A bathroom should be comfortable, clean, and safe to use. You may get late for work, or an elderly member may injure themselves by slipping. The shower, fixtures, and water pipes must be durable and sturdy. Phoenix Home Modelling is a well known Chandler bathroom remodeling service provider. We help you in creating a safe home, including the bathroom. 

We provide a high level of customer service and make sure to fulfill your needs. Our services also include a selection of items such as countertops, sinks, bathtubs, tiles, and showers for your convenience. 

Accessories in the bathroom have to be accessible

Bathroom accessories are a big help. You can increase the comfort and safety of kids and elders by adding some sturdy bars and non-slip tubs. Large handles with colorful indicators for temperature are beneficial.

Make sure the accessories in your bathroom are properly adhering to the acrylic surface. A slip or fall may result in serious injuries. A non-slip bath mat is equally important to avoid an accident. A rug that has a rubber or PVC back is ideal for bathrooms. 

There are high quality, water-resistant showers, and bath seats available in the market that come for people of all sizes. You may get one according to your requirements and comfort.

Toilet seats are also available in different designs for people who have limited mobility. Patients or elders can go for tall and padded toilet seats. Lower bathroom sink vanity with handles is appropriate for those who use a wheelchair.

Taking a bath is fun when you have a handheld shower. Showering while sitting down is very convenient, especially when you are sick or tired. Roll-in showers are great for people with less mobility. 

Following some guidelines, you can increase your comfort, safety as well as save a huge amount of money. 

Remodel your home with an expert

Phoenix Home Remodeling helps you to remodel your home without typical contractor hassles. We are tech-driven and treat our customers respectfully and responsively. Our processes, software, and experience aim to offer full customer satisfaction. No matter how much your budget is, we provide apt advice at a competitive market rate. 

We maintain a proper communication channel and listen to our customers at each level. The Project Manager will coordinate with you throughout the entire project.

The advanced software will let you know about all the progress. We care about your happiness, therefore, provide fast response time. 

Simple steps to your dream home

To start the remodeling of the home, you have to schedule a call to learn about the project and the proper way to execute it. In the next stage, we will schedule an in-home evaluation and prepare a proposal with details. After signing the agreement, we will start fulfilling your dream. 

Phoenix Home Remodeling will remodel your complete home and make it precisely what you want it to be. Let your guests enjoy your personal space as you leave your worries on us.

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