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Here's some of our most recent remodeling projects with pictures:

3 Bathroom Remodels in Chandler

It was great working with Priscilla and Ian.

They wanted to remodel their 3 bathroom showers along with install new countertops and mirrors.

The master bathroom shower had the old builder-grade cultured marble walls along with the thick shower glass frames. The bathtub surround also was the builder grade cultured marble.

We removed the shower walls down to the studs, removed the shower floor, countertops and mirrors.  Then installed the new large white subway tiles on the shower walls and bathtub surround to provide a bright and clean look.

We installed a beautiful pebble stone floor with matching shower wall niche.

We used the matching tile in the 2 guest bathrooms which also had the old original builder grade look.

Here's some photos of the remodel project:

master bathroom remodel before and after photo
master shower remodel before and after photo
white bathroom remodel before and after photo

Ian and Priscilla were nice enough to provide a review on Google:

Ian Review Google
Priscilla Wong FB review

Whole Home Remodel in Ahwatukee

We had the pleasure of working with Maryola and Damian on a whole home remodel in Ahwatukee, AZ.

The fireplace had a really outdated look with the drywall pop outs and dark faux stone. So we removed it all and built a white wood fireplace mantle with stacked stone around it. 

Maryola fireplace remodel

This Ahwatukee kitchen remodel was a great transformation without having to get new kitchen cabinets. We painted the cabinets white to brighten up the space along with installing new cabinet handles. 

They choose a beautiful quartz countertops and white subway tile backsplash to go with the white cabinets. 

We installed a large basin sink with new faucet and accessories to give this kitchen a nice shiny and bright new look!

kitchen remodeling Ahwatukee

The master shower had the old framed glass that wasn’t in great condition along with 90’s style shower tile. 

We ripped out the shower down to the studs and built a brand new shower with nice large gray subway tiles and frameless glass. We also installed a large shower head that has a hose for easy accessibility. 

The homeowners also wanted a large shower wall niche to store their shampoo and other products. 

We kept a nice consistent look from the existing tub to shower by using the same tile continuously across both spaces. 

shower remodelling in Ahwatukee AZ before and after photo

This vanity had a seating area in the middle that Maryola did not want to keep. It’s very common in Ahwatukee bathrooms and most homeowners don’t use them. So we installed new bathroom cabinets to provide more storage. 

We installed the countertops and 2 new taller faucets that give the vanity a nice high end clean look. 

It had the outdated sheet of mirror glued to the wall. So we removed it and installed a beautiful long vanity mirror she picked out.  

The mirror really tied in the other elements together!

master bedroom vanity remodelling in Ahwatukee AZ

This Ahwatukee guest bathroom had seen better days! It looked quite old and dirty. 

We removed the bathtub and shower walls down to the studs. 

We turned this tub and shower combo into a walk in shower with new tile floors and walls along with sliding glass doors. 

We painted the cabinets in the guest bathroom and installed new countertops. With a new mirror, sink, faucet and lightening it gives this vanity a new beautiful updated look. 

bathroom remodeling in Ahwatukee AZ before and after photo
vanity remodeling in Ahwatukee AZ before and after photo

The downstairs guest bathroom had pictures of dolphins and other nice aquatic sea life. It wasn’t a good fit for this nice Ahwatukee home so we repainted the walls. 

We installed new countertops, sink, faucet and mirror. 

The new floor tile she picked really make the floors pop! 

small bathroom remodeling in Ahwatukee AZ

Maryola was so kind in providing a glowing review:

Maryola home remodel review

Kitchen Remodel in Chandler

We really enjoyed working with Candice and Ben on their Chandler kitchen remodel.

They wanted to add new kitchen cabinets, countertops and a wine rack. The glass tile backsplash above the countertops adds a nice flare to the kitchen.

They also wanted a stainless steel farmhouse sink, deeper cabinets above the fridge and a trash pull out to improve the kitchen's functionality.  

Most people fear kitchen remodeling because it takes a long time and can be a big mess.  They went on vacation for a week and we had 90% of it done by the time they came home!

Here's some photos of the remodel project:

kitchen remodelling idea in chandler arizona before and after picture
kitchen remodel in chandler arizona before and after picture
kitchen remodel in arizona before and after

Ben was kind enough to provide a review of us on Google:

Ben review of PHR

Investment Property Remodel in Sun Lakes

We remodeled this entire house for Felipe, an awesome investor...

Sun lakes investment property kitchen remodel
master bathroom remodel investment property Sun Lakes
investment property remodel fireplace 2

The whole house was remodeled which included a full kitchen remodel, 2 bathroom remodels, french doors, new fireplace, flooring and paint. Personally my favorite transformation is the fireplace. 😁

We really enjoyed working with Felipe and can't wait for his next remodel!

