Important New Client Information

We've found homeowners like being kept in the loop, provided proper expectations and understand the remodel process.

Homeowners don't remodel often and can not be expected to know a lot about the process, especially since most remodeling companies don't have a process or a mediocre one at best.

We've put together a lot of important information to answer questions, put your mind at ease, and ensure the remodel process is followed properly.

Please make sure to review all items on this page.
It will be obvious if you haven't gone through the items on this page so please take the time to review all of these items, but don't worry about reviewing all of them in one sitting. 


Expectations are important and one of the main items we've found improves homeowners' experiences.

Homeowners like how we are process oriented, take communication seriously and care about our clients.

The below video is one of the most important ones we have created, so please watch to the end:

Due to demand in remodeling, everything is taking a lot longer.  We ask that you are patient because things take about twice as long as homeowners often think.

Construction takes time and patience but now  everything is taking longer than ever before.

General Information

  • Our designer will be your main point of contact now and will help you pick selection items and design elements.
  • Planning is the most crucial part of remodeling. You may want to start right away but there are steps that are vital to ensure we finish your remodel in a timely fashion and provide the best homeowner experience.
  • We ask that all communication is in BuilderTrend to ensure streamlined communication. This also ensures all our team members are kept in the loop in case someone has a sick day or vacation.
  • Please make payments in BuilderTrend if you can. If not, please make checks payable to “Phx Home Remodeling”. The payment schedule is:
  • 30% at contract signing
  • 30% when demo is complete
  • 30% when countertops/shower tile completed
  • 10% upon project completion
  • We normally do construction work Monday - Friday from approximately 8am - 5pm but in the summer we like to work earlier because of the heat, so any times between 6am - 6pm is not uncommon if it works with you.
  • If the house is empty we can work longer hours too.
  • Occasionally we will work Saturdays or Sundays to keep the project on schedule or for other reasons.
  • We normally access the home with a lockbox (what realtors use), garage door code, front door code or whatever works best for you.  This ensures you don't have to leave work to meet us everyday at your home.
  • If you have any special requirements like a vacation when you will be out of the house, or a time when you don’t want us working, please let us know in advance before we start work. Please check your calendar to let us know if there is anything we should be aware of.
  • Demo - Demo is usually 1-2 days so it is not long and we will not leave the trailer in front of your home for a long time. If the demo is extensive, we ask you consider staying somewhere else for a couple days for your own safety.
  • Flooring - if we are doing flooring and it restricts access to areas you need to walk to (bedroom, bathroom, etc) it is best to stay somewhere else during the flooring process. This is to ensure the flooring does not get walked on and does not shift/break. It is also a safety issue. There is also a lot of mess while flooring is going in.
  • If flooring is being completed, the homeowner is responsible for moving all items from the flooring being replaced including furniture. If you want us to move large pieces we can do that at an additional cost and you’ll need to sign a liability waiver.
  • Pets and children - While we take several safety precautions, we are not responsible for the safety of pets or children. We ask that pets and children are not near the construction areas and should be out of the house for specific construction phases like demo and flooring.
  • Clearing out items - We ask that you clear out items from any areas we are doing construction or any areas near the construction zone. Reasons for this are dust, breakage and liability all around. We have found it makes for a better homeowner experience when everything is removed at or near the construction area.
  • Storage - We will want to discuss where your items are stored depending on the project. We want to ensure your items are safe while also being out of the way of the construction areas or the walkways to access to construction areas.
  • Wifi - We may ask to have access to your WiFi to ensure to ensure timely communication. If you don't have WiFi setup, don't worry about it; this isn't a big deal but when possible, it's helpful for us. If you'd like, can help you change your wifi password so you use a new one just for us and then change once we a gone. We only ask for WiFi if we do not have a good cell signal, so it is rare, but worth mentioning. 

Homeowner Remodel Portal

You'll love this simple software we use called BuilderTrend.

It allows homeowners to see progress photos, pick & approve their selection design items, make or approve a change order, make payments, view to-dos, all messaging in one location and much more.

You can be on vacation, an out of state investor, at work and still see the progress of your remodel and stay up to date with what is happening along with having all communication in one place.

With COVID & social distancing another great benefit of BuilderTrend, is it allows us to do communications online without having to meet each other.  

If we have questions for you we can simply draw on a picture to show you instead of having to be right next to each other.  You can also draw on a photo or comment on any element inside BuilderTrend.

Desktop Computer Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial for the desktop computer version of BuilderTrend which you can access from any website:

Here is the webpage to log into your BuilderTrend homeowner portal, preferably from a desktop.

Mobile App Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial for the mobile smartphone  version of BuilderTrend which you can access from any website:

You can download the mobile app from Google or Apple below:

buildertrend on apple app store
google play download buildertrend

If you have any questions on BuilderTrend, feel free to email us or ask  at the initial walkthrough meeting.

Choosing Selection Items & Lead Times

Your selection items are things you pick out like plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, tile, countertops, etc.

Your designer will help you find your items. Some homeowners like to look on their own, so we create a list of places to check out. If you find something somewhere without the designer, please make sure to add it to the selection items area in your BuilderTrend portal or send the designer a BT message with the information so they can add it in.

You pick out the items and we will pay for them and pick them up.  We want to make this as easy on you as possible.

We ask that you  pick out all of your selection items before we start the project.  It may sounds strict but it ensures your remodel is finished faster.  (Imagine having your house demoed and then an important items is taking longer than it is supposed to and that means your house is demoed way before it will be ready to be reconstructed)

We are more serious about who you get your plumbing fixtures from.  Because of the risk of leaks, we ask that you stick to the proven brands like Kohler, Moen, or Delta.

Timelines & Shipping

The most efficient process is to have all items picked out and then we purchase them all at the same time.

One of the reasons is one item someone picks can have an impact on wanting to change other items that they had already chosen. So, it’s good to make sure all items are picked out first and then we order once you approve them for us to purchase.

The one challenge with that is clearance items might be gone by then or a different price. Clearance items can also be on clearance for a reason, such as not having good reviews or other issues that caused the retailer or manufacturer to discontinue or put on clearance.

To be clear, if you want to change things before we purchase, we are happy to help because we want you to be happy with your space when completed.

One factor to consider is if you end up changing several items that you already picked out, it can impact the timeline for the project to be started and the availability of the items

We just want to set proper expectations so that you aren’t disappointed if the availability or the price changes.

Another reason it is good to order everything at once, is you get a discount on freight shipping. They also often have a minimum requirement for freight shipping which is needed when ordering heavy items. Ordering all at once also saves time and ensures you are sure the items you picked are right.

As an example, imagine you pick your bathtub right away and it takes 2 weeks to pick the other items like countertop faucets. In the 2 weeks that goes by, that bathtub could be more/less money and it might not be available.

Due to remodeling being in such high demand along with some other political/and current events going on, it can create logistic challenges that extend the time that bathtub is ready for several weeks.

