Laura & Steele’s Master & Guest Bathrooms Renovation in Gilbert

Laura & Steele's Master & Guest Bathrooms Renovation in Gilbert

Master Bathroom Revamp

A standard master bathroom is what Laura and Steel hired us to remove. They said their shower & tub combo were an eyesore. The limited use of their garden tub outweighed the importance of having a dry-off area.

Laura & Steele’s cabinets were in great shape and the flooring ran throughout the home, so we wanted to modernize and compliment their existing materials. The shower wall tile, countertops, and accent tiles breath new life into their master bathroom.

We used a 16X32 porcelain tile called Stone Mood Silver from Monterrey Tile. We laid it in a horizontal offset pattern. We used the same material on the floor where the tub used to be to give the area a dedicated dry-off area.

The niche tile is a geometric tile from the Catalyst Collection from Emser Tile. 

To finish the look, we paired the niche tile to a pebble pan tile and use it in the dry-off area as a decorative rug.

For easy access we installed the shower valve at the end of the shower to allow Laura and Steel to operate the shower without getting wet. We installed the Delta In2uition for the shower head and installed 3 shower jets for true relaxation.

WITH RENDER - beautiful and timeless master bathroom remodel gilbert az
elegant master bath reno

As mentioned before, their cabinets were in great shape. We removed the dated countertop, sinks, faucets, mirrors, and lighting.

They chose a new granite countertop called White Knight from Arizona Tile. The faucets are Cassidy from Delta.

The new mirrors offer an elegance and allow for the new lighting to shine above each new sink.

elegant master bath renovation

Kids bathroom Remodel

Laura & Steele included the downstairs bathroom in the project. The desire for this bathroom was to truly WOW their guests.

From the concrete porcelain tile to the marble mosaic niche and the two tiled shower pan. We achieved this desire by using a frameless barn door style shower glass.

Each element allows for easy cleaning and will be an opportunity to have those ooh’s and ahh’s.

A new countertop, sink, faucet mirror and light complete the design.

outdated short vanity renovation before & after photo (1)

Guests Bathroom Renovation

In this bathroom, we removed the shower surround, countertop, sink and faucet. We updated the lighting to a brighter and cleaner fixture.

For the shower we used a 5X5 glazed tile called Flash Ivory from Arizona Tile. This tile features a unique pattern that showcases each tile’s unique identity, for its shape to color.

That niche tile is stunning, featuring grays, taupes, and tans.

fabulous long vanity remodel

Steele provided a review of his remodel experience:

Steele Campbell - Review - Master and Guest Bathroom Remodels

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