Here's the review he gave us on Google:

Felipe review of Phoenix Home Remodeling services

Whole Home Remodel and Kitchen Remodel in Chandler

We remodeled almost the entire house so it's easier to have the remodel before & after photos in a video:

That was a home remodel for an awesome family in Chandler, Arizona.

The whole house was remodeled which included a full kitchen remodel, 2 bathroom remodels, flooring and paint.

We really enjoyed working with Brittany because she was so sweet, gave us care package during the remodel, and invited us to a pool party! Check out the video to see the kitchen remodel and the bathroom remodels.

Investment Property Remodel in Phoenix

We renovated the entire house so it's easier to have the remodel before & after photos in a video:

That was a home remodel for an investment property in Phoenix Arizona.

The whole house had to be completely remodeled. That included a full kitchen remodel, 2 bathrooms, fireplace,  flooring, drywall and paint.

The house had been neglected because the owner had a tenant destroy the property.  

The real estate investor was out of state and we helped him choose all items and gave him picture and video updates for the entire home remodel process. This was a great investment property home remodel in Phoenix, AZ.

Shower Remodel in Scottsdale

scottsdale shower remodel before

​Lauren just bought a home in Scottsdale and wanted to make her shower larger.  

The shower was 3ft by 3ft and a little cramped. She was not happy with the old style of the shower.

​We were able to enlarge the shower but keep the cost down by not having to remove ​walls, only a small section to open up the shower area.

​Lauren chose a beautiful wall tile ​that tied into the bathroom well.

The mosaic tiles on the bottom give the shower a nice ​pop and tie in well with the wall tile.

The glass half wall and glass door provide light and show off the new shower.

It was a delight working with Lauren on this project and look forward to helping her with the kitchen.

scottsdale shower remodel before
Bathroom Shower Remodel in Scottsdale

​Lauren also wanted to remove a wall that closed in her dining room and family room.  So we removed the wall and it really brightened and opened up the space!

home remodel in Phoenix - laurens-wall

Bathroom Remodel in ​Arcadia Phoenix

Ryan and Cat live in the ​Arcadia Phoenix area and they wanted to remove several walls to enlarge their bathroom and put in a nice spa-like shower.  

They complained about how small the shower was as you can see in the image.  Plus they weren't a huge fan of the pink shower tile.

Arcadia Phoenix bathroom remodel-before2
Arcadia Phoenix bathroom remodel-before
Arcadia Phoenix bathroom remodel-after

(This was taken before countertop installed, new photo coming soon)

We partnered with Ryan and Cat to do a full remodel including the removal of several walls and moving plumbing and electrical. 

We redid the plumbing to give them a rain shower that starts at the ceiling and not on the wall.

They chose an exquisite gray tile for a unique pattern in the middle of the shower wall.

They also chose a darker accent tile for the shower floors and shower niches on the left.

The shower tile to the ceiling was a nice touch and great decision from Ryan and Cat.

The also wanted a frame-less shower glass door so you can see all the beautiful details.

We then installed vanity, new flooring and painted.

They are very happy with the remodel and were a pleasure to work with!

Kitchen Remodel in Chandler, AZ

old kitchen in chandler
kitchen remodel in Chandler, Arizona

Daniel and Christina of Chandler wanted to remodel all elements of their kitchen including moving the location of the oven and fridge and installing an over the range microwave.

They wanted to keep the U shaped kitchen without an island to have it open in the middle.

We removed everything elements from the kitchen including the drywall due to previous leaks. 

They wanted a sleek kitchen look with dark cabinets, earth toned glass back splash, stainless steel appliances and neutral rectangle tiles.

This kitchen remodel in Chandler took 3 weeks and we were able to plug the fridge and microwave into another room so they could use it while we remodeled.

Daniel and Christina were a pleasure to work with and when the project was completed, we had a blast hosting a party with their friends and family in the new remodeled kitchen.

Bathroom Remodel in Chandler

before and after bathroom in chandlerandler-arizona

This was a bathroom with a corner tub that the homeowner didn't use or want anymore.  They were also unhappy with the size of their shower. 

We gutted the bathroom including removing the wall between the tub and shower and gave them a spa style bathroom with a rain shower head above, 6 body jets, a sitting tile bench and a shower 3 times the size of their previous one.

Our favorite touch the homeowner chose was the multi-colored hexagonal tiles on the floor that are all unique in pattern and colors.