We will provide you with a list of preferred vendors. Working with these companies has helped us with getting the best quality products, at the best pricing and if issues do arise, that they work with us to resolve. Unfortunately, there are a lot of vendors out there that are not repeatable and we prefer to not to have a relationship with. They can have hidden fees or show availability of products that they don’t have and can cause delays/headaches.

There is no fault here and it is out of everyone’s control, but important to know up front. We are all about providing the best expectations and information to help you through this remodel process.

Letting Us Know Which Selection Items You Have Chosen

Your designer will help you find your items and can add them into BuilderTrend.  If you would like to add one you find, feel free to message your designer or add it to the "Selections" area inside of your BuilderTrend homeowner portal. (There's a tutorial video below)

It is important to provide us the proper information we need to know which items you choose and have it inside of BuilderTrend.

Here are the 3 acceptable formats of info we need to know:

1. The website link of the item that clearly provides the:
      • Name of the item
      • Price
      • Color of that model because they are usually offered in several different colors.

2. A CLEAR picture of the item that shows:
      • The SKU # or Product #
      • Name of the item
      • Price
      • Color of that model because they are usually offered in several different colors.

3. Typing the information into BuilderTrend that has
      • The SKU # or Product #
      • Exact name of the item (For example, NOT just writing “Kohler faucet from Lowes”)
      • Price
      • Color of that model because they are usually offered in several different colors.

How to add your selection items into BuilderTrend:

On A Desktop Computer

1. Once you are logged in, click “Selections” that’s located at the top

2. Click the selection item you want to provide information about

3. In the popup window click the name of the selection item

4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit Choice”

5. Type in the product information mentioned in the section at the top of this page with the name, color, price and other pertinent info.

6. If you have the URL, paste it in where it says “Product link”

7. If you have a picture, click the “Add” button next to the word Attachments & add your photo.

8. Click save. Then close the popup window.

On BuilderTrend's Mobile App

1. Open up the BuilderTrend Mobile App

2. Click Selections

3. Click the selection item you want to
provide information about

4. Scroll to the bottom until you see the
section called “Choices” and click the item
name underneath.

5. Type in the product information mentioned
in the section at the top of this page with the name, color, price and other pertinent info.

6. If you have the URL, paste it in where it says “Product link”

7. If you have a picture, click the “Add Attachment” button & add your photo.

8. Click save located at the top right.


As you can imagine, returns usually slow down your remodel and can hinder many aspects of your remodel project.  

That is why BuilderTrends selection's area is a great way to add items you like and then once you make the final decision you simply click the approve button to let us know it is okay to order.

Returns increase the amount of time we have to work on your project.  Many homeowners don't realize it is often an hour or two just to coordinate the returns when it is special order, heavy items, freight or when from certain manufacturers.

Not only does it cost more time for everyone, it can also extend your remodel project timeline.

For example if you pick a bathtub and then change your mind once it is hear, it extends the amount of time in these ways:

  1. 1
    You have to take time to research bathtubs again and find another one. This can take 1-14 days on average
  2. 2
    Then we have to order the bathtub, which might be a special order.
  3. 3
    We have to wait for the bathtub to come in, which could be 1-30 days.
  4. 4
    Any other tradesman or remodel work we had already lined up has to be contacted and rescheduled to a later date that might not be known until the bathtub actually arrives. 
  5. 5
    We have to inspect the bathtub to make sure it is in good condition and then coordinate everything around that.

So returning one item like this could increase your project timeframe by 3 - 45 days. That hinders your remodel, your experience and it costs us money & time.

Now, if we do a return because something is wrong with it, that is out of everyone's control and there's little any of us can do about that.

For returns that homeowners don't like, where nothing is wrong with it, we have to charge a $100 fee for returns plus any shipping costs.

This applies to items that are heavy, special order, freight and a few specific manufacturers.  

We like to bring this up now because it helps homeowners understand the work involved, helps them ensure they took the time to pick out what they like and they are confident when clicking the approve button in BuilderTrend for us to purchase all selection items.  

Making Changes Once We Start

As you can imagine, making a change to the project once we have everything lined up usually slows down your remodel and can hinder many aspects of your remodel project.  

We want you to be happy and make a change if it is important to you. Some changes don't have an impact, while others do.

It's important to know that changes can dramatically increase the time it takes to finish your project.  If we have everything lined up and a change is made, that can have a "domino" effect on the other parts of your project.

For example, cabinets can take 4-10 weeks to come in and if you make a change to the cabinet layout, it can extend that project by weeks or even months depending on what is changed and depending on the manufacturer.

Some contractors don't allow any changes once things have been ordered, but we don't want to restrict a homeowner from getting their dream space. 

We think it's important to provide proper expectations and understand if you make a change it can cost more money and increase your remodel project timeline. 

Since homeowners don't remodel often and don't see behind the scenes, they can't be expected to understand how much a change can impact the scheduling and cost of the project.  That is why we want to let you know so if you do want to make a change you at least know the impact.


Anyone that has lived in Phoenix for a few years, knows we have bad hard water.  

Even with a water softener and a secondary water filter (I have two filters on my home and still struggle with this), hard water ends up destroying plumbing fixtures over time.

One of the challenges is it often creates small leaks that go undetected at first.  When this happens calcium, rust, and other scale builds up and can cause mold and/or damage to surrounding materials. 

One of the best parts of remodeling that people don’t usually consider is when we remove the shower walls, floors and other parts of the remodel, we see what is going on behind the scenes and we can fix it so it doesn’t hurt your house anymore. 

Often times, when we remove the old shower there is water damage and sometimes we have to fix the wood framing or any wood that is damaged along with mold issues.

Another plumbing factor to consider is toilet flanges and shut off valves. These aren’t a ton of money to fix, but it’s good to know these can go wrong and you often don’t know until you remove or demo items that are hiding the issue(s). 

As mentioned earlier, It doesn't always happen, so we don't want to charge you if you don't need it.  So we diagnose and then show you if anything needs to be done.


Electrical can get very complicated because there are so many variables.

For example, kitchen appliances may have a different amperage and we don't know until you pick or start to choose appliances. Your old oven might not be pulling as many amps as the new appliance you are ordering which might mean we need a different breaker, new wiring or something else.

Another example is sometimes your existing electrical wiring may not be “thick enough” for the new appliance or electrical item. Essentially certain appliances require a lower gauge wire (thicker wire) depending on the current and distance from the electrical panel. 

Too-small of wiring can get hot. As mentioned here:

“If you have an outlet in your home wired with 15 amp wire, and you plug in a 20-amp appliance, you’re asking your wiring to deliver more current than its capacity rating. Your circuit breaker should trip and stop the flow of electricity through the circuit. The breaker disrupts the electrical flow to protect the affected wire.

When you overload a wire by plugging in an appliance that needs more current than the wire’s rating, the wiring gets very hot. Overheated wires can melt their protective insulation. If exposed wiring is located near flammable materials, the wires are an extreme fire hazard. Attic insulation and other flammable materials behind walls can ignite from the high heat of exposed electrical wires. If your circuit breaker doesn’t work properly, you could cause a house fire by overloading your home’s wiring.”

