Functional & Fun Remodel Storage Options

When considering home improvement, there are a lot of great storage options to increase the functionality & storage within the space.

Many homeowners aren't aware of how many options there are, so we created this page to show some of the most popular options we can install in your kitchen, bathrooms, closets and laundry room.

Bathroom Remodel Storage Options

Bathrooms often have a lot of small items that can get lost or become hard to access. Below are some of the most popular bathroom storage items we can install in your cabinets:

bathroom drawer storage

Have access to the blow dryer and hair straightener right from your bathroom drawer.

bathroom storage tall

Use that normal dead space in your cabinet for extra easy access storage.

bathroom drawer storage small items

These help keep all the small items in place since they are normally hard to organize

bathroom under sink storage

This slides out so you can easily access everything, even the items in the back.

hamper for bathroom cabinet

Whether in the bathroom or the closet, pull out hampers have become popular.

bathroom storage scale

This is a scale holder to access easily without having to leave it out.

bathroom storage - ironing board

This built-in ironing board makes it easy to use  without having to fold it up and store away.

bathroom storage door holder

There are several options for bathroom door holders for increased storage like this one.

bathroom storage

This long drawer provides great storage and easy access along with electrical plugs.

under sink spong storage

These under-sink storage items aren't just for kitchens.  You can easily hide small stuff in these.

bathroom clear drawer storage

We can setup simple drawer storage so the small items don't move around or get disorganized.


Under sink storage systems make it easy to access items.  There's a plastic drip liner underneath too.

Kitchen Remodel Storage Options

Kitchens are the heart of the home and the family spends a lot of time using it.   That's one of the reasons the design and functionality of the kitchen is so important.  Below are some of the most popular kitchen storage items we can install for you.

Kitchen storage mixer

You don't have to keep your mixer on the counter or move it on and off of counters (it's heavy)!

kitchen storage with 3 shelves

These have shot glasses in them but their main use is for Keurig cups. 

kitchen tupperware storage

Who doesn't have an issue with Tupperware drawers being messy? This is an easy fix.

kitchen pan storage metal organizer

These metal peg boards allow you to customize how you want everything organized.

spices and bottles organizer

These pull out drawers allow you to fit more in the space and easily access the items in the back.

cooking utensils kitchen storage

You don't have to have your cooking utensils out on the counter, yet they're still easy to access.

kitchen storage with knife pull out

You can keep your knives stored away saving countertop space. (Not good for little children)

kitchen baking pan storage

There are several options for bathroom door holders for increased storage like this one.

oxo storage cabinet

You'll always know what you have left with this type of kitchen cabinet storage system.

bar pull out storage

These shelves are great for many options including a wet or dry bar.

utensil holders

These bins provide numerous storage options including storing cooking utensils.

wine storage cabinet

If you are into wine, this is an elegant and simple way to store your bottles.

half moon lazy susan

There are several options for corner cabinet storage and this one is great for large items.

kitchen cabinet corner storage

This one is on rails so it slides to the side and then out so you can easily reach the items in the back.

lazy susan kitchen door

This kitchen storage isn't attached to the door and they have smooth gliders.

lazy susan storage brown wire

You can get a lazy susan in wire or wood along with a shelf or no shelf like this one.

lazy susan light wood with shelf

This one is made of wood instead of wire and has a shelf in the middle.

lazy susan brown storage

This one is specifically for pots and pans and has handle holders so they don't hit each other.

kitchen sponge holder

These small pop out drawers make storing small items easy to access.

wire rack sink storage

Most sinks under the kitchen are disorganized because it's hard to reach. This helps a lot.

under sink pull out kitchen storage

These slide out and leave an area in the middle for the plumbing or an RO system.

kitchen drawer storage tin foil

Kitchen drawers don't have to be unorganized with simple solutions like this one.

keurig kitchen drawer storage organizer

If you like Keurig this kitchen drawer storage will keep them organized along with similar items.

keurig cup storage drawer

If you use a lot of Keurig cups, we can install a drawer just for them.

kitchen knives holder

We can install a kitchen drawer that fits your knives and cutting board all in one.

knife full set of storage

You can keep your drawers very organized with this knife storage organizer.


Here's another knife organizer option for your kitchen drawer.

cutting board in kitchen drawer

You can have easy access to your cutting board right from your kitchen drawer.

kitchen utensils organizers

This top section slides so you can store twice as many kitchen utensils!

charging plug kitchen organizer

All of your power cords can be hidden while charging devices with 4 electrical plugs.

drawer pegs storage

Do your items slide around when you open and close your drawers? These pegs stop that!

wine holder

This is an easy way to store and access wine bottles. You can have more than one in a cabinet.

pull out drawers

These drawer pull outs are adjustable so you can easily change the height of them.

under sink liner

This under sink liner isn't exciting but it keeps the wood and your flooring safe from leaking chemicals or water.

thin pantry storage

You can utilize normal dead space with thin pantry pull outs for easy access to items.

large pantry storage

If you don't have room for a pantry this will provide great storage and functionality.

long pantry organizer

You can fit a lot of items into a kitchen cabinet pull out like this one.

larger pantry organization

Solutions like the one above can provide better functionality then average walk-in pantries.

kitchen pantry storage two thirds

There are several options for kitchen cabinet pantry pull outs depending on your needs.

upper cabinet shelving storage

It can be hard to grab a serving dish when they are stacked.  These racks fix that issue.

glass shelf organizer

Here's another option for storing multiple serving dishes without having to stack them.

upper kitchen cabinet slide out

Getting to items in the back of an upper cabinet can be difficult and this makes it much easier.

pull down upper storage

If you are short, this storage device makes it easy to access items in the upper cabinet.

pull down upper storage2

Here's another option for accessing items that are normally too high to reach.

pull down upper storage3

This is a similar storage unit that comes down and has different containers to store items.

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