Kitchen Remodel in Chandler, AZ

​Matt bought his first home in Chandler and wanted to make some renovations before moving in. He wanted to ​remove a wall because it had a small entry way from the family room into the kitchen and dining room.

​We removed the entire wall to open up the ​family room to the dining room and kitchen.

He felt the current U shaped kitchen layout restricted him and knew entertaining would be more difficult.

We changed the kitchen cabinet layout to an L shaped kitchen with a center island. This way he could enter or exit the kitchen from two areas instead of one. It got rid of the bottle neck of having only one entry into the kitchen when entertaining.

We were able to remove and reuse his cabinets to save money. We replaced ​all the ​countertops with granite.

He wanted a darker cabinet for the island with gave the kitchen a nice two-tone look.​

The center kitchen island ​has a matching granite countertop.

This was a fun kitchen remodel in Chandler!

Matts Chandler house kitchen remodel before
Kitchen remodel in Chandler after photo

Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix, AZ

This bathroom came with the original builders inexpensive items and materials they use in a lot of homes.

The owner was not happy with the old tile, one piece counter/sink and a shower with only a shower curtain.

He provided pictures of exactly what he wanted including the  shower mosaic tile.

We were able to replicate everything he wanted including the special mosaic accent shower tile and we completed it under their budget!

He said: "You brought my bathroom from the 90's to modern and ​sharp ​looking!"

We loved this bathroom remodel in Phoenix.

bathroom remodel Phoenix before and after

​Shower Remodel in ​Ahwatukee, AZ

​This guest bathroom shower remodel in Ahwatukee was a great project because we loved working with the homeowner Elizabeth.  She likes us too and is going to have us remodel her master bathroom next.

​She didn't like the white tile with the accent tiles from the 90's.  We also removed the bathtub so she could have a walk in shower.

​The shower tiles are very sleek and ​the shower valve and head go great with the whole look.

shower remodel in Ahwatukee, AZ

Elizabeth left us a nice review on google:

"From first contact to finish the experience was beyond my expectations! The communication, collaboration, and attention to detail was first class. The bathroom tub removal & shower install was completed on time and at budget. I can't wait to start an even bigger project with Phoenix Home Remodeling."

Bathroom Remodel in ​Ahwatukee

This was a quick and easy bathroom remodel in Ahwatukee. Ryan the ​homeowner had purchased a home where the previous owner had remodeled but they didn't like the remodel the previous owner had completed.

He complained that the tile counter grout got dirty easily and was difficult to clean. He didn't need all the counter space and wanted to reduce the length of the counter.

Ryan wasn't  happy with the style of the vanity cabinets, faucets or the mirror.

So we gave him a vanity remodel with dark wood cabinets, white marble to accent the dark vanity along with a new mirror and faucets.

Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix, AZ

bathroom shower remodel in phoenix arizona

We like projects big and small.

Michelle wanted a brushed nickel shower door to modernize their guest bathroom.

They asked for clear glass to give it a sleek look.

We were in and out of the home in less than a day and they were happy with the modern look of the shower.

We are happy to help with any job large or small as long as we make the homeowner happy!

Bathroom Remodel in Tempe, AZ

Tempe office bathroom remodel

​This bathroom remodel was for the company US Diversified Services.

​Their former bathroom looked like it was from a hospital and they wanted to update it.

​They did not have a use for the safety bars and they wanted to get rid of the old commercial looking items like the fluorescent light, ​ old toilet paper holders, hospital-type sink and the linoleum floors.

We removed everything including the plastic wall protector on the bottom half of the walls.

The client wanted a white vanity with a brushed chrome faucet and accessories. We put down wood looking tiles for durability ​plus providing a nice modern and natural look.

New toilets, baseboards, mirror, painting ​& brighter lighting really brought the bathroom together.

Bathroom Remodel in ​Ahwatukee, AZ

ocotillo ahwatukee bathroom remodel

This Ahwatukee couple Jason and Sarah didn't like the white cabinets and wanted a complete renovation.

They also wanted the old dark ceramic floor tiles replaced.

The large mirrors had no design to them and the clients wanted them removed, along with new light fixtures above.

They asked for a Mediterranean look and they wanted a square/rectangular motif. They picked out rectangular sinks to match the square faucets.  

The granite they chose is one of our favorites!​

The dark faucets also match the dark cabinets. They wanted the cabinets to be higher than normal so they didn't have to bend down as far to wash their face.  We are happy to accommodate!​

The mirrors above the sinks matched the faucets, the cabinets and the dark brown in the granite,  along with keeping with the square/rectangular motif.

The floors are travertine to add a unique look with no 2 matching each other. 

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