quality materials and innovative design techniques to create a custom walk in shower that perfectly fits your style and needs. Don't settle for a subpar bathroom remodel - choose Phoenix Home Remodeling for exceptional results. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and plan your dream shower remodel!


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