That article link above also mentions the benefit of larger wires and how they don’t lose as much watts of energy, so a thicker wire will save on your energy bill.

Another factor in electrical is how and where the new potential electrical lines need to be wired. For instance, can someone access the attic and wire through there or do we have to do it on the outside of your home? These factors change the amount of time, difficulty and cost. 

Another example is we can't see where junction boxes are located or what the wiring looks like until the drywall or wall is removed or until we go through your attic.  These all depend on the situation and houses are all wired different depending on the city, age of home and what the builder decided to do. Builders often took the shortcuts and electrical codes 15+ years ago weren’t nearly as strict as they are now.   

Another example of an unknown variable is shotty work by a previous owner or handyman or unlicensed electrician. Depending on what was done, or how hard it is to access, it can take several hours just to diagnose it from our licensed and experienced electrician.  That doesn’t include fixing it or remodeling the electrical, those hours are just to diagnose the situation by a licensed and experienced electrician.

We aren’t saying these things are going to happen to your house, especially if we aren’t changing electrical, but it is important to understand the potential situations in advance so it isn’t a bad surprise if your house has any of these challenges.


Understandably, no one knows what the flooring underneath will look like until we remove the current flooring.  

Sometimes there is a second layer of flooring that someone incorrectly put on top of the old flooring and you don't know until it is ripped out.   That adds more time and labor to the remodel which increases the cost. That isn’t your fault or ours, no one knows these things until the current flooring is removed.

When we remove the current flooring a few other challenges that can arise are squeaky sub-floors, foundation issues, and termite damage. We don’t find these issues in all houses, but you can’t know for sure until after.  

Of course, we don’t want to assume all of these things will happen beforehand and charge you for them beforehand because that would be wrong. 

If we do find any of the issues or challenges mentioned on this page, we ensure that it is communicated right away and explained what is wrong and what solutions are available.


Cabinets are the most time consuming aspect of a remodel with the longest lead times.

Here are some items many homeowners are not aware of:

  • If you see any mention anywhere online or otherwise about cabinet timelines, they are using business days and NOT regular calendar days.  So if something says 15 business days, that is not 2 weeks, it is 3 weeks. If it says 30 days that isn’t a month it is 6 weeks.
  • Non-custom cabinets typically have a lead time of 6-8 weeks. Custom cabinets often have a lead time of 7-12 weeks.  
  • Existing cabinetry may need to be removed 1 to 14 days before new cabinets are installed. Are you prepared to be without cabinetry for that time frame? 
  • Delays: Typically delays come from the manufacturer (manufacturing issues, shipping delays, damaged goods in transit...etc.)  A delay can be as little as 1 day to as long as 6 weeks. We make every effort to remedy delays as soon as possible. 
  • Be advised: Humans are involved in the ordering, delivery, and installation of your cabinets. Humans make mistakes, forget things, and are sometimes untimely. We make every effort to complete your project correctly, completely, and in a timely manner. We want to see the project completed just as much as you do. Please be patient. 
  • New cabinets typically take 1-5 days to install. Delays can and will happen. Causes are possible from missing or damaged cabinets/parts, installation needing to be delayed due to sickness/ weather/traffic, or other project delays which push timelines.
  • During installation damages may occur to cabinetry (scratches, dents, scuffs...etc.). In the event the damage is beyond “touch-up” a new part can be ordered. This can take as little as 1 day to as long as 6 weeks. We make every effort to attain parts so the project can be completed as soon as possible. 
  • Anticipate a “punch list” day. This is after installation is complete you may notice an item needing to be adjusted, touched up, or replaced. Most issues can be fixed within a few days but if a warranty or replacement item needs to be ordered it could take as little as 1 day to as long as 6 weeks. We make every effort to get the parts as soon as possible. 

Cabinet Refinishing / Refacing

Cabinet refinishing is a great way to save money compared to new cabinets.

The one thing to know about it is there will be a very strong smell that permeates through the house.  It doesn't matter if we put up out plastic walls, the smells still gets through. 

Even with our top-of-the-line air filters called Build Cleans, the fumes are still present and will linger for 24-72 hours.

With your permission, we can open the windows which really helps, but it usually isn't ideal to do in the hot summer months.

We like to let you know this in advance in case you want to make any plans, such as staying somewhere else, or moving to another section of the home.  

We wish this wasn't the case (we have to breath it in since working on the project), but unfortunately it doesn't matter what product is used.

Luckily it is temporary and after a few days the fumes are gone.

What's In Writing Is Important

As you probably noticed in the proposal email to you, we always mention to please double check all items are included that you want done to your remodel and not to assume something is included that isn't in writing.  

We also ensure everything we are covering is in the agreement.

If you would like to make changes to the project, it is usually easy to do and we are happy to make those changes for you. Changes that involve more work will normally cost more money.

As a project starts it can become easy for a homeowner to ask us to add things but forget that it costs more. We have found that occasionally homeowners will ask for something extra and think it's not a big deal and they may not need to pay for it.  

It is important that we stay a profitable business for many reasons including, being around years later to honor our warranties, ensure we can continue helping Phoenix homeowners with a great remodel experience and much more.

Even small items can cost us time and money. Some examples of items that are small but still cost us money and time are:

  • Homeowner buying a ceiling fan and asking us to "really quickly" put it up for them. Ceiling fans can take 30-90 minutes to put together and another 30-90 minutes to install depending on the type of fan, how high up it is and other factors.
  • Buying towel bars and then asking us to add them.  (We are happy to do this, the thing some homeowners don't realize, is it has to often be put in a different place then where the current bracket is because it is loose and not strong enough. Because of that, we then have to remove the old one, drywall the area that is weak, have our texture guy come out for those spots, give the texture a day to dry, then paint, sometimes come back after the paint has dried and install the new towel bar.) This obviously costs money and time to do all of those steps.
  • Switch covers: Covers are obviously easy and usually don't take much time.  But we still have to go to the store to buy them, which is time and gas money, and then install them.  If there are 30+ covers being replaced, that can take several hours to install depending on the situation.  
  • New electrical switches or plugs: These need to be done by a licensed Electrician which the normal hourly rate is $70-$100/hour. A house full of plugs could take our Electrician all day to replace. If you want to get a handyman or someone else to do it outside of the project we are doing that is something that you could consider but we don't recommend.
  • HVAC vents: Another common one is someone will say - "Well those are only $10 each and shouldn't take more than a few minutes." My question to someone who would say that is, "If you think it's that quick and easy, why not do yourself?" What they would realize is it actually takes a lot more time & money than they originally thought. Many homeowner don't realize that some HVAC vents are $20-$40 each and the decorative ones are much more.  Most times, the vents are also painted over which means you have to cut the paint around the vent before removing. Often, the holes inside are stripped so we have to fix that too.  There's other factors, but you get the idea.

