Candice and Ben’s Kitchen Renovation In Chandler

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Black Cabinet Kitchen Remodel in Chandler...

It was a pleasure working with Candice and Ben on their Chandler kitchen remodel.

They wanted to add new kitchen cabinets, countertops and a wine rack. The glass tile backsplash above the countertops adds a nice flare to the kitchen.

They didn't like the color of their current kitchen cabinets and wanted to revamp the entire look.

Candice and Ben also wanted a 3rd row of cabinets at the top that go to the ceiling.

They also wanted a stainless steel farmhouse sink, deeper cabinets above the fridge and a trash pull out to improve the kitchen's functionality.  

Most people fear kitchen remodeling because it takes a long time and can be a big mess.  They went on vacation for a week and we had 90% of it done by the time they came home!

Here's some photos of the remodel project:

accent kitchen remodeling idea in chandler
kitchen cabinet remodel in chandler
kitchen black cabinet remodel in chandler

Ben was kind enough to provide a review of us on Google:

Ben review of PHR

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