Why we don’t break down the proposal into individual costs

I get why homeowners new to remodeling ask for a cost breakdown.

Contractors have a terrible reputation and frankly homeowners don’t know how to evaluate contractors but it's not there fault.

Something to consider… As of writing this, I have never had a single homeowner ask all of the right questions to properly evaluate us. This isn't the fault of the homeowner, it simply shows homeowners don't remodel often and need as much help as possible to make a good decision without getting analysis paralysis.

We tried the cost breakdown

We tried providing cost breakdowns with all of the numbers when we first started years ago and it created stress for homeowners and it was all they focused on through the project. 

It created a bad experience for homeowners. We wanted to be transparent to improve the customer experience but it did the opposite. Homeowners spent so much time on that and not on the other choices they needed to make and then they try and nickel & dime every step of the processes. And they create so much stress for themselves.

We Tried Warning People

We even tried warning people in advance, saying "You are going to focus on the labor hours and other financials and not enough on the design and functionality of the remodel." They would say oh no that won’t happen. And it almost always did happen. Even with a warning ahead of time it still created a bad experience for the homeowner, so we stopped doing it and the homeowner experience is much better.

We Still Provide Certain Types Of Cost Breakdowns

To be clear, when a homeowner is considering if they want to do certain parts of the remodel, we are happy to provide the cost.  That is to make an informed decision on whether or not they want to do a certain part of a remodel, not asking for a breakdown of each cost. 

We help homeowners all the time with saving money by explaining ways they can change the scope of work.  We are here to help you balance your wallet with your wish list.  There is a distinction between changing the scope of work and making a decision on what to remodel verse just wanting a breakdown of all of the costs. One is helpful for the homeowner and the other creates stress.

I joined a Remodeler’s group a few years back and found out that the professional remodel companies don’t breakdown their numbers for that same reason. It’s not hiding anything, it’s simply better for the client. 

This doesn't mean when someone wants to add something to their project, we don't tell them the new cost, it simply means we don't provide a breakdown of the costs of a kitchen remodel like labor, administrative costs, supplies, etc. It doesn't help the homeowner make a decision, it only hurts the process and their experience.

It Creates More Stress And Doesn't Help You Save Money

Can you imagine if you were given the breakdown of every single item you buy everyday like coffee, groceries, etc? It would drive you crazy if given the cost of their electricity, transportation costs, administrative costs, employee wages, and 100+ other items. 

Knowing just creates the need to focus on every single thing and worry about every single item. 

That’s not a pleasant experience, and that is what we are all about, a good experience for the homeowner. Construction is stressful enough, you don’t need other things added to your plate.

If cost breakdowns and budget are your most important aspect to the remodel, you are destined for issues.

If you don’t believe me just look and see why contractors have the second most complaints, only beaten by car dealerships. And per transaction, contractors have more complaints than any other industry.

Another Perspective

If you are about to remodel, you are about to undertake the most stressful and most likely to have complaints than any other service or product you can buy. Even more than a used car dealership.

When you go to the car dealership you don’t ask an employee how much the seats cost. Or how much the steering wheel cost. For some reason a small subset of homeowners think it helps to ask for a breakdown of the remodel but it doesn’t help at all.

In fact it only hurts the homeowner. You don’t ask the car dealership or other retail store, how much they pay for their store, electricity, employee wages, material costs, etc.

We are professionals like Lawyers and Surgeons and we expect to be paid and treated like professionals. If you don’t want to pay an attorney or surgeon there costs, you could always try to find another lower cost and riskier alternative. Yet you have a much higher chance of having issues with a contractor than an attorney or surgeon.

If you want one of the few organized, honest and caring remodelers in the valley, then Phoenix Home Remodeling can help.

At the end of the day it is the total dollar amount you pay that matters.
If you want to get a price breakdown you are setting yourself up for stress, and focusing on things that won’t make your remodel any better, won’t save you money and in fact might cost you more because when you take up more time of a contractor, they have to charge you more just like any other profession.

We are in high demand, possibly more than any other remodeling company in the Valley. We have more 5 star reviews than anyone else to back it up.

If you want to work with a respectful, honest and organized contractor with a proven track record, we will take great care of you and your home.

The PHR Project Experience

Many homeowner complaints are from when the project starts. We utilize technology, great people and efficient processes to ensure a great experience:

Dedicated Project Manager

  • One contact from start to finish
  • Handles Project Management
  • Professional, polite & respectful

Project Management Software

  • Keeps your remodel project on schedule
  • Easy & organized communication 
  • Pictures of progress with comments

Constant Project Updates

  • Calendar with project phases & what's next
  • Comments & messages in 1 place
  • Portal for messaging & constant updates

Financials At Your Fingertips

  • Easy access to project numbers
  • Know price if you want to add something new
  • Transparent financials all in one place

Celebrate & Enjoy Your New Space

  • Final completion meeting to ensure you are happy
  • You get before & after photos of remodel project
  • Enjoy with friends, family & neighbors

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