It's important to understand that we are not trying to "nickel and dime" homeowners, but new items usually cost more money and time. You also can ask us to do something, we provide the amount and you can easily say no thanks. 

Another way to think of this...     You would not ask a lawyer or a surgeon for hours of free work, right?  You also wouldn't ask them to provide products for free. It goes the same for us.

This isn't to be negative, but simply to show that things take more time & money than some homeowners realize.  

Another example to relate to:  
If you have ever done a small project and it takes 3 times longer than you thought and you had to make several runs to the local hardware store.  We don't expect homeowners to know how long something takes, but that doesn't mean we should be asked to do other items for free. 

So if it is not in writing it is not included.  We have to go off the scope of work and agreement that is in writing. This makes it very clear so there is not a gray area. 

Communicating With Our Trade Partners / Subcontractors

We have some amazing trade partners that are licensed, bonded and insured. 

It is fantastic working with people that specialize in only 1 or 2 trades because they are really good at that specific skill.

The one thing to know, is it is important not to communicate changes with them without us involved.  The reason is because if you make a change to the project, it can increase the price and also increase the amount of time it takes but you won't know that if we are not involved.

That causes a bad experience for you the homeowner, where you made a change without knowing it would cost more and increase your project timeline and then we have to let you know those changes cost more and will extend your project.

An easy example to use is shower walls.  When discussing the layout with your installer, they might recommend adding/removing items that were in the original scope. They aren’t trying to upsell or down-sell, but trying to provide helpful feedback based on the look or layout. They aren’t in charge of managing the budget but we just want to make sure to catch it and discuss price to reduce the chance of any surprises. 

We order a little extra tile because of cuts we need to make and tiles can crack sometimes.  That being said, if you increase the height, we may not have enough tile and it could take another week or two to get your tile if it is not in stock. 

There are so many tile options, that most retail places cannot keep everything in stock.  Retailers change their stock all of the time too.

If you want to increase the height of the shower, we are happy to do that, but we need to know any changes no matter how small they seem so that we can communicate any impact it might have.

If you want to make a change, just run it by us and we can let you know if it has any impact. Sometimes it does not, but it is worth bringing this up here to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Accessing The House

It is vital that we can access the house being remodeled during normal business hours.

We cannot depend on a homeowner coming home from work or somewhere else, every time we need to get work done at the home.  

This is not logistically possible and it hinders the progress of the project, increases the costs we incur and it usually extends out several other parts of your remodel project.  

It's also not a good experience for the homeowner to have to run back and forth or always be there watching.  I can't tell you how many times we have had a homeowner comment on something before it is finished because they don't know about remodeling, they stress out but everything turns out great. We don't want you to unnecessarily get stressed - that's why you hired a full service remodeling company.

If you are worried about something valuable being stolen, please move it somewhere safe. We  hope you trust us, but if not no worries, simply put the valuable item somewhere else.

If you are worried about us doing a good job from a quality standpoint, that's the reason you chose us and not "Chuck in a truck". The Project Manager, our employees, and trade partners ensure high quality work and we stand behind it so if something needed to be changed, we can address it.

We normally access the home with a lock box like the ones Realtors use.  Another way is with a garage code or door code that is changed as soon as we are finished with the remodel project. This ensures we can get your project done on time. If you hinder the project, you can't expect us to meet our deadlines.

It is a much better experience for the homeowner to allow our Project Manager to take care of all of the coordinating so you don't have to be running home all the time to meet us.  The Project Manager ensure the remodel gets done on time and you have a good experience.

We have out of state investors who are rarely in the home and they see all of the progress from BuilderTrend with daily logs, progress photos and videos.  It's just another way to ensure our homeowners are kept in the loop.

If you are still worried about this aspect, we can give you plenty of referrals of past clients who have had us in their home for weeks if not months depending on the project and everything went great.

To Help Put Your Mind At Ease

  • Not all of these are going to be an issue at your home.
  • We have had projects that had no issues and some that had a few.
  • We take communication very seriously, so if something does come up, we will let you know and provide any possible options to choose from.
  • Sometimes something is small and we just fix it and nothing really changes in terms of price or timeline.
  • We outline all options and then provide any price change if there is one. Then you go into your BuilderTrend homeowner portal and approve the change order before we can charge you for the additional amount. So you are in the know, approve any change, and you can’t be charged until we discuss and you approve it in BuilderTrend.
  • So everything is documented in BuilderTrend to keep it organized and transparent.

We Look Forward To Working With You!

That may have been a lot of information you just went through. 

Depending on your mindset, you may have seen that as really helpful or intimidating... or maybe both. ?

We don't want you to worry about your remodel because everything is going to go well.  Even if an uncontrollable issue were to happen, we are great at communicating, explaining and fixing it.

This may have seemed like a lot of information but it is important and best to provide now unlike many contractors that don't say anything and then everything "blows up".

Not providing this information would create more headaches and stress for you.
So we try to eliminate anything that could reduce your experience with us.

If you have any questions feel free to write them down for our initial walk-through meeting.  

We look forward to working together with you to create your dream space!

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“I will try to be as helpful as I can be with this review. These are the reasons why I decided to go with Phoenix Home Remodeling (PHR):

– It was a bigger project with a specific time frame, so I wanted to go with a company vs a single person. Project included moving a shower, framing out/building a new closet, adding electrical, etc.

– When I reached out to friends and co-workers for suggestions, NONE of them had worked with people they wanted to recommend. A few gave me a heads up on who not to use and one of them even had an open complaint with the BBB.

– Along with my research, I reviewed NextDoor and the Living Chandler Facebook group for bathroom/home remodel posts and noted companies with multiple recommendations. Spoke with a handful of companies over the phone and narrowed it down to 3, which I did in-home consultations and received quotes from. Fortunately, they were all close in price, so I didn’t feel like any of them were really trying to gauge me. Unfortunately, they were all close in price so I couldn’t use that as a method to narrow it down.

– I went with PHR because I felt the most comfortable with them. They didn’t try to push me in a specific design direction or try and talk me into more expensive options.

Why I have recommended and will continue to recommend Phoenix Home Remodeling (PHR)

to people and look forward to using them again:

– They listen! They pay attention to your ideas, thoughts, concerns and address them accordingly. I asked a lot of questions and they got back to me in a timely manner and never made me feel like I was bugging them.

– Even though they have designers, everyone on the team is pretty good and taking a general concept and making it a reality.

– Before the project started, I met with the team consisting of Jeremy, Ben, Mark and Jason. I was comfortable and looked forward to working with them. As important as it is to be happy with your project management team, you want to be just as happy with any subcontractors, and that team was just as amazing! Lupe (tile), Roy (vanity), Cody (woodworking/misc) and everyone else were extremely friendly, asked questions if they were unsure of something, and did a wonderful job!

– Every time I go into my bathroom, I smile =)  I love using my new shower, appreciate the extra storage closet, and I don’t regret a single cent spent!”

Valerie N

“I was nervous about hiring a home remodel contractor because of the stories I’ve heard.

The info they gave helped me evaluate companies and then choose phoenix home remodeling.

