Eric & Jeni’s Home Remodeling In Tempe

Eric & Jeni's Home Remodeling In Tempe

Kitchen Remodel

Eric & Jeni wanted to recover the magic their kitchen had lost. They knew something needed to be done but weren't sure how to go about it, so they came to us to finally have their dream kitchen.

The cabinetry was dated and the soffit above the upper cabinets made the space feel dark and confined. The countertops had seen better days, showing signs of wear and tear.

Their renovation began with the removal of the soffit above the upper cabinets to brighten and open up their space. Then, Waypoint Rye cabinetry was meticulously installed and completed with Jeffrey Alexander pulls on both the doors and drawers.

kitchen going through remodeling before & after in tempe AZ
Eric & Jeni's Kitchen Reno

For the countertops, Pro Frost Quartz was selected for the kitchen perimeter, offering a clean and durable surface, which is complimented with the new accent island countertop which features the eye-catching Montreal Quartz countertops.

Eric and Jeni selected Flash Ivory Square to create a stunning backsplash that adds to the clean and bright feel to their space. The Hinkley pendant with etched opal glass adds a modern sophistication to the area.

new kitchen remodel happening before and after photo

The homeowners can now enjoy both the functionality and appearance of the Delta Trinsic kitchen faucet in Champagne Bronze paired with a contrasting Blanco Precis kitchen sink completing the space.

Master Bathroom Renovation

Eric and Jeni's master bathroom had always been functional, but it never quite lived up to the luxurious escape they desired. The cabinets were lackluster, offering basic storage, but they didn't contribute much to the room's aesthetics.

For cabinets, they selected Sollid Designer Series Cabinetry in Metro Cognac for both functionality and visual warmth. To top these cabinets, White Sand Quartz countertops were chosen, blending durability and elegance.

Delta Trinsic faucets in Champagne Bronze were selected to pair beautifully with two arched metal mirrors with contrasting black frames, adding refined modernity.

master bathroom going through remodeling before and after tempe

A Kohler sliding semi-frameless shower door with frosted glass and the Delta shower head in Champagne Bronze add the elegance desired by the homeowners.
Eric and Jeni made the great selections of Reside Beige tiles on the shower floor, and Terrazzo White tiles for the walls. An over-sized wall niche for the shower and a long bench with a quartz countertop seat were installed to complete the custom elegance of their new space.

new master bathroom going through renovation before & after photo

Guest Bathroom Revamp

The homeowners knew that a well-designed guest bath could make all the difference for visitors and add value to their home. Along with the kitchen and master bathroom renovation, they felt it was time to give the guest bath the makeover it deserved.

Waypoint Cabinetry in the Rye stain were selected, topped with White Sand Quartz—mirroring the luxurious look of their master bathroom. Delta Trinsic faucets in Matte Black were chosen to continue the contemporary vibe.

guest bathroom going through remodeling before and after in tempe AZ

For the bathtub, they picked a Jacuzzi Alcove soaking bathtub to add a touch of spa-like luxury. This was paired with a Delta showerhead in Matte Black for a cohesive look.

The shower wall features Smooth White tile, while a Basketweave White Mosaic make up the wall niche.

To complete the look, Kohler frosted glass bypass doors with a Matte Black finish were selected for an elegant finish.

new shower bathtub remodeling happening before and after photo

Drybar Reno

There was an area in Eric and Jeni's home that seemed under utilized and crowded with an HVAC vent. They envisioned a dry bar that could become a social hub during gatherings and a convenient space for daily life.

First on the agenda was the removal of the HVAC vent. The area was then drywalled, patched, and textured, leaving a blank canvas for the new dry bar.

 Continuing from the other renovated spaces in the home, they chose Waypoint Cabinetry in a Rye finish for the base cabinets.  For a touch of contrast, they opted for Waypoint Cabinetry in Painted Linen for the tower cabinets.

drybar going through remodeling before and after in tempe AZ

The Montreal Quartz countertop was selected to tie the look together. The area was illuminated with two new wall sconces. Lastly, Jeffrey Alexander cabinet handles were chosen to complete the cabinets and compliment the kitchen.

With meticulous planning and expert execution, Eric & Jeni have transformed their house into a dream home that combines  the functionality with elegance they were seeking. Each renovated space enhances their daily life while adding value to their property.

It's a triumph of design that leaves Eric and Jeni with a home that truly feels like their own personal sanctuary.

Eric provided a review of his remodel experience:

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