Karey & Brian’s Hall Bathroom Renovation In Tempe

Karey & Brian’s Hall Bathroom Renovation In Tempe

Bathroom Remodel in Tempe...

It was a joy working with Karey & Brian on their hall bathroom remodel in Tempe.  They wanted to renovate their small half bath to add a shower. 

To add the shower we needed to reconfigure some items such as blocking off the old door and creating a new doorway.

They chose to install new shower Mosaic Monterrey tiles in white color for the shower flooring and new shower wall tiles that are Maioca Aqua Gloss. 

We also installed an Ellie-Mai single bathroom pre-made vanity for more storage but not to take up a lot of room since it is a tight spot.

They were very pleased with how we reconfigured everything to fit the shower in the space.

bathroom shower vanity remodel in tempe

Brian was kind enough to provide a review of their experience:

Brian A review

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