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  • With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovative design and improved functionality.
  • We tailor every project to your unique style and needs.
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An In-House Home Designer working for a Contractor is Your Best Choice

When you choose a designer who's part of the remodeling company's internal team, you tap into a seamless collaboration. 

This teamwork between design and construction can lead to smoother project execution, fewer misunderstandings, and a result that aligns closely with your vision.

Having an in-house designer also fosters a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of design. Not only to create visually pleasing concepts and ensures feasible execution within your space and budget. 

Choosing an in-house home remodel designer in Sun Lakes, Arizona from a remodeling company is the best decision for a successful and satisfying renovation.

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Increasing Value with a Home remodel Designer in sun lakes

Unlock the potential of your Sun Lakes residence with the expertise of a skilled home remodeling designer.

Your home is not only a place of comfort but also an investment. A thoughtfully executed remodel has the power to increase its value substantially.

Whether modernizing the kitchen, revamping the bathroom, or transforming the entire living space, a proficient home remodeling designer can help you realize your vision. Their insight into design trends, space optimization, and material choices can breathe new life into your property while ensuring a favorable return on investment.

By collaborating with a Sun Lakes home remodeling designer, you're not just enhancing your living experience – you're also making a strategic move to bolster your property's overall value in Arizona's dynamic real estate landscape.

What Your Sun Lakes Neighbors Are Saying

"This was our first time working with Phoenix Home Remodeling to completely remodel two bathrooms.

From start to finish they were professional and the workmanship was outstanding.

They helped guide us through our first remodel venture. We are planning to use them again as we have a few more projects to get done."

Susan M.

Sun Lakes, AZ

"Phoenix Home Remodeling did all of the heavy lifting on a fix and flip project for me! It's was only my second project and these guys made it a nice and easy experience.

In the fix and flip world, or life in general, you hear horror stories about how contractors have been a nightmare....NOT THESE GUYS!!! Super friendly, prompt, kept a clean and neat worksite.

I'd use them again and def recommend to anyone that asks. I'll def be calling them for the next one.

Felipe M.

Sun Lakes, AZ

It was great working with Phoenix Home Remodeling! Overall the experience was amazing.

From start to finish it went smoothly. The final outcome was impressive.

They Remodeled our kitchen and the before and after difference was out of this world.

Natalie C.

Sun Lakes, AZ

"Phoenix Home Remodeling is a quality company both in service and in workmanship.

What I valued most, however, was their willingness to work with me as an equal partner to help me reach the vision I had for creating a beautiful new master bathroom. 

The employees of this company are people of utmost integrity and I trusted their judgment as we worked together to create this new extraordinary space. I could not have chosen a better company and my expectations were reached and even exceeded. I am so grateful."

Donna B.

Sun Lakes, AZ

Make a Statement with Expert Home Remodel Designer Services in Sun Lakes, Arizona!

Embark on a transformative home remodeling services to personalize and enhance your living spaces, ensuring uniqueness and functionality. Our team of proficient designers specializes in revitalizing every corner of your home, providing it with a renewed essence. 

Experience the enchantment of design that transcends aesthetics, sculpting areas that seamlessly cater to your needs. Discover the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication in crafting spaces that truly resonate with you.

Sun Lakes Kitchen remodel design

Kitchen Remodel Design

Our kitchen professionals craft spaces that are functional and attractive. We construct kitchens that are straightforward to operate and aesthetically pleasing—delight in preparing meals in a revitalized, modern environment.

Sun Lakes Bathroom remodel design

Bathroom Remodel Design

Enter a cozy and upgraded bathroom. Our experts create bathrooms that are contemporary and calming. Enjoy a rejuvenating experience in an area that provides the sensation of a small retreat.

Sun Lakes shower remodel design

shower Remodel Design

Make your shower moments special. Our shower layouts are stylish yet functional. Begin your day in a shower that feels fresh and inviting.

Sun Lakes Entertainment Wall Design

entertainment wall Design

Our experts can transform your living space into an ideal relaxation spot. Cherish moments with your family in a cozy, contemporary environment featuring a tasteful fireplace and organized TV area.

Sin Lakes laundry room remodel design

Laundry room Remodel Design

Simplify and enhance your washing experience. Our designs create a user-friendly and appealing laundry room. Transform laundry day into a more manageable task.

Sun lakes Cabinets remodel design

home interior Remodel Design

Every space deserves a refresh. From workspaces to corridors, we bring out the best in every area. Experience a home that feels renewed in every corner.

Schedule Your Phone Consultation

Receive a phone call at the perfect time for you by scheduling your phone consultation.

Our Admin Manager will review your remodel needs, provide advice, answer your questions, and give a price estimate. If it's a good fit at the end of the call, we schedule the in-home evaluation, and then provide a written proposal.

Home Remodel Designer Near Me

Opting for a local home remodel designer in Sun Lakes, Arizona, can bring ease to enhancing your home's look and practicality. With proximity, communication, and collaboration become simpler. 

They understand the local trends and regulations, ensuring your remodel aligns and complies. Moreover, their links with nearby suppliers can save time and money.

They'll tailor a design to your preferences and lifestyle as they can visit your space. With prior experience in your region, you can view their past projects for an informed decision. 

Ready to initiate a successful home enhancement journey? Reach out to us today, a reliable nearby home remodel designer, to elevate your home's charm and usefulness.

4-Step Home Remodel Plan

#1  Schedule Call

The first step is to schedule a remodel phone consultation.

You'll receive remodel advice, get all your questions answered, discuss your remodel needs, and get a price quote from our admin Manager.

#2 In-Home Evaluation

If initial call goes well, we schedule an in-home  evaluation.

At the in-home appointment, we further discuss your remodel needs, take measurements, and then send you a written proposal.

#3 Planning & Design

You sign the feasibility, planning, & design agreement and start your design process.

We work together on your project scope, designs, and price so everything is planned out before the construction starts.

#4  Construction

You sign the construction agreement and we start your home remodel project, while keeping you in the loop the entire time.

We complete your dream space to enjoy and share with your friends, family & neighbors!

Discover Comfortable living at the Heart of Sun Lakes, Arizona

Experience the incredible lifestyle of living in the heart of Sun Lakes, Arizona – where breathtaking landscapes meet a vibrant community. Sun Lakes offers the perfect balance of relaxation and recreation, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. But why settle for just comfortable living when you can elevate it to a new level?

Introducing Our Home Remodeling Designer services – your pathway to enhancing the innovation and comfort of your home in Sun Lakes. Our expert team is dedicated to turning your living space into a haven of modern convenience and elegance. From revitalizing your kitchen and bathrooms to transforming your living areas, we specialize in bringing your vision to life.

Ready to make your home an oasis of innovation and comfort? Contact Phoenix Home Remodeling today and embark on a journey to redefine comfortable living in Sun Lakes, Arizona.

Sun Lakes Arizona Homes

we provide home remodel designer services in These areas

Phoenix Home Remodeling provides home remodel designer in Sun Lakes, Chandler, Ahwatukee, South Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, and Laveen.

Let's start planning your Sun Lakes home redesign today!

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Schedule Your Phone Consultation

Receive a phone call at the perfect time for you by scheduling your phone consultation.

Our Admin Manager will review your remodel needs, provide advice, answer your questions, and give a price estimate. If it's a good fit at the end of the call, we schedule the in-home evaluation, and then provide a written proposal.

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