Their communication was better than I expected, they kept things clean.

The online tool they used made things easier and I always knew what was going on.

All my remodels turned out amazing and I’m very happy! Things went pretty smooth and I am very glad I chose phoenix home remodeling. Thank you!”

Jessica C.

“Very professional, excellent communication, delivered on budget.

Timeline was lengthened due to a wrong part (my fault). As soon as it came in they were back out immediately to finish the job.

I’ve worked with them twice in 2 years (partial hall bath and complete master bath redo) and I absolutely would hire them again.”

Elizabeth N.

“Almost a year later and I’m still in love with my kitchen!!!

Thanks to Phoenix Home Remodeling for doing such an amazing job transforming my entire house!!

They were so awesome to work with and so reliable!!
If you are in the market to remodel, whether it’s a whole home or just a bathroom, definitely give them a call!!!”

Brittany B.

“Phoenix Home Remodeling recently remodeled our master shower!

It was an amazing experience from the beginning to the completion of the project.

They informed us the whole process, showed up on time, communicated with us the progress every day, and the area was cleaned and organized when they left daily.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the whole team. A+++++!

We love Phoenix Home Remodeling so much that we already recommended them to our friends and neighbors.”

Shujuan (Lucy)

“If you are looking for an dependable, affordable, and quality-driven remodeling company for your home, you can’t go wrong with Phoenix Home Remodeling.

Jeremy, Ben, and Mark (and Garren and Aaron) pay special attention to all details and strive to make sure the customer is happy with the end product.

For almost seven weeks PHR  was in our home transforming our two old and dated bathrooms into modern and stylish bathrooms.

We couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks, PHR!  We’ll use your services again!”

Joseph M.

“Phoenix Home Remodeling is a quality company both in service and in workmanship.

What I valued most, however, was their willingness to work with me as an equal partner to help me reach the vision I had for creating a beautiful new master bathroom.

The employees of this company are people of utmost integrity and I trusted their judgment as we worked together to create this new extraordinary space.

I could not have chosen a better company and my expectations were reached and even exceeded.

I am so grateful.”

Donna B.

“Jeremy, Ben & Mark did a wonderful job.

Very professional, always showed up on time & kept me advised every step of the way.

I will absolutely use them again.”

Tish D.

“Remodeling is such a daunting concept…until you meet the guys at Phoenix Home Remodeling.

From the initial conversation, we were made to feel that our vision didn’t seem too far fetched after all! We gave them a long wish list and they took the time to provide the quote for each item allowing us to prioritize.

The quote left no room for big surprises. They were always accessible which is very helpful to anxious homeowners! What was even more impressive was how neat they left the work area each day.

One of the many indications they really care about each home they touch. Thank you, Jeremy, Ben and Mark (in no particular order) and to your crew for everything!

We are so happy with the care you gave our home and for the many extras, you did just because.”

Maryola F.

“A big thank you to Mark, Ben and Jeremy with Phoenix Home Remodeling!! They did an AMAZING job with our SECOND remodel on our home! Our first remodel was our master and guest bathrooms and our complete flooring on our second level. This time they did a complete remodel on our family room wall/TV niche.

Once again their level of service, commitment, timely completion and perfection of work done was above and beyond. They make any remodel as easy as possible. They communicate each and every step and follow through with precision. Thank you again!!!!

We HIGHLY recommend Phoenix Home Remodeling!

Mary T.

“Phoenix Home Remodeling far exceeded our expectations! We remodelled our master math and partial remodel of two other bathrooms. The process was so smooth and the entire team made something that can be very stressful into a project that was enjoyable.

I appreciated the collaboration and communication throughout the entire project from start to finish. Jeremy, Ben, and Mark are absolutely amazing and we will definitely work with them again on our next project! They by far are the best of the best.”

Amy S.

“I have worked with lots of contractors and these guys impressed me with their clear communication, how clean they keep the work areas and how much they care about their customers..highly recommend them.”

Ramon H.

My wife and I were nervous to hire a home remodelling company. We chose Phoenix home Remodeling because they talked about how organized they were. That was definitely true.

They let us know what was going on at every step. Our 2 bathroom remodels look amazing. My wife and are very happy. If you are looking for a home remodelling company in Phoenix you’ll like working with them.

Ryan B.

“Mark and his team were easy to work with and their attention to detail was great. Our kitchen looks perfect just how we wanted it and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Phoenix Home Remodelers!!!”

Daniel O.

“Easy to work with this team. I’ve worked with many contractors over the years and I must say this is the first time I’ve ever really been impressed. They showed up daily on time, worked hard the whole time they were there, listened to what we wanted, did an awesome job, completed on time as promised, fairly priced and cleaned up their job site daily. Would definitely recommend and will use them again if needed.

Thanks to Jeremy for reaching out to my request, and thanks to Mark and Ben for helping us create our dream shower!!”

Dawn G.

“Thank you to Phoenix Home Remodeling for the terrific job they did with our bathrooms!

They exceeded our expectations and we are just thrilled with the way everything turned out.

Mark, Ben, and Jeremy are responsive, helpful, skilled and easy to work with.

Their level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is beyond reproach.

We are so grateful for their professionalism and hard work, and recommend them highly!”

Priscilla W.

“They just finished up a kitchen remodel for us.

We are happy with the results and the process.

They always kept us in the loop on what was going on. It was easy to communicate and get a hold of them.

The designer was awesome to work with.
I never felt like I guessing on what to do next or when they were coming out.

That was important to me that they should up on time. I’d recommend them, and we hope to use them on future projects.”

Stephanie B.

“We used this business for a major master bathroom remodel.

They did what we asked.

Everyone was incredibly professional.

We are beyond pleased with results.

We can’t wait to use them again.

I highly recommend them for any remodel.”

Diana W.

“Phoenix Home Remodel just completed our Master Bathroom remodel and we could not be happier with everything that they did and how they do it.

They have a process all set up so you are kept in the loop for the entire remodel, and they will not start the remodel until all components are ordered and received which makes for a really smooth and quick remodel once they start.

Rodrigo was our designer and was super helpful in picking out fixtures and providing many choices and advice.

Ben and Mark were our project managers and were always very responsive and always let us know when they would arrive and what they would be doing and kept project running smoothly.

Lupe did a great job on the tile work and you can tell he is very good at everything tile. Scott did a great job installing the shiplap. And Roy did a great job with the cabinets.

I would highly recommend Phoenix Home Remodeling and look forward to using them again when we do our guest bathroom.”

John J.

“I didn’t do a kitchen remodel, but I had my master bathroom redone in January by Phoenix Home Remodeling.

They were friendly and had great communication.  They even use an app to track all your product selections and job progress.

They uploaded photos every night when they finished work.  I would definitely use them again for a project.”


“We did a complete remodel of our master bathroom and I cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Phoenix Home Remodeling!

Starting with the initial design phase and ending with a very timely and professionally executed project plan.

