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Do you want to remodel your laundry room?

Say goodbye to chaotic laundry days! 

With our expert remodeling services, we can transform your laundry room into a harmonious, efficient space that makes laundry day easier. 

Boost your productivity and bring a sense of calm to your routine - discover how a remodeled laundry room can redefine your home experience today!

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2023 Best of Houzz Service Award 1
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Phx Home Remodeling A BBB accredited removebg
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Maximize Your Laundry Room's Potential with a Remodel!

Is your laundry space no longer meeting your needs? Do you need more storage or efficient use of space? 

Don't despair - Phoenix Home Remodeling is here to help!

Our expert team is well-versed in optimizing spaces for maximum functionality and aesthetics. We understand that your laundry room should be efficient and a comfortable and inviting space. After all, doing laundry is a significant part of our routine, and creating an environment that makes this task as enjoyable and streamlined as possible is essential.

We can elevate your laundry room beyond the standard washer and dryer setup. We offer various services, including installing additional storage solutions, adding utility sinks, and even incorporating folding and ironing stations. Whether your style is modern, minimalist, or rustic farmhouse, we work with you to design a space that suits your tastes and complements your home's décor.

Don't settle for an inefficient laundry room that doesn't meet your needs. Contact us today, and let us help you tap into the untapped potential of your laundry room remodeling in Tempe!

the before and after of our Laundry room renovations in tempe

Adding laundry room sink
Small laundry room redesign in Tempe AZ
Laundry room countertop remodel
Adding hamper, cabinets and shelving into laundry area

What Your Tempe Neighbors Are Saying

"Phoenix Home Remodeling recently remodeled my kitchen and master bath. Jeremy, Ben, and Mark are incredibly professional! We chose designer cabinets which take a bit longer, and the results are incredible and very high quality

Both the kitchen and master bath and many other projects they completed throughout my entire home are perfect and exactly how I dreamed they would turn out! 

Several friends and family have been to my newly remodeled home and they can’t get over how amazing it looks! The quality of the work is beyond my expectations! Phoenix Home Remodeling is a company I would definitely hire again; a truly top notch company!"

Dawn W.

Tempe, AZ

"We had two bathrooms fully remodeled and they look great! I was impressed with communication. We were updated along the way and were always told when someone would be at our house. 

If we needed a question answered, we always received a quick response.

We plan to use Phoenix Home Remodeling for our kitchen as well."

Leslie L.

Tempe, AZ

"I don't have a ton of experience with remodels (this was our first) but I can't imagine the process being any smoother. The Phoenix Home Remodeling team is a well oiled machine. They kept our fairly substantial remodel (flooring, 3 bathrooms, Kitchen, Paint and more) on time and on budget.

Even after we added a large amount of scope to the project (decided to do all 3 bathrooms) they still finished the project within a week of their original estimate. The quality was outstanding, but their communication was even better. I text Ben (PM) regularly through the process and they always kept me up to date which helped a ton.

As it is with most things, you get what you pay for, and hiring Phoenix Home remodeling is a decision I would make over and over. They might not be the cheapest option, but they are undoubtedly the best. This is definitely the company to hire."

Ben A.

Tempe, AZ

"Jeremy and the rest of the team were great to work with in remodeling our bathroom. Although small, it was a technically complex remodel with limited space. They did an excellent job from start to finish, and we were updated every step of the way."

Brian A.

Tempe, AZ

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Improving Home Value with Laundry Room Remodeling in Tempe, Arizona

A laundry room renovation can significantly increase the value of your home, and this is true even in Tempe, Arizona. In the current real estate market, buyers are looking for homes with functional and aesthetic appeal, and a well-designed laundry room fits this bill perfectly.

An upgraded laundry room increases the overall functionality of your home. It provides a dedicated space for washing, drying, and folding clothes, freeing space in other house areas. If your renovation includes adding more storage or utility features like a sink, it makes the space more practical and attractive to potential buyers.

A remodeled laundry room can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your home. If designed properly with modern finishes, good lighting, and coordinated color schemes, it can add a touch of luxury that could impress any potential buyer.

In Tempe, where the housing market is competitive, any upgrade that sets your home apart can be a valuable investment. While the exact return on investment for a laundry room remodels can vary depending on the extent of the renovations and the specific real estate market conditions, enhancing your home with a renovated laundry room can make your property more desirable.

Ready to enhance your home's value with a stylish and practical laundry room renovation in Tempe, Arizona? Contact us today to get started on your transformation. Let's create a space that elevates your home and simplifies your life!

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Efficient and Reliable Laundry Room remodel in Tempe

Undertaking a home remodel can often be a daunting prospect, particularly with the risk of engaging a basic contractor. Inefficiencies, delays, and poor communication can turn an exciting transformation into a stressful situation. However, with Phoenix Home Remodeling, you can leave those fears behind. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and reliability, ensuring that your laundry room renovation process in Tempe will be a smooth and satisfying journey.