If you’re looking for a contractor who is 100% committed to customer service, and doing what they said they will do, you don’t need to look any further!

Exemplary project management, regular communication, and fantastic workmanship.”


Sanya B.

“We had Phoenix Home Remodeling update our 1980’s style kitchen and master bathroom. Fantastic job! The team was very professional and friendly.

Their tile work alone is worth the price, and are easy to work with and made the process painless.

We highly recommend Phoenix Home Remodeling for your project.”

Jason A.

“It was a pleasure working with Phoenix Home Remodeling again. They helped us with our master bathroom shower remodel.

Everyone was easy to work with and my shower came out exactly how I wanted. Lupe did the shower tile and he was meticulous! Aaron and Garron were also great!

The master bathroom and hallway they used to access our house was always cleaned at the end of the day and they were respectful of our home and understanding with our baby being in the house.
They were professional, good with timelines, respectful, and helpful with our questions.

We love our master bathroom remodel! Thank you to everyone involved!”

Daniel O.

“Thanks to the super responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable team at Phoenix Home Remodeling for an amazing and courteous job well done on a facelift of our guest bathroom.

Though a small project overall (bathtub removal, shower and countertop installation) we were treated as a priority client.

The team of Jeremy, Ben, Mark, Lupe and Aaron were all extremely professional and courteous. Their communication and ALWAYS ON TIME to the job exceeded expectations.

Work was performed timely, professionally and they cleaned up in the areas they worked in. Prices are reasonable and service is top notch. We would highly recommend them to others.

Simply cannot say enough good things about Phoenix Home Remodeling and will definitely be calling them again.”

Marilyn P.

“After working with Jeremy and his team on my master bath remodel, I can honestly say I wouldn’t look elsewhere for future projects.  Every person we worked with throughout the process was 100% professional and a pleasure to work with.

The initial estimates were extremely detailed and we knew exactly what to expect, which made our first big remodel much less intimidating.

The Project Manager had great attention to detail, made helpful suggestions, and ensured that everything was completed on time.

The designer was super helpful and didn’t blink an eye when I made some off-the-wall changes (like a bright blue vanity!).

The tile expert, knowing I was a little nervous about the grout color, even did a small sample and called me over to take a final look to make sure everything was perfect. Phoenix Home Remodeling is truly a class act.”

Kate G.

“I used Phoenix Home Remodeling to do a bathroom remodel for my parents.

The whole crew was fantastic!

They were always on time, friendly and incredibly respectful to my parents who were home during the whole remodel.

The completed project turned out perfectly and was exactly what we were looking for!”

Sarah G.

“It was great working with Phoenix Home Remodeling!

Overall the experience was amazing. From start to finish it went smoothly.

The final outcome was impressive.

They Remodeled our kitchen and the before and after difference was out of this world.”

Nayeli "Dora" C.

“PHR was truly incredible to work with from start to finish.
We couldn’t be happier with our final product – 3 beautiful new bathrooms – but, also with the entire process and team.

They were efficient, fair, trustworthy, communicative and SO easy to work with.

We felt confident leaving them to finish the job without us onsite and knew what was happening with the project every step of the way.

We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to remodel in the Phoenix area!”

Ashley H.

“We recently had Phoenix Home Remodeling remodel our kitchen.

They were very easy to work with from the start to finish. The project went fairly smooth even during this virus time.

The guys that came out, Ben, Mark, Aaron, were great to work with. They listened to what we wanted and did everything they could to make it work for us.

Very professional and reasonably priced.

We would highly recommend Phoenix Home Remodeling. Thanks again guys!”

Patti L.

“Phoenix Home Remodeling recently remodeled our kitchen and dining room.

this remodel included removing an interior wall and replacing flooring in multiple levels of our home.

The communication was amazing, there was never a delay in any response to our questions along the way, and we were always told what time people would be showing up to work on things for the day.

Our project stayed on budget (aside from the items we chose to upgrade) and it finished on time.

They were generally working on our home 6 days a week. I had heard so many horror stories about remodeling prior to this project, so I was truly shocked that Phoenix Home Remodeling actually exceeded my expectations!

We will be updating our bathrooms within the next couple of years and there’s absolutely no question that we will be working with PHR again.”

Whitney K.

“We had three bathrooms that were old and outdated.

One of our bathrooms was so bad, my kids dreaded using the old rusty shower. After the remodeling of the bathrooms, my kids now are proactive in using the showers.

The new showers are luxurious.

During the remodeling, they were very considerate about keeping the house very clean during the work.

the cost was reasonable too. I highly recommend Phoenix Remodeling.”

Stephen J.

“We contracted with Phoenix Home Remodeling to renovate our three bathrooms and they did a fantastic job. Great communication, the project plan kept at least one bathroom functional throughout, absolutely zero corner-cutting, great attention to detail, and very clean work.

Mark, Ben and Jeremy are responsive, helpful, skilled and easy to work with. Their level of craftsmanship is something that every contractor should aspire to.

Absolutely recommend!”

Ian C.

“I had (3) Bathroom remodel and the job was completed in 6 weeks. I allow them to enter my home while I was out on vacation.

Every bathroom exceeded what I imagined.

This group is a great team.

Thanks again PHR for such a great job.”

Mary C.

“As a commercial contractor, my experience with residential contractors have been less than stellar so I am generally jaded towards them.

These folks are not like residential contractors.

These guys have a good business model in my opinion and do excellent work!

On-time, reasonably priced, and quality installation.

Our first remodel and largest expense outside of the home or auto purchase and they made it as easy as possible for us.

If you can wait for this team to do your remodel you will not be sorry.”

Colin P.

“This was our first time working with Phoenix Home Remodeling to completely remodel two bathrooms.

From start to finish they were professional and the workmanship was outstanding.

They helped guide us through our first remodel venture.

We are planning to use them again as we have a few more projects to get done.”

Susan M.

“I recently had Phoenix Home Remodeling complete renovations in both my master and guest bathrooms, kitchen, and entertainment wall in my home. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results!!

The process they set in place and communication on a daily basis made the entire project so much easier than expected.

The use of BuilderTrend software helped to keep me on budget and communication between the team and myself seamless. The team of employees were amazing to work with; especially given this was my first time remodeling a home.

The work and amount of care for my home, lifestyle (we lived in the house during the construction), and quality of work was evident from day one until completion. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of a home project or upgrades.

I am pleased beyond measure with my newly updated home and cannot thank Phoenix Home Remodeling enough for their time, effort, and personalization they put into making this project well worth the investment. Thank you PHR!!”

Julie M.

“I highly recommend PHR for your home remodeling needs! You start off the process with Jeremy, who walks you through the step by steps of how they operate and makes sure that PHR and you are compatible (making sure the job scope fits their abilities/size). It’s a very detailed approach and is very informative, regardless if you stick with them for the project or not.

Once we signed the contract to start work, we met with Jason, who is PHR’s interior designer, who helped us pick out materials and the layout of our office based on an image we had found on the internet. After that was settled, Mark and Ben came over for measurements and to discuss the game plan for the renovation.

We requested that the project be done before our new baby arrived and they nailed it!
Ben handled the project management side and Mark handled the various subcontractors and a bunch of work. Whenever I pointed out something that was flawed, Mark was sure to take care of whatever the concern was, no questions asked.

He was very meticulous in his work and it showed off in the end. Our office turned out fantastic and we are so happy that PHR was able to deliver on time and on budget. Jeremy comes back at the end to make sure everything went smoothly and sign off on the final delivery.

We plan on doing more renovations in the coming years and PHR will certainly be the first contractor we reach out to! Thanks guys!”

Devon M.

Most people love their house after a renovation, but not so many can say they loved the process….I did!

This company holds itself to such a high standard of workmanship and communication, it exceeded all my expectations.
I am a perfectionist, but so are they.

They love their work. They explain processes, show up on time, guide you when needed, answer calls and concerns immediately.

The finished product is amazing.

At the end of the process we felt like family! What more can I say?

Donna W.

“Jeremy and the rest of the team were great to work within remodeling our bathroom.

Although small, it was a technically complex remodel with limited space.

They did an excellent job from start to finish, and we were updated every step of the way.”

Brian A.

“We had this company come out and give our kitchen a facelift (new sink, countertops and backsplash).

While we didn’t have a huge project we were very impressed with this company.

They were easy to communicate with and always on time. The workers who came into our home were polite. We worked with their designer, Jason and he was great.

Throughout the whole process, we always knew what was coming and what was expected of us. Looking forward to working with them in the future for our bathrooms.”

Charlie B.

Phoenix Home Remodeling recently remodeled my kitchen and master bath.

Jeremy, Ben, and Mark are incredibly professional! We chose designer cabinets which take a bit longer, and the results are incredible and very high quality!

Both the kitchen and master bath and many other projects they completed throughout my entire home are perfect and exactly how I dreamed they would turn out!

Several friends and family have been to my newly remodeled home and they can’t get over how amazing it looks! The quality of the work is beyond my expectations!

Phoenix Home Remodeling is a company I would definitely hire again; a truly top-notch company!

Dawn W.

“I don’t have a ton of experience with remodels (this was our first) but I can’t imagine the process being any smoother.

The Phoenix Home Remodeling team is a well-oiled machine. They kept our fairly substantial remodel (flooring, 3 bathrooms, Kitchen, Paint and more) on time and on budget.

Even after we added a large amount of scope to the project (decided to do all 3 bathrooms) they still finished the project within a week of their original estimate.

The quality was outstanding, but their communication was even better. I text Ben (PM) regularly through the process and they always kept me up to date which helped a ton.

As it is with most things, you get what you pay for, and hiring Phoenix Home remodeling is a decision I would make over and over. They might not be the cheapest option, but they are undoubtedly the best.

I hope this review is helpful for anyone looking to get their home remodeled. This is definitely the company to hire.”

Ben A.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Phoenix Home Remodeling! I love my new bathroom. The whole team is incredibly professional, and each person on it excels in their area of expertise.

Jeremy has established a wonderful system and provides so much valuable information and I love the software system he uses. I always felt well-informed, and my questions and requests were responded to quickly. Jason, the Designer, took my few ideas and came up with a design that was both beautiful and highly functional.

The guys who did the work – Ben, Mark, Garin and all of the others – worked so hard, their work was perfection, and before they left every day, the area was clean and organized.

I’ve heard of people so tired of having workers in their house and problems associated with remodels, but these guys were so great, professional and the whole process was so easy and went so fast! Thank you, Phoenix Home Remodeling!”

Valerie P.

“We recently remodeled our master bathroom with Phoenix Home Remodeling. After having at least six other companies come through and give us a bid, we never felt comfortable.
Then we met with Phoenix Home Remodeling.

They were upfront, honest, and able to answer our questions. We decided to move ahead with Phoenix Home Remodeling for the project.

Then the entire process was fantastic. We were able to diagram out every single thing we wanted, and they made it happen. We had good dialogue throughout.

Every one of their employees was very pleasant, on time every day, and worked with us around our schedule.

And the end result is beautiful. We are extremely pleased with our new bathroom.

Special shoutout to Lupe on the tile work. It is immaculate.”

Darren B.

“In the first stages of researching people to do a bathroom remodel, I reached out to friends & co-workers. I received ZERO recommendations from them, but a few “who not to work with” as well as hearing the story of how one of my co-workers had an open BBB complaint against the company they used. I’ve never done this size remodel before so I was already a little nervous, but hearing their stories stressed me out!

I went online to do some research and that included NextDoor and the Living Chandler Facebook group. Checked out past “remodel” posts and noted any companies that were recommended multiple times. Once I got a fair amount of companies, I started calling them for initial consultations. After that, I narrowed it down to 3 for in-home consultations and quotes.

All 3 quotes were in the same ballpark, which was good since I didn’t feel like anyone was trying to take advantage of me. I went with Phoenix Home Remodeling (PHR) because unlike some of the others, they didn’t try to push me in a specific design direction and didn’t try to force expensive options. Seriously, one company really tried to upsell me on everything, even when I would share concerns.

Jeremy, Ben, Mark, and Jason made me feel comfortable and, while working with them, reinforced that I made the correct decision by listening to my questions and concerns. They were able to take general ideas/concepts and make them a reality! Their subs also helped reinforce that I went with the right people. Lupe (tile), Roy (vanity), Cody (woodworking, misc), and everyone else was friendly, polite, asked me questions to make sure they got things right and did a wonderful job.

Any kind of remodelling can be overwhelming, and PHR was the perfect guide through the process and helping me keep my sanity. I’ve already recommended them and will continue to do so, and I look forward to using them again! (apologies for the novel, but I can’t say enough good things about PHR)”

Valerie C.

“We had a fantastic experience with Phoenix Home Remodeling on a recent project that included redoing our kitchen, powder room, and entire downstairs floor.

Ben, Mark, and Jeremy were very professional, responsive, and courteous.

We always knew exactly what each part would cost and had a great system for managing change orders.

They brought in excellent subcontractors for all the work and always made sure we were satisfied with what was completed.

We are already planning to use them again on our master bath remodel.”

Megan S.

“Thank you so much for everything! This company is amazing! I was a nervous wreck when we bought our first “fixer-upper” home.

I had no idea where to start or what to do. Jeremy was one of the first contractors that reached out to me, out of many I contacted, calmed my nerves and walked me through every step! My house feels like a different home!

It’s beautiful, clean and everything is done to perfection!

I couldn’t imagine going with anyone else! Thank you Phoenix Home Remodeling!!”

Brittany B.

“Phoenix Home Remodeling did all of the heavy liftings on a fix and flip project for me!

It’s was only my second project and these guys made it a nice and easy experience.

In the fix and flip world, or life in general, you hear horror stories about how contractors have been a nightmare….NOT THESE GUYS!!!

Super friendly, prompt, kept a clean and neat work site.