We utilize a highly effective design-build model that streamlines the remodeling process. Unlike the traditional method, where design and construction are split, our design-build model integrates these elements under one roof. This cohesive strategy fosters better communication, accelerates project timelines, and often reduces costs.

Our team works harmoniously to understand your vision and needs for the space. Our designers craft a plan that aligns with your aspirations, while our construction team ensures that the design comes to life with precision and quality workmanship. You are kept informed at every stage, so there are no surprises.

So, if you're considering a laundry room remodel in Tempe, you can trust us to complete it exactly how you want.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project is in the hands of professionals who value efficiency, quality, and above all, your satisfaction. With us, your dream laundry room is just a call away.

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4-Step Laundry Remodel Plan

#1  Schedule Call

The first step is to schedule a remodel phone consultation.

See if we are a good fit on this page and then schedule a call to learn about the project and each other.

#2 In-Home Evaluation

If initial call goes well, we schedule an in-home  evaluation.

At the in-home appointment, we discuss your remodel needs, take measurements, and then send you a written proposal.

#3 Planning & Design

You sign the feasibility, planning, & design agreement and start your design process.

We work together on your project scope, designs, and price so everything is planned out before the construction starts.

#4  Construction

You sign the construction agreement and we start your home remodel project, while keeping you in the loop the entire time.

We complete your dream space to enjoy and share with your friends, family & neighbors!

Check out our process to see if it is a good fit: How our remodel process works

Laundry room remodel services in Tempe

laundry room remodel services in Tempe Arizona

Nestled in the heart of the Valley of the Sun, Tempe, Arizona, is a vibrant city known for its dynamic energy, thriving arts scene, and close-knit community. In this lively locale, we have been transforming homes with exceptional remodeling services, specializing in efficient and stylish laundry room makeovers.

We understand the unique character of Tempe homes and are dedicated to enhancing their charm and functionality with our expert remodeling services. Every room in your house has the potential to reflect your lifestyle and personality, and this includes your laundry room.

we offer services in this areas

We provide Laundry room remodeling in Tempe, Laveen, Ahwatukee, Chandler,  Gilbert, Mesa, and Sun Lakes.  

We service these specific zip codes in Tempe, Arizona: 85202, 85218, 85280, 85281, 85282, 85283, 85284, 85285, 85287 and 85288.

We also do Bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, shower remodeling and many more...

laundry room renovation FAQs

What's the usual period for a laundry room remodeling project?

The period for a laundry room makeover project can vary significantly based on the size of the room, the complexity of the design, the extent of the remodel, and the specific modifications you're making. 

A simple remodel could take as little as 2-3 weeks, while a more comprehensive renovation involving plumbing, electrical, or structural changes requires 4-6 weeks or more.

Always remember to account for the planning and design phase before construction begins, which can add several weeks to the overall timeline. It's also wise to anticipate potential delays due to unexpected issues or changes to the plan.

Do you provide design ideas for a laundry room remodel?

Absolutely, we provide design ideas for your laundry room remodel.

Our expert designers are integral to our design-build model. This approach allows us to work collaboratively with you from the get-go, ensuring your vision is incorporated at every step.

Before beginning the construction phase, we offer design previews and give you an estimate of the overall cost, ensuring transparency and your satisfaction. Trust that with our team, your laundry room remodel in capable hands.

A laundry room remodel typically costs between $5,000 and $30,000, depending on the extent of the renovations and materials used.

The most expensive aspect is often custom cabinetry and storage solutions, followed by significant plumbing, electrical, or structural changes.

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Get Expert Help On Your Remodeling

Use the blue button below to pick a time to talk with our remodel expert. Receive a phone call at the perfect time for you by scheduling your phone consultation.

Our Manager will review your remodel needs, provide advice, answer your questions, and give a price estimate. If it's a good fit at the end of the call, we schedule the in-home evaluation, and then provide a written proposal.

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Elevate Your Home with Our Tempe Laundry Room Remodeling Services

Transforming Everyday Spaces into Extraordinary Places

In the dynamic city of Tempe, AZ, we understand that a laundry room is more than just a place for chores. It's a space that should reflect your lifestyle and elevate your home's value. At Phoenix Home Remodeling, we specialize in transforming ordinary laundry rooms into efficient, stylish, and comfortable spaces.

Tailored to Your Style and Needs

Whether you're looking for a modern look or a rustic charm, our team collaborates with you to create a laundry room that not only meets your storage and functionality needs but also complements your home's overall aesthetic. Our design-build approach ensures a cohesive and efficient remodeling process, tailored to your unique vision.

Value-Adding Renovations for Tempe Homes

In Tempe's competitive real estate market, a well-designed laundry room can set your property apart. Our renovations focus on enhancing both practicality and luxury, making your home more appealing to potential buyers and increasing its overall value.

Seamless and Stress-Free Remodeling Experience

From the initial consultation to the final touches, our streamlined process is designed for your convenience and peace of mind. We take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless and satisfying journey to your dream laundry room.

Ready to Redefine Your Laundry Experience?

Contact us today to start your laundry room transformation in Tempe. With Phoenix Home Remodeling, your dream space is just a phone call away.

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