I’d use them again and def recommend to anyone that asks. I’ll def be calling them for the next one…”

Felipe M.

“We hired Phoenix Home Remodeling, after meeting with and receiving quotes from several other companies, to remodel our master bathroom.

We were so very impressed with the communication, support, and reliability we experienced, from our initial appointment through our entire remodel.

Every trade that came to our home to complete the project was equally professional.

We are so pleased with our new bathroom and appreciate that Ben, Mark, and Jeremy were always available to answer questions, respond to requests, and help us create our new space.”

Michele L.

“My husband and I recently completed a home remodel through Phoenix Home Remodeling that included replacement of the living room floor, new kitchen, laundry room and master bath.

They were recommended to us through a blog that services my daughter’s neighborhood in Gilbert. We did do our due diligence and got 4 estimates but ultimately chose Phoenix Home Remodeling.

We found the company to be reputable with clear and honest communication throughout the process.

They updated us with any changes to the original plan/pricing and finished the project within their estimated timeframe. Most importantly, they were sensitive to our concerns about the safety of our home and were respectful of the condition of our home.

We would most definitely use them again for another home remodeling project.”

Annette B.

“We love Phoenix Home Remodeling! They did an amazing job on our bathrooms as well as the kitchen and den.

They were very prompt with answering our emails and calls as well as addressing any concerns we had.

Highly recommend Phoenix Home Remodeling for your next renovation!”

Jeong K.

“Deciding to remodel my house interior was a major decision.

The scary part of this decision, I lived out of state in NY. I was fortunate enough to still have the first house I purchased while living in AZ. After reviewing various contractors, I felt the most comfortable with Phoenix Home Remodeling.

I have to admit that this was the most stress-free, easy-going process I ever experienced. I was able to keep in contact with Ben even with a 3 hour time difference.

I was informed about the progress of my project by phone and was also sent photos. The final results of my remodel were above my expectations.

My place looks great! Thanks to Ben and his crew.”

Kelly G.

“They were outstanding start to finish. I got multiple quotes and their price was very fair. I immediately trusted them.

They communicate very well and did throughout the whole process.

They are detail-oriented which is important during a kitchen remodel. They got all our work done within the expected timeline.

Some companies in this space look to take advantage of homeowners but not Phoenix Home Remodeling. They are the best and we will use them again.”

Justin S.

“Remodeling with Phoenix Home Remodeling was AMAZING! We completely remodeled the second level of our home: master bathroom, guest bathroom all flooring on the second level including a dual staircase.

From the ease of scheduling the initial appointment to the final walk through each step of the way exceeded our expectations!!

Jeremy, Mark, Ben and Townsend were a pleasure to work with. Their dedication and attention to detail, scheduling of each part of the remodel and the quality of work completed was exactly as promised. Home remodeling projects can get off track with problems or issues and we were pleased that our whole remodel was right on track or completed earlier than expected.

We were always informed of any slight change of plan and communication through the whole process was outstanding.

Thank you, Jeremy, Mark, Ben and Townsend! We LOVE our “new” home! We highly recommend Phoenix Home Remodeling!!”

Mary T.

“Phoenix Home Remodeling recently completed the remodel of our guest and master bathrooms.

We are extremely pleased with the quality of their work, their attention to detail and the professionalism displayed by every person (plumbers, tile setters, counter installers, shower doors and glass team, etc.) who worked on our project.

Jeremy and Mark were great to work with and provided an exceptional level of customer service.

I would especially like to thank Townsend Saunders, (project manager) for providing outstanding communication, flexibility and completing the project on time and within budget as promised.

I highly recommend this company for any type of home remodeling projects.”

Paul D.

“This was my first experience with a remodel. Phoenix Home Remodeling redid both of my bathrooms and they look amazing!!

Great attention to detail, reasonable prices, and they finished within the estimated timeframe.

Jeremy and Mark were so easy to reach with questions and they responded very quickly, usually within the hour.

I don’t think you could find a more organized remodeling company! Thank you!!”

Kimberly C.

“We have worked with Phoenix Home Remodeling on a few jobs recently and are really impressed by their renovation work.

I’ve seen their bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels and other interiors remodel work. Their attention to detail on this renos is fantastic.

I’ve never seen such organized contractors in Phoenix when it comes to their technology, scheduling, and processes.

If you need a good home to remodel contractor in Arizona, Phoenix Home Remodeling is amazing.”

Fernando D.

“Phx Home Remodeling is great. You hear nightmares all the time about contractors that don’t follow through, do poor work, and can be very difficult with whom to work.

These guys were excellent on every front. They were always on time, very considerate, easy to work with when you run into issues, and outstanding quality.

It is so nice to find a group like this in a very hit or miss industry.”

Rhet A.

“From the first contact to finish the experience was beyond my expectations! The communication, collaboration, and attention to detail was first class.

The bathroom tub removal & shower install was completed on time and at budget.

I can’t wait to start an even bigger project with Phoenix Home Remodeling.”

Elizabeth N.

“We couldn’t be happier with our bathroom remodel by Phoenix Home Remodeling.

They nailed my vision to a tee and made a process which is usually unorganized, stressful and unpleasant all around, into a breeze.

From start to finish they answered any questions that came up, gave us advice on finishes, showed up daily on time and was in constant communication with us about the project.

To top it all off, they finished our project early! Who doesn’t like that!

All in all a complete win with this company. Thank you Phoenix Home Remodeling!”

Lisa S.

“We had two bathrooms fully remodeled and they look great!

I was impressed with the communication. We were updated along the way and were always told when someone would be at our house.

If we needed a question answered, we always received a quick response. We plan to use Phoenix Home Remodeling for our kitchen as well.”

Leslie L.

“Phoenix Home Remodeling did a fantastic job for me. They did all my floors, 2 bathrooms and my kitchen in 5 weeks (one of which I was away on vacation) without going a dollar over the original budget.

Ben’s project management skills take all the work off of me. All I had to do was pick things out and he did the rest. Mark did a fantastic job with every detail. His workmanship is exceptional as is the work of their title team.

I couldn’t be happier with the results, the price and most of all the overall customer experience. We all know how hard it is to find trustworthy contractors in this area because there’s so much demand.

I’m glad I found PHR and I will be gladly referring them to anyone that asks. Thanks guys…”

Dave B.

“I had the wonderful experience of doing a 3 bathroom remodel, and many other add ons, with Phoenix Home Remodel in the fall of 2019.

The entire team was extremely professional, easy to communicate with, reasonably priced and fabulous to work with. From the initial meeting with Jeremy to the final walkthrough, they made the entire process easy and manageable.

Loved the app to track the whole process, loved when Mark was able to explain my vision to plumbers, glass, tile and the many other trades that we were working with. If you are ready to remodel, give them a call.”

Debbie S.

“We loved Phoenix Home Remodeling.

They gave us a three-week estimate to completely redo our kitchen – from demo to rebuild. They had it completed in 1.5 weeks!

They truly care about their work and their customers and it showed throughout the entire process.”